Monday, December 3, 2012

Busy days...

Good Evening my dears..
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.. 

Concerts, shopping, decorating, and such has been the theme around here like everywhere else.

Anyway, just posting a few preparing for the holidays pics for you.. 

Tea dying some fabric... 
I am trying to make gifts to include with the gift cards everyone seems to want this year.. 
Including my Mother.. smile.. 

But we still need to eat.. 

One of our daily soups.. smile... 
Well, maybe not daily but quite often.. 
This is the Italian Wedding Soup that I posted the recipe HERE..

On Saturday we had some freshly groomed company...

You remember Charlie..
So cute... 

Made an apple pie with mostly all Splenda.. 
It was very good and only about a 1/4 cup of sugar.. 

It did not last long.. 
I supposed I should of showed a cooked pie instead of

Another step towards finishing the the snowman heads...

Spray glue and glitz... 

Some dollar store articles to make over.. 

My new friend Lori from Texas was telling me about bleaching these trees and I think I may do a little reindeer bit somewhere... 
We shall see.. smile..

Well, I finally got all the garlands and such finished..
I came across a roll of country style old lace type ribbon.. 

I made some door knob hangers and sideways garlands, too.. 
Great to add to the regular gifts.. ...

Another salad... 


I did manage to get some decorating done today.. 

A lot more to do although I am trying to cut back on it all.. 
Trying to just add lights and boughs and not replace the whole house.. 

As you can see we do not have any snow yet.. 
Although, we had a bit driving to church yesterday morning..
It did not last and turned into rain... 

Someone loves playing on the his little tractor.. 
I tried to get a picture of him walking it.. 
It looked like it was a horse and he was walking beside it but by the time I grabbed my camera he was back on.. 
I wonder what he would actually do with that big tractor he dreams about.. grin.. 

Here is the piece of fabric I tea dyed..

Cloth labels.. 
Now what can I do with these?  
I will show you later.. smile.. 

Are you ladies making anything for gifts and such?  
I would love to hear what you are doing.. 
Thanks for your dear visits.. 
So enjoy hearing from you all.. 

Take care and will chat a bit later on.. 
God bless your hearts.. 



  1. love the door hanger...I'd even try your quinoa salad...good to see you yesterday

  2. It was good to see you, too, my friend.. xo

  3. Busy busy busy! All good things!! Love your soups and salads, of course your apple pie pic is great, too. xo

  4. Those little snowman heads have turned into a really cute idea. Very pretty! Now I'm curious what you will do with the cloth labels. I though it was a table cloth. Hmmmm. You are so busy. I haven't made anything for gifts. I guess I'm not a crafty person. Hugs, Pamela

  5. Hi friend! Don't you know how I shrieked when I saw my name in your post?!LOL! My bottlebrush experiment turned out great -- I just put 1 cup bleach in a plastic dishpan, submerged several trees, and within an hour they were a really pretty ivory color! The fake snow on the branches melted off though. What a great idea to look in dollar stores for the trees -- I found a multi-size pkg at Lowes for $6.99.
    I really LOVE the new header pics on the blog. Very Christmas-y looking. Looking forward to seeing what you will do with the fabric labels because I need ideas how to use my own exact panel!
    I just finished a letter this very morning and soon it will take a flight up to Canada -- perhaps you will feel the balmy (read yukky/muggy) 82* when you open the package! Ha.
    I heard a song at church yesterday -- children sang about seeing a long line to meet Santa at the mall... A little boy goes up to an employee and asks where the line to see Jesus is... Would to God that there'd be a longer line trying to get to the feet of Jesus this holiday season! Lori, Texas

  6. I always love visiting have been a busy bee,yes? I am slowly doing a bit,but hoping I will be up to doing more tomorrow...won't be long until its here and gone for another year. I really like your decorating...very nice...blessings

    I so..agree with your friend Lori...Would to God that there'd be a longing line trying to get to the feet of Jesus this year and every year...AMEN

  7. Evening Faye. Oh everything looks wonderful . Lovely photos , my you are a busy bee. This year Papa and I are making calenders for gifts for family using our photography for each month and the odd photo plaque as well . Today I went out and collected some woodsy things for my Christmas decor . Posting about that tomorrow , it was fun and it smells soo good through out the house . We have truly gone simple and more crafty woodsy this year and plan on keeping it that way from now on . Papa will be starting to make Christmas ornaments for the tree next year in his wood shop . Have a wonderful evening !

  8. P.S . Love your new header photos ! *smile*

  9. Love the snow men door hanger. I have been busy around here trying new recipes. Mostly candy ones, with a few dinner one thrown in here and there.. There goes the waist line.

  10. I will be doing a bit of baking...probably some biscotti for son and dau in love, maybe some cinnamon rolls if there's time. As usual I am making my photo calendars, some are landscapes and some flowers. I even came up with an idea of old things that are rusted. I have 6 calendars at a bazaar for a week, hoping some of them will sell. Many people enjoy my calendars, easier to send in the mail as well. Gave my sis and nephew their gifts at Thanksgiving to take home with them. We won't be with them on Christmas, saves on shipping to WA state. Now need to figure out what to get a friend's son whose graduating from college this month....maybe have my dau in love knit a hat for him, since he's bald since his chemo from cancer a few years ago. It's never come back but he's still here, Praising God for that. I just don't have time for that with my work.
    Have a good evening, my friend. I enjoy reading about your crafts and food! Hugs and blessings!

  11. I love looking at all the great photos on your headers Faye. And you have so much going on, it all looks wonderful! And cute Charlie has been back for a visit, I hope your Sammy gets on well with him :) The dogs probably need some festive bandanas you know {grin} Looking forward to seeing what you are doing with the cloth tags, intruiging! xxx

  12. Good Morning Faye Henry
    I love your new header.
    Oh how I love soup and salad. Could ya save me some??hehe
    Oh and I do love pie.
    Beautiful fabric and snowmen too.
    I am making scarves and stocking for Christmas gifts.
    Lots of fun.
    Woolie Christmas Love

  13. You always have such good ideas. We had a good weeked, my little great-nephew received the Holy Ghost and was baptized. My brother, his grandpa, did the baptizing (sp?). Blessings from Wisconsin.

  14. Hi Faye;

    I love your decorating and especially love your snowman sway!


  15. Hello Faye,

    Happy December! We only met the one time at your wonderful little shop, and it was the Saturday before you were closing for the season. To trigger your memory, I bought a beautiful lace,crocheted tablecloth, a lovely candle and some potpourri.

    I so enjoy your blog, and I read it all the time. I thought I'd take a few moments to tell you what is going on with me and my family:)

    Of course, this past Sunday was the first Sunday of Advent, just love the whole lighting of the candle ceremony, after which we as a choir sang O Come O Come Emmanuel, my favourite:) Next Sunday, the 9th, is our Christmas presentation, so it will be a busy practice on Wednesday night! Bruce, my better half, is also in the choir, and he sounds wonderful with his deep bass voice...and I'm not the least bit biased:)

    This past weekend was spent doing some decorating. I got the windows and curtains cleaned and my husband put the candles in the windows. Our two girls came over with their fellas (one husband and one fiance), and we all trimmed the tree. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! I'll try and finish up the shopping this week, and then maybe next week I can start on my baking.

    I hope you and your hubby will have a wonderful week, filled with love and blessings.

    Kim, from Saint John

  16. Love the prim look, Faye... and I can't wait to see what you are going to do with the quilt top!

  17. Hi Faye,

    I love the snowman garland and can't wait to see what you do with the fabric tags. :)

    You must really know what to look for and have a creative mind when it comes to looking at things.

    I love all the new pictures on the header along with the greenery in your house that shows in the pictures. I have done some decorating but not much at all. Here's hoping I get some more done.

    Hugs to you and I hope to run into you before the holidays are over. Maybe while you are out doing some shopping and last minute errands.


  18. As creative as can be! The snowman garland is lovely and your new header is perfect for the season!
    God bless

  19. I love your snowmen. So cute! The tea dyed material looks great. I have coffee dyed before. You have definitely been busy. I have not decorated any yet. We do not do much. I used to do tons of decorating and it just took up so much of my time. I think I am lazy now so we keep it very simple. We do put up a Christmas tree. We haven't yet though, maybe next week. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  20. Charlie is so cute! All your food looks delicious as usual. You sure do love your salads :)

  21. I love your Prim Santas, they are very cute. I have a few Santas, not many, I like them. Your soup and salad look declass!
    You are always doing something, aren't you, your floats are wonderful! You're so talented and artistic. I love it all! I always enjoy visiting with you, dear lady, talk to you later. :)
    Hugs, Cindy

  22. Faye love your decorating an those adorable snowmen hangers.You are so clever and crafty. As usual the food looks delicious.Hugs,Jen

  23. Your soup and salad look so delicious! I could use a hot bowl of soup right now. It's so cold out today. I think I'll settle for a hot cup of tea.
    I have been busy making infinity scarves for some of the girls in the family. I love them and they are so easy to crochet. They work up in no time. That's the best part. The hardest part is picking out the right color. LOL!
    I haven't done much decorating yet and we will probably wait another week until we put the tree up. So much to do this time of year!