Tuesday, December 4, 2012

December doings and a wee giveaway...

Hello everyone.. 
I expect you are surprised to see me posting again so soon.. 
I have to keep you all on your toes.. smile.. 

I thought you might like to see what I did with the fabric labels that I posted about yesterday.. 

Here I tea dyed them first and then hung them out to dry..
Then today I cut or actually ripped each one out so as to have a torn edge.. 

After that I glued a piece of old music paper onto a piece of card stock and then sewed each cloth label on top of the music paper.. 
Used a bit of distress ink on the edges and add bits of lace, rick rack and buttons or whatever.. 

A bit of spray glue and glitter and a hole punched in the top and they are ready for packages or just to use as a card to mail out.. 

They were fun to do and did not take long once I got set up..
Here are a few close ups... 

I will putter away doing these.. 

Then I wanted the reindeer that I bought from the dollar store to look a bit more aged shall we say ..

So I dropped one into the bleach and water concoction that I made up
for the little bottle brush trees below..  

Remember they were red and green.. 
I loved how they turned out.. 
Very vintage and I will show you later the little gifts that I hope to make with them.. 

The reindeer didn't change in the solution so I added some of the distress ink and it worked perfect.. 

Planning a little reindeer theme because of these.. 

Aren't they something? 
Bought them  at the Thrift store.. 
A little bit rusted but of course I love that..

Terry is supposed to help me make a wreath with branches and boughs.. Soon.... smile.. 

Dug out my old red and white quilts today and started decorating the foyer.. 
Man, I am slow at getting stuff done.. 
Perhaps, it is because of a birthday looming here in a few days.. 
The BIG one.. 
I am blessed to be that old, though... 
Just hard to count that many blessings... grin.. 

And I can't close without showing you something in food.. 
Well, my sweet Aunt Eleanor phoned me a week or two ago and as always we talked about my Gram.. 
Her and Dad's mother.. 
She was giving me some frugal tips for cooking that my sweet Gram used.. 
One of them was this.. 

Bread and Potato Hash.. 
Gram had 14 kids so she had to be frugal and my aunt was telling me some of her little tips.. 

When Gram had a bowl of cold boiled potatoes left she would put some bacon fat in a cast iron frying pan and add a couple of onions and start frying them up.. 
Then she would add whatever cold boiled potatoes that she had left over from the day before along with some pieces of day old bread.. 
Salt and pepper.. 
When this was beginning to warm through then Gram would take her cutter.. 
It was a tin can with the bottom cut out and the top pierced.. 
She would chop chop until it was all like a hash.. 
Her little secret was to throw in some summer savory that she had grown in the garden and dried out.. 

I told my Aunt that I could remember that and was so glad she reminded me.. 
As soon as I had a few potatoes left over I gave it a try and of course we both loved it... 

I hope you try it, too.. 
You do need a cast iron frying pan though ... 

Dear old Gram... Bless her heart.. 

Well, sweet ladies that is all for tonight except for this.. 
For each of you followers who leaves me a comment I will put your name in a bowl.. Dear hubby will draw names and I will  send you each one of my little labels.. 
I will let you know on Thursday.. 

I will send out five of them.. 

Thank you for all of your sweet comments yesterday.. 
Sorry, I didn't get back to you this time.. 
Sometimes, I can answer each comment and other days I just don't get to it.. 
I hope you understand..

Love and Prayers..  


  1. Evening Faye, oh I love those Christmas labels, so do wonderful talented......Like I said before, reading your posts always makes me hungry, tee hee......Faye, it`s only a number, Blessings Francine.

  2. Oh, Faye!
    I love your labels! And your trees! And your reindeer! Those candles are awesome! I like the reindeer theme! Aren't thrift shops and dollar stores great! You gave me some ideas to alter some dollar store items! I need to stop there. I don't know about your thrift stores, but the Goodwills here emptied out the regular stuff and are filled to the brim with Christmas. Lots of ideas for redoes! Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful ideas and good eats! Oh, and I love your title picture!

    Blessings, dear friend!

  3. Oh Sweet Faye those labels are darling!I would not have thought to use them in such away,so very clever of you.You always share the yummiest sounding recipes.Blessings,Jen

  4. Those labels are wonderful ! You do come up with the best crafts ! Thanks for sharing all your crafts and recipes with us I do so enjoy them all ! Have a wonderful evening my friend !

  5. Love those labels! What a neat idea!

  6. Hi Faye! The labels came out great! I was wondering what you were going to do with them. Thanks so much for sharing:) Great find at the thrift store by the way:)

  7. Great job Faye!
    I love those labels.
    SO yummy is the special Gram dish.
    I too called my Grandmother Gram.
    Woolie Hugs

  8. Faye, those are awesome! LOVE it.

  9. Faye those labels are quite lovely! I remember my aunt making a hash similar to your recipe. She came up during the depression and no bit of food was ever wasted. It was always fun to see what she could come up with from the leftovers. Those little brush trees are so pretty now that they are white, can't wait to see what else you do for Christmas! Hugs dear friend!

  10. Hello Faye, I think those cloth labels are just the best! Fantastic! Very interesting and you are doing a wonderful job, too!!! What I really like about them is how they are so timely , so old looking. I love them. So would you please add my name to the drawing?

    Thank you, Faye, come up with the best ideas!

  11. love those labels, just so very pretty!
    I am always hungry after reading your posts, the recipe sounds wonderful!
    just love the bottle trees!!

  12. Oh Faye, these labels are just so sweet! I would never have the imagination or the patience to make something like them. Your potato hash sounds really delicious. There's nothing like good old fashioned home cooking in a cast iron frying pan. Blessings, Pamela

  13. Very cute and very vintage. Is the picture of the reindeer the finished product?

  14. Hi Faye - Your labels are gorgeous - so vintage, which I just love! Thanks for offering such a special giveaway.
    Merry Christmas!

  15. I love the way the labels and trees turned out. Going back I saw some yummy looking recipes to try too.

    Thanks for the inspiration Faye!


  16. Dear Faye,

    What an inspiration! I just love your labels/cards. I have so much little craft "extras" that would be just perfect for this idea.Thank you so much for sharing!

    Hope you have just the best birthday!
    Sweet blessings,

  17. Girlie, you are so creative!
    I just couldn't imagine something so cute when I looked at those labels.
    I just caught sight of your t.p. in the header, too.
    Can I come over and play?

    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  18. The labels are beautiful. You are very creative. I hope that you have a wonderful day on your birthday.

    Have a wonderful day.


  19. I love vintage... I love buttons... I love Christmas.

    What a nice way to wrap it up! I'll take one of those labels...{smile!}.

    Thanks for the chance.

  20. Faye, the vintage labels are great. Love the one with the musical scores and deer on it. Just in case I win one...wink! *:) Your blogs are fun to read! God bless!

  21. I love reading your blog, it always makes me feel cozy. I would love to sit one of your cards out for Christmas,they are so beautiful.

    Thank you so much for sharing your love of our Lord and the talents that He has given you.

    God bless and Merry Christmas

    Jeanna Waters

  22. Faye, the labels are beautiful. You make it look so easy! Anyway, love reading your blog...God Bless!

  23. Faye, I love those labels! They sound so easy to make though they look like they took hours. Beautiful job as always!

  24. Faye, That was quick getting those labels done up. They are beautiful. I do a bit of scrapbooking but nothing like this. You make each one look so beautiful and unique. Once again it makes my day to read your blog. Hugs to you.

  25. Mrs. Faye, those labels are so cute! You always make the cutest things. I'm sure whoever receives them will be blessed. Not sure what day your birthday is but I pray you have a wonderful day. God is SO good! I also loved the frugal meal idea. It looks delicious. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  26. Oh Faye, you bring new meaning to the word crafty!!! :0 love it all...

  27. Again always inspired when I drop in for a bit of a Mrs. Faye visit ;)
    I absolutely loved the vintage trees, just precious! And a themed reindeer know I love themes!

    Please place my name in for one of your incredible tags....I'm thinking it would be cute to place it on plate stand, just a thought.

    Blessings a happy mid week to ypu and Terry!

  28. Hi Faye;

    I would like to see the inner workings of your brain - you are so creative!

    I can't wait to see what you do with the little trees and the reindeer.


  29. Love the labels...just like scrapbooking!I need to get inspired to do my Christmas doings! Next week though- after exams

  30. Wonderfull blog you have been busy
    We need more of Grams recipes these days do you not think
    Blessings Peggy

  31. Love you labels. And I've read your blog while it is snowing here. The first snow in Holland :-)

  32. Can't wait to see your reindeer themed project - awesome candle holders you found at the thrift - the rust makes them that much better!

  33. Hi Faye: I enjoy your posts. They are always full of wonderful ideas. I love your fabric Christmas labels. So beautiful!!!! I hope that you will include me in your drawing. I will be watching for your reindeer themed project in the near future. They are quite interesting.

    warm holidy hugs,

  34. Greetings, Faye~~
    Yay! Your trees turned out great -- wasn't that a fun little science project?! I'll be looking for your project idea for them. LOVE, LOVE
    the vintage-y labels cards... I plan to do a little copy-catting because I really needed a good idea how to use mine {*~D}
    I also plan on firing up the cast iron and making your Gram's comfort hash! Now if the weather would just bring in a "cold-front" and get the temperature down in the 60*s... that hot dish may taste just right!
    Have a pleasant evening friend.

  35. Dear Faye,
    Your handmade labels are lovely! I would love to have one.
    I enjoy your beautiful blog.

  36. Morning sweet Faye!

    Loved your posting as usual ... you always have something fun on the go! :)
    Your hand made labels are gorgeous by the way and what a sweet touch to any gift!
    You are so talented my lady. God bless you this day ... love you!!

    Janet B.

  37. Lovely crafts! I love the idea for the empty can as a chopper in the skillet! I need to save a can! I was raised on the potato and bread dish with a few eggs thrown in. We called it egg, potato and bread, really imaginative! I have not had that in years. Now I just need some leftover potatoes. We always have a bit of bread going stale with only the two of us.

    A few weeks ago I commented that my husband had lost his job. Well God has blessed him with another to begin in January. We always rest in His care but I am was just so surprised to have our trial be so short.

    God Bless!

  38. faye, your creativity simply amazes me! those labels/cards are so darling...reminiscent of times long ago!! frugality in the olde days hopefully is making its way back into our lives! thank you for sharing your talents! and recipes!!!
    ^)^ linda

  39. You never cease to amaze me, Faye! I love the labels. So vintage!
    I received your package yesterday. Thank you so much! I LOVED the smell. The tea is perfect. My husband and I both enjoyed a cup last night.


  40. Hi Faye-Greetings Of The Season!! Love,love,love your vintage labels:) I read your blog everyday it is always sooo inspiring-God certainley has blessed you with many talents!!
    Wishing you another fun filled creative day!
    Judy M :) xo

  41. Oh my goodness, Faye... you are speaking my language when you say the words "onions and taters" together... (Sorry, that's POTATO for people north of here. *grin*) I can remember my grandmother making something similar to this, except I think she used cornbread, and she put cheese in hers... as if it wasn't healthy enough already. *grin*
    I love what you did with the fabric labels!

  42. The fabric labels are just lovely! Love the rusted reindeer too!
    By the way,I made some of your pickled veggies. My boys opened the first
    jar, too soon, I think, and ate every bite in one sitting!

  43. Your beautiful fabric labels are fabulous! I love that home-made look. I know your home is going to be lovely for the holidays, too bad I don't live close enough to visit. I love the reindeer candle holders, how sweet are they!!
    I hope I haven't ;missed the giveaway, I have been so busy trying to sew up my Christmas gifts. My grand-daughters has been the most difficult, and I'm not sure why, other things on my mind maybe, but for some reason I could not understand what to do.
    I hope this finds you well, my dear sister in the Lord.
    Love and hugs, Cindy

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