Monday, March 4, 2013

A Week of New Recipes #1..Asian Chicken Noodle Soup

Good Monday Evening to you all.. 
How is everything in your world? 

Another weekend is over and here we are once again with Monday winding down.. 
It is March break here in New Brunswick.. 

We had a very busy weekend.. 
Keepers meeting on Saturday with another good turnout.. 

I will do the post on that later this week.. 
I need to edit the pics and such.. 

But as I mentioned in the last post that I was hoping to try out a new recipe each night from the cookbook I borrowed from the library.. 
The name of the cookbook is..
Cooking from the Pantry by Donna Hay.. 

There are several sections of various styles and today I made the
 Asian Chicken Noodle Soup... 

It was very simple to make and did not take long.. 
Here is the recipe that I was too lazy to type out.. smile.. 

It was very different from my regular chicken noodle soup recipe and dear hubby chickened out (smile) and had ham and baked beans.. 


I enjoyed it... 
It was fun using the chop sticks, too.. 
 I think this would be nice as a first course in an Asian meal for company.. 
I am not an Asian food lover but I am trying.. 
I think it was probably better than ham and beans though.. grin.. 

I think we will try the Mediterranean section tomorrow..

We had a blessed day at church yesterday..
Such sweet fellowship.. 
Our daughter, son-in-law and 2 grandsons dropped by for a visit to our church on their way to the airport in Halifax.. 
They winged their way to Jamaica this morning ... 
Praying they have a wonderful week and return home safe and sound.. 
Our other grandsons are hitting the slopes as the season is about over.. 

When is your March break and what are your plans?.

Today, we visited a couple of my dear old aunts in their nursing home.. 
One is not well at all but she kissed me several times and told me she loved me.. 
The dear thing.. 
She is my Dad's sister and she just turned 89.. 
Our old farm is where she went as a young bride and lived there until she went to the home... 
She loved that old place and sometimes when I am washing dishes or rolling out pie crusts I imagine her there doing the same thing many years ago.. 
She only had one son and he is in a home, too..
I felt so sad when we had to leave them.. 
Life is a precious thing.. 
I want to enjoy and live every day with love.. 
Yes and unto His glory... 

Thanks so much for your sweet visit and your lovely notes mean so much to me.. 

Take care of yourselves and sweet families.. 



  1. I like Asian food. That soup looks good. Yep, we should lives our lives to the fullest and to His glory. Prayers for your aunts. Blessings from Wisconsin.

  2. How are you sweet lady? I love Asian noodle soup, I want to make this recipe. I also enjoy the wonton soup made much like this with added veggies. Sounds like you had a good weekend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  3. I love Chinese food, although I rarely make it from scratch. Too convenient to eat out or have it delivered. ;-) Looking forward to the Keepers' meeting photos. xo

  4. Your soup looks delicious... I think hubby missed out! I remember visiting my grandmother in a home and while she was quite content there it made me sad to leave her.

  5. Your Asian soup looks YUMMY ! It is fun to try different dishes from around the world ! Papa here well he is pretty good at trying new things but his palate is and always will be a meat and potatoes man lol . I never really got to know my grand parents as they lived in England where they were born and raised . I can imagine though how hard it is to leave them . I worked in a home for the elderly and it broke my heart when I left . Yup always live your life to the fullest that you can , live , love , laugh ! Have a good evening !

  6. Hello Mrs Henry,
    Glad to hear your doing well...the soups sounds really good:)Jess I am sure would love to try it! Hope you have a great rest of the week...Hello to Mr Henry!
    God Bless~Love~Hugs~

  7. I think my son would love that soup, my husband too, only he would want 5 bowls to fill up on! grin
    hugs to the dear Aunts, they are treasures, to be cherished.
    thankful you have her farm and the memories.

  8. Wonderful that you were able to visit with your two aunts. I did not realize that the aunt that owned your farm is still living. I hope you are able to visit with them again. It means so much to them. I worked as a hairdresser in a home for ambulatory adults here in our town. I felt privileged to go there every week. We had fun and I became friends with many of the men and women.

    What are we doing on Spring Break? (cough, cough) Taking care of the dogs, cat and fish while our daughter, son-in-law and granddaughter go to Sanibel, FL. There is something wrong with this picture! Just kidding!

  9. I sure would have had some of that soup with you. Looks delicious! Thanks for the reminder to enjoy each and every day.

  10. Yummy. Oh my I could so go for some off that right now.
    Woolie hugs

  11. Hmmm, I think that soup looks good, as long as the ginger doesn't overpower the rest of the flavors. Sure was a good time on Sunday night- hope to do that again...thanks for ending me the memo- LOL

  12. Your soup sounds wonderful...we like Asian food here...not a lot of it but do like it.
    Every now and then we will have a guest dinner of Asian and use chop sticks dinner for all! I will have to try this soup.

    I know your family will have the best time in Jamaica. Safe travels for them.

    Goodness Faye it's so sad when our loved ones are basically alone in the ending years of their lives isn't it...such a sweet niece to visit her - she felt blessed I'm sure.


  13. The soup looks delicious! I will have to try it when Hubby's tummy troubles gets better. It looks like something we would like. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  14. Dear Faye,
    The soup looks delicious! Wow! They went to Jamacia, that sounds exciting. Even going skiing sounds exciting. I haven't skied in years. Can't wait to see your post on the "Keepers" meeting.
    Love Ya,
    P.S. It was really nice seeing you on Sat. I had a great time!

  15. Yummy looking soup Faye. I have tried to use chopsticks and failed. hehe. Our daughter and son-in-law use them a lot and even our 2 year old grandson has his own special chopsticks that he is trying to use. Maybe I need that kind. :) My brother is coming for a visit tomorrow from Moncton. Not a long way but it will be so nice to see him. I hope you enjoy your week. Blessings. Pam

  16. I love Asian noodle soup! It is fun to use chopsticks :) My husband doesn't like long noodles too much because he thinks they are hard to eat. But I love it!

  17. I wish I could make it in time for supper, Faye~ I would have eaten Terry's portion. :) I LOVE Asian food...especially spring rolls and rice. James on the other hand would have eaten ham and beans with Terry. *haha*
    Can't wait to hear about your meeting...
    So sorry about your dear aunt... I have a great-aunt who is also in a home and she is so pitiful. She is 96 and has a very sharp mind but she is blind now and her only child is dead and none of her grandchildren come to check on her much. So sad...
    Hope you are having a wonderful week. ((HUGS))

  18. Very nice! My husband said we will definitely be trying this one! Thank you for the recipe.
    How wonderful it is that you are able to visit your aunts. When our boys were little we always took them to visit the folks in the nursing home. The residents love to see kids come to visit. My boys loved it, especially our middle son, Thomas. He loved to wheel them around in their wheelchairs and comb their hair. LOL! I miss those days!