Thursday, February 28, 2013

Ending up roses...

Hello everyone.. 
Just wanted to check in for a few minutes.. 
We have been expecting a storm here in New Brunswick but have not seen it as yet.. 
Hopefully, it has taken a different route and forgot all about us.. smile.. 
The last couple of days have been so warm.. 
We hardly need a jacket in the afternoons.. 
We made out little trip to town and found a few books at the library.. I am getting new glasses in a couple of weeks and all went well with the test.. Glad to have that done, though.. 
I love my contacts but need to wear glasses sometimes.. 
Found a few books at the library, too.. 
We were invited out for dinner and it was delicious.. 
So nice to meet with old friends every once in awhile.. 
I have been making some things for our Keepers meeting.. 
I will hopefully get it all together tomorrow.. 
We had fish chowder and basil toasts for supper tonight.. 
Not too exciting.. 
I found a new cookbook at the library and it is quite modern.. 
I mentioned to Terry that next week I want to try a new recipe every night for a week.. 
Oh dear Lord.... 
That was all he said.. 
hm mm..
 Wonder what that means.. 
He can't wait, I guess.. grin.. 

I have been trying out something with the stamps and pads but it is not working.. sigh.. 
I have had a few miscalculations lately.. 
You don't know till you try, though.. Right?  

Well, I must go ... 
I do have a little success story recipe for you, though.. 
Sometimes .. come night time my feet bother me so I thought I would make a little recipe to rub on them.. 
It is lovely.. 

Rose Foot Oil.. 
4 tsp. almond oil.. 
4 drops of rose essential oil
1 drop of lavender essential oil.. 
Just warm this oil up a few seconds in your microwave and add your essential oils.. 
Then smooth all over your nice clean feet.. 
Rub in well and then put on a nice cozy pair of socks and wear through the evening.. 
Even to bed if you can keep them on.. 
I can't wear socks to bed anymore.. 
It is an old girl thing, I guess. grin.. 

Have a great evening, my dears.. 
God bless and keep you.. 
Thanks for your sweet notes and to the new followers.. 
So glad to meet you all.. 



  1. Peace also to you my friend. Hope the storm missed and went out to sea. I wear socks sometimes to bed,& I'm an old girl...:) my feet are my temperature regulator if they are warm or cold I am the same..the rub sounds lovely and reminds me that I need to order some Lavender...I'll just bet that mixture you fashioned up smelled wonderfull...:)

  2. Hi Faye. It took a while but the storm finally came here about mid-afternoon after a morning of freezing rain and ice pellets. It's been snowing since 3:00 and it's windy too. Not a nice day or evening so I'm happy we don't have to go anywhere even tomorrow. We have lots of big drifts again! Your fish stew looks yummy. You are a great cook!! Enjoy your weekend. Blessings, Pam

  3. Hello Dear Heart....Your recipe for the foot oil sounds wonderful. Sometimes my feet ache so much I think I can't take another step. This would be great. I will be making some and trying it after a shower or bath. Thanks, Faye. Maybe I could make some for my daughter and my daughter-in-law, too. I am like you ...I can not wear any socks to bed. I would be so hot and hyper that I would be kicking and kicking to get those things off!!!!! LOL! I miss talking to you ....guess we are wrapped up in busyness!!! HAHA.

    Blessings to you and hubby,
    P.S. - Love the books. Did you get all those from the library?

  4. Hello Faye,so glad that your eye appointment went well.The foot oil recipe sounds awesome! I hope that the storm has indeed decided to pass you by for now.Can't wait to hear about the new recipes you are going to be trying out.Have a wonderful evening,Jen

  5. so glad all went well at the eye doctor.
    the rose scent oil sounds wonderful!!
    lovin' all your photos!

    here tonight it is blustery cold, and a bit of snow. my toes have been cold all day!
    high up on the mountain, my boy is working late, heading home around midnight.
    he says it is blizzzzarding! up thar!!! (he has his own weather language (hummacaning is his favorite expression)
    hope you have a great blessed friday!

  6. Good to hear all went well at the eye Dr . Lovely photos . Food looks YUMMY as always ! Papa is my recipe Guinea pig to so far so good lol ! We had the storm that's on it's way to you on Monday night till this morning, it was windy mild rainy snowy and just plain sloppy and slushy and messy out there and now all that is to freeze as the temps drop tonight ! Oh the foot oil sounds so soothing thanks for sharing it with us ! Hope the storm passes you by ! Have a good evening .

  7. So glad your eye appointment went well, Faye... and try not to strain yourself by reading all those books at once! *grin* (Maybe that's what Terry meant... yes, I'm sure it was. :) Your food looks yummy, though. And now I'm hungry. *ha*
    Guess what? We could have an inch or two of snow tomorrow! It's a blizzard!! Better go to the store and get my bread and milk... *wink*

  8. Oh Faye...that sounds wonderful :) How wonderful that you have shared your oil recipe with us today...praying that the storm just passes you by...

  9. I can almost smell your feet coming up roses all the way over here!!!
    God bless dear friend! Enjoy your Irish history...

  10. My, dear Faye!
    Maybe I should use that foot oil on my students' feet! I would love the rose smell... Those boys...

    Your posts always make me hungry! I should know better than to look at them before breakfast or dinner!

    The weather has been crazy here too! Wear a light sweater, oops no, tomorrow you need a winter coat! Arg!!!!

    I pray that the storm passes you too. But being cozy inside with that pile of books, well that sounds pretty good too. But you have had your share of snow, so that novelty has, I am sure, passed by!

    Blessings, love, and hugs dear friend!

  11. Faye...I wear socks to bed too. Sometimes, when my hands are really dry, I will cover them with vaseline and put socks on my hands. This is what we did growing up. Can't wait to see new recipes next week. Blessings from Wisconsin.

  12. Hi Faye;

    I am glad that you survived your visit to the optometrist!

    Your chowder looks delicious - I can't make it here as my husband as an aversion to all things from the sea (imagine, and he a Maritimer from birth.)

    Your Rose Foot Oil sounds lovely, what a good idea.

    Air Canada cancelled my son's return flight last night due to the impending storm ....... and, as you said, we are still waiting for the storm. Poor kid, he won't be home now until late this evening. On a positive note, he found an Indian restaurant close to the hotel where he enjoyed some chicken curry and paneer with spinach! Both dishes that I cook at home, but arrgghhhh, now he will have the authentic to compare mine too.


  13. Dear Faye ~ a propos of the last post(do you like my fancy French? hehe)...BOTHER! How could I have missed wishing you a Happy Birthday?
    I wish you a belated one now, and a hug.

    I'm glad you got your eyes done without a hitch ~ your sweet phobia story was very endearing...we all have them, you know!
    Enjoy these first hints of Spring, they are special.

  14. Your foot oil sounds really nice! My feet are always so cold at night, but I hate wearing socks to bed. I feel so confined! So they usually get kicked off in the middle of the night :) I love your idea of cooking new recipes. I bet your hubby will like it :)

  15. Your foot oil sounds nice, I hope I can find some essential oils somewhere. Your idea of a different new recipe every night of the week sounds lovely. I do that as often as possible. I like a very varied menu.
    Have a good weekend my friend. Cindy

  16. Hi Faye:

    Sorry I haven't posted any comments on your blog lately, but I do still read it each time you publish. I've been very busy these past couple of months with work, planning a wedding and whatnot.

    Your cream sounds lovely, like something I just may make for mysef!

    I'm having a wedding shower at church next Sunday for my daughter. It's immediately following the service, and the whole congregation is invited. My daughter would like to have cupcakes to serve. I've come across this recipe on Pinterest, and was wondering if you or any of your faithful followers have ever made cupcakes this way? Here's the recipe:


    1 (18.25 ounce) box white cake mix
    1 cup all-purpose flour
    1 cup granulated white sugar
    3/4 teaspoon salt
    1 1/3 cups water
    2 Tablespoons vegetable or canola oil
    1 teaspoon vanilla extract
    1 cup sour cream
    4 large egg whites

    The only reason I'm hesitant to try these is because I'm not accustomed to using cake mixes, but I'm open to trying new recipes:) Any feedback at all would be appreciated.

    I hope you have a good Keepers meeting tomorrow!


  17. I thought I was following you and realized I wasn't when no posts came through. That's fixed now and I'm your newest follower. I'll be making this recipe for my tired feet!

  18. Thank you for sharing with the Clever Chicks Blog Hop this week; I hope you’ll join us again!

    Kathy Shea Mormino

    The Chicken Chick

  19. Thanks for sharing the foot rub recipe. It sounds heavenly. When you said wear the socks to bed I thought I would just melt reading it-I think it probably is an old girl thing. I love going to the library and getting books. It is something we all enjoy. I hope you have a great evening and God bless.