Saturday, July 13, 2013

Country Views...

Good day everyone.. 
Another beautiful day here in Maritime Canada.. 

It was hot elsewhere but here by the bay there were lovely breezes that blew in lots of customers.. 
Thank you, dear Lord.. smile.. 

Just posting a few pics of a country drive that Terry and I took a few days ago.. 
Summer is so beautiful, eh? 
There were horses and even some elk that we spied along the way.. 

So many people dropped by the shop today.. 
Friends that we had not seen for ages.. 
One couple have moved back to New Brunswick from Wisconsin and it was so nice to see them and their sweet family.. 

Then a lovely coupe stopped by with our pastor and his sweet wife.. 
It was so nice to see them as we have been missing them .. 

Pretty soon we will be looking toward packing up and heading home.. 

The summer is passing very quickly.. 
But meanwhile I just putter along in my shop.. 

I put up a Facebook page today for the House of Henry.. 
I was scared half to death as I do not do Facebook except for the bare necessities.. 
The link is HERE if you would like to see.. 

Thanks for dropping by sweeties and I look forward to hearing from you all.. 
Have a blessed Lord's Day tomorrow.. 


  1. Visited your FB page, 'liked' you (I liked you before FB!) and enjoyed the photos. xo

  2. Huh?
    Some one from our state has gone from here to there! OH!
    We could of sent a package along.....oh dear! Well....
    guess we will have to start one up to send. We had a friend
    send a huge box of linens our way & we said..."these need to go to
    the Bay"! (smile) just be easier to bring them eh?
    How nice your summer is looking and moving along!
    Think of you so much.
    Hugs & blessings~

  3. I went to your page & looked at your photos! I liked you there too,
    but don't want to miss out on your blog...ever, if I can help it!
    hugs and grins from down south!

  4. Your photos here remind me of where I spent my teenage years, I grew up on the Canadian border in Limestone, Maine.
    Gorgeous photos...

  5. Beautiful pictures! Glad you were busy today!

  6. I loved the country views on you drive Faye. Thanks for taking us along. I was surprised to know that someone is raising elk in NB. It got up to 32 here today and will be hotter tomorrow. Thankfully we don't have the humidity we had last weekend. I 'liked' your new Facebook page. I hope your week ahead is blessed. Hugs, Pam

  7. Lovely photos ! It is so hot and humid here there is a heat advisory out for all of Ontario with the humidex it is over 100 degrees so we are in the AC puttering and watching movies ! Glad you are having lots of visitors at the shop hope they are buying up a storm for you ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good day !

  8. Such peaceful country scenes! I love summer in the country :) Hope you have a great week ahead, Faye!

  9. Beautiful country photos.
    Woolie Blessings

  10. Summer ... ahhh .... mid winter here at the moment. Lots of rain and damp days. I'll just have to make sure I pop in here and take a share of your sunshine and happy days. Thanks. Sue