Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A new camera...

Good Evening everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth tonight.. 

We have just had supper on the deck as it is such a lovely day.. 
We love to BBQ on nights like this.. 
I scurried around a picked a little posy of herbs to grace our plain little salad.. 
They make all the difference in the taste of iceberg lettuce if that is all that happens to be on hand.. smile.. 
So looking forward to new green bean... 

Yesterday, we went to the city to do some shopping and bought a new camera.. 
It did not cost a lot but so far I love it.. 

Terry mentioned that I should wait and buy a really nice one but I did not agree.. 
I want something that I can operate and is not too complicated.. 
My picture taking is only for this little blog and ourselves so I think this one will do just fine.. 

After work we delivered a table that I sold today  to a sweet friend who lives up the way.. 
That first pic of the Bay is taken from her back yard.. 
Her family room has one wall that is all windows and looks out on this.. 
Lovely, eh? 
And she enjoys it all year round.. 
She is not one of us summer residents.. smile.. 

The old bear in the top pic has been sold to a girl from Ottawa who summers here, too.. 
She has named him ... Charles.... smile.. 

And then just some random pics of the shop.. 
The deodorants are ready for those who came in looking for them..

And the last pic of the Bay is from our back stoop tonight.. 

Well, dear ladies I guess I will go for now.. 
Purchased a couple of new mags yesterday and anxious to give them a look.. 

Terry just came in and threw me a present... 
A bag of Grand Manan dulse.. 
So delicious... 
I have been craving it for a week now.. 
The sweet man.. 

Thank you so much for dropping by during this busy time of year.. 
I so enjoy having you all and reading your sweet notes.. 

Take care and God bless.. 



  1. Faye, I am intrigued, what is Grand Manan dulse? Never heard of it! Lovely photos as always. xo

    1. Yes! I'm wondering the same thing?

      Lovely new photos - I can tell!! Something is sharper and crisper in them. I've been thinking it is about time for me to invest in one myself...

      Praying about it.

  2. Hi Faye:

    Glad you got your new camera:) I'm also a huge fan of Grand Manan dulse! Every so often I pick up a bag at the market.

    Take care!

  3. Wasn't that a breath-taking blue in the bay today, Faye.. Worth waiting for!!!

  4. Wonderful photos ! Glad you got your camera . I would be lost with out my camera that's for sure . Me either what is Grand Manan dulse ? I guess I will Google it and find out lol ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good evening !

  5. Oh now I know what it is ! Here is a site all about dulse for those like me who have never heard of it lol Interesting never had it !

  6. I always enjoy seeing what you're up to. Looks like you're having a nice summer, the bay photos are lovely and the salad looks so good. My cilantro went to seed a few days after I planted it in the ground, I was really looking forward to having it in my salads. My cherry tomatoes are almost ready to be used, though.
    Have a good week!

  7. Your new camera is great Faye. Your pictures seem much sharper.
    Would you mind telling us the recipe for the deodorants?

    Thanks Felicia

  8. New camera, how fun! Enjoy! I like the meat grinder with the bird on top of doily and red pin cushion on the side. My mom used to have a meat grinder similiar to that. Used it to grind cows tongue with pickles and then we used it for sandwich meat with mayonnaise mixed in it. YUM!

  9. the pictures are sharp and clear, and the colors wonderful,
    hugs and very pleased you sold the table and Charles, both make a home!

  10. Glad you got your new camera! Beautiful pics!

  11. Hi Faye, I am guessing the Grand Manan dulse is found by the bay area and is used in salads or seaweed.? Just a quick guess.

    Your pictures are bright, crisp and so clear. Must be a very nice camera. I am glad for you.

    Getting late and these bones are tired tonight. Talk to you soon.

    God bless....

  12. I'm glad Charles is going to a good home. He's a very handsome bear. I love the hot chocolate set with the beautiful bluebirds on it! It looks like your camera takes very clear photos. I'm glad you found a new one that isn't too complicated. That's what I'm looking for too. It looks lovely by the bay. Blessings, Pam

  13. Again a delightful post my friend.
    Always so fun seeing your pictures! And I love water pictures.
    What a beautiful set in the cupboard with the pitcher and cups - great design on them.
    So happy things are selling for you Faye - makes it so worth the effort you put into this great shop.

  14. So far the new camera is taking great pictures! Love all of them. Have a blessed day, Faye!

  15. Beautiful pictures! I'm glad you got a new camera. I would have chosen the more simple one too. Hubby would have went with the more complicated one. I must tell you I did not know what Grand Manan dulse was. I looked it up though. I think I would probably like it. But then I like almost all types of food. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  16. What beautiful pictures your new camera takes...oh how I wish I could browse through your wonderful shop,and spend the day with you :) Its so beautiful where you are. Blessings

  17. Congrats on the new camera! How exciting. I love that old bear - so cute!

  18. I love your beautiful photos. :-) I love the bear too. But I would buy the cups and pitcher. :-)