Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Rhubarb Cocktail recipe from Nova Scotia..

Good Evening my dears.. 
How are you all.. 
So glad you dropped by for a wee visit.. 

Wondering what the weather is like in your part of the world.. 
We have been having rain and more rain.. 
I must say though that it is better then extreme heat any day to me..
I wore a sweater all day and have the heat on now.. 
A couple of hours away the temps are very hot.. 
Weird, eh!

The pic of the barn above was taken through the rainy windshield while I was waiting for Mr. Henry.. smile..   

Anyway, on with the show.. 
Today after I came home after the shop closed and cut some rhubarb.. 

We still have quite a bit and I wanted to make my lemon drink from last year posted  HERE.
I did not have enough lemons so decided to make a rhubarb one instead.. 

Here is the recipe..
It is from Nova Scotia and is called.. 

Rhubarb Cocktail.. 
2 1/2 pounds of rhubarb 
 A couple of pieces of lemon peel 
A small piece of peeled ginger root 
1 1/2 quarts of water.. 
Chop your rhubarb and wash well .. 
Place in stainless steel pot and simmer away for about 25 minutes or until soft.. 
Strain through a couple of pieces of cheesecloth and add less then 1/4 cup of lemon juice.. 
Place this in a stainless or glass pot and add 1 1/2 cups of sugar.. 
Bring to a boil.. Let it boil for a couple of minutes.. 
You can place this in sterilized jars and seal.. 
I just put mine in a large jar and keep in the fridge like I would the lemon one.. 
Place about a 1/3 of your glass with the juice and top with sparkling water or even Sprite.. 
Lovely drink for a hot day.. 
If we get any that is.. smile.. 

Just a couple of pics from the shop.. 
These are flowers from my Borage Herb plant.. 
I am collecting them to make a salve for sleeping.. 
I tried to buy some but the health food store didn't have any.. 
My plant is all in bud so should be able to get enough.. 
I thought it would be interesting to make and see if it works.. 

Thanks to all of your good wishes for our son.. 
So kind of you ... 

Our daughter and family will be flying back home from Florida this week.. smile.. 
I will be glad when they get back home and our pastor's daughter is coming back from Germany.. 
Nice when they all get back safe and sound, eh? 

Well, I must go..
My computer has been acting up.. 
It keeps turning off and you have to restart it from scratch.. 
What a pain.. 
We need to take it in but I am not sure when that will be.. 
So.. please bear with me and I will do what I can.. 

Welcome to the new followers.. 
So glad to have you join the site.. 

My sweet friend over at OAKVIEW COTTAGE did a little post about the Blessed Hearth and I think that is where the latest followers came from.. 
Thank you, Cindy for being so sweet.. 
I want to do a post about her blog soon.. 
She is a dear.. 

So thankful tonight for all of you lovely friends. 
God has blessed me... 


  1. Hi Faye ! Lovely photos . Oh that drink sounds YUMMY ! The weather here has been up and down from hot and humid to chilly and breezy . Thanks for sharing . Have a good evening !

  2. Hi Faye. I LOVE the picture of the old barn.

    Computers can be a pain but what would we do without them. We could not stay in touch in different countries.


  3. Faye, I love that first photo of the barn through the rainy window. It looks like a painting. Beautiful! I hope you get some sunshine in the days ahead. Blessings, Pam

  4. Faye, I loved the tour at Cindy's blog. I will be visiting her often now as well. Your photo of the barn, it looks like a painting! Just beautiful. xo

  5. Hello Faye, Love your old barn and especially the red geraniums with it. So beautiful. It has rained here so much in the last week that everyone is just getting tired of it. Hope you had a Happy Canada Day on Monday. Our 4th of July is Thursday...going to Kim's at the lake for a few days. I have been very tired. I'm sure it is the Fibromyalgia. You take care and know that I am thinking of you and Terry often.

    Love and His Great Blessings to you,

  6. Faye, I love your photo of your sweet barn through the windshield. It could be a painting.

  7. I have to admit I have never had rhubarb, but my dad loves rhubarb pie, so I don't know why I have never tried it!
    Here in Texas the heat has been brutal so please send some of your rain here!
    Tammy x

  8. I like that idea of a rhubarb drink! I planted borage last year. I hear it makes a good steam facial. The flowers are pretty! I, so far, pick them for decoration.

    It is rainy here, (also) every day, for many weeks! But the temp is around 90, so it is not a cool rain.

  9. I love that first photo you took from the window! It turned out so neat. We've had rain lately, too, and it has been cooler than normal. But I'm not complaining! I'd take the cooler weather over really hot temperatures any day of the week. The other day I told David it almost felt like fall! Such nice, cool weather.

    Your rhubarb drink sounds delicious and I bet it would be perfect with a little bit of Sprite. Yummy!

  10. Hi Faye:

    Love the new header pictures, very pretty:) Glad to see you got done what was needed to open shop on time!
    I finally made your no knead bread, using all whole wheat flour, and it's great. Hubby wants me to only have that bread for him now. Thank Goodness it's simple to make!

    Take care,

  11. So glad to read of your doings.
    Hugs from down South.

  12. As always you inspire me. Love your photos.
    God Bless

  13. Thank you dear Faye, for sending some very sweet visitors my way, I really appreciate your kind words. It was a pleasure to highlight a blog that is so wonderful in every way.
    Your recipe looks good!
    Have a good weekend.

  14. I definitely want to try the rhubarb drink, also the lemon one. They both look so cool and refreshing. We have had tons of rain here as well. Today, however, promises some sun. Enjoy your day and thanks for sharing the recipes. God bless.