Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Life at the Lakes.. Such a blessed day..

Good Evening everyone.. 

Here is another Monday.. 
My favorite day as I always say.. 
Another week so full of potential..

This week certainly promises that... 

Today was a busy day after our lovely weekend.. 
Doing some pickles and opening the shop. 
I didn't close until after six as folks kept coming in.. smile.. 

To top off a lovely day I had a phone call from a very special family who live in Wisconsin.. 
We so love the Mayo family who have become such friends through our blogs... 
So sweet of you to call, Lori.. 

I promised to share our little day cation with you all.. 
It was called LIFE AT THE LAKES which was in the Cambridge Narrows area of our province.. 

Terry and I arose early.. grin.. 
I made and wrapped up a couple of breakfast sandwiches and coffees and away we went.. 

It was a perfect sunny day.. 
Thank you, Lord.. 

Our first stop when we arrived was to visit the Library and get a flyer locating all of the fun things to do.. 
They had books on sale so we picked up 9 of those for $5.00.. 

Then we stopped here...

I have to admit that this was the highlight of my day.. 
You all know how I love herbs and this sweet couple were so knowledgeable and friendly.. 
The herbs were beautiful...

With culinary beds and medicinal and so many kinds.. 
They knew their stuff and even brought me a bag to keep my stash in that he kept letting me smell.. 
I didn't want to waste a speck.. smile.. 

The first thing I asked was if I could buy a big bunch of basil.. 
Ours did not turn out hardly and it would be hard to get through the Winter without my pesto.. 
He was so kind to go and pick me a bag while she showed us so much more.. 
Her husband came down and invited us to go up to the upper field and view this wonder of nature.. 

A set of twin albino deer.. 
Isn't that awesome? 
It was the first time that Terry and I had saw any like this although I have heard of them.. 

After buying basil, homemade Herbes de Provence and a cookbook
 we headed for the next site.. 

This lovely old house is open to the public for tours and tea.. 
It is the Robinson House and is full of treasures.. 

We enjoyed the tour so much.. 
The house has so many original antiques and wallpapers.. 

Some of them were simply beautiful but this sewing machine vignette was my favorite.. 

And then my sweet husband treated me to this wonderful lunch which was cooked by professional chefs..

Cucumber Sandwich on a Veggie Roll and Creamed Veggie Soup.. 

I had a lovely pot of tea and Terry and I shared a trifle.. yumm!
They had rose vases at each table.. 

Then on to a lavender and hops farm..

Don't you love lavender? 

After we were done there we took a nice long drive back here to the cottage.. 

We went on 3 different  ferries.. 
That was fun.. 
The countryside is simply beautiful.. 
The day was just right in temperature with a nice breeze..
We saw some of my favorite farm animals.. 

Isn't that the dearest thing?
We even ran into several friends enjoying the same day as we did. 
We also stopped at a farmers market and picked up a few goodies.. 
All in all a very wonderful day spent with the man of my dreams.. 
God is so good to us.. 
I am thankful.. 
This morning it was back to normal except breakfast was a wee bit better.. 

Did you ever have this for breakfast? 
Take the top off of the tomato and squeeze out the juice and seeds and then chop it up quite small.. 
Put it in a frying pan with a bit of butter and a drop of olive oil.. 
Saute the tomato and shredded basil a bit and then add a couple of eggs with salt and pepper.. 
Scramble it all up together and serve with a basil leaf on top.. 
So good.. 

Well, dear hearts that is all for tonight.. 
I have a bunch of garlic scapes to pickle in the morning as I did not get them all done today.. 
I need to go to bed so good night all ... 
Thanks for visiting and hope to hear from you.. 
Love and Prayers.. 


  1. Oh what a wonderful day for you two ! Lovely photos . I do like the wonderful photo of you so nice to put a lovely face to this lovely blog ! Thanks so much for sharing . Have a good day !

  2. What a lovely relaxing day. Love your beautiful photo. You are one pretty lady.

    The tomato basil and egg sounds yummy.


  3. Faye....all that is ONE day! And you didn't even look tired....just happy and beautiful!

    1. That's what I was thinking too!!

      Beautiful day!! Beautiful you!

  4. Ahhh Cambridge, one of my most favourite places! Love the old ferries as well:) Loved your pictures as always.

    Blessings and take care,

  5. Your day sounds like so much fun. It sounds so relaxing and peaceful. Love the pictures. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Sounds like a truly beautiful day, love your photos. And the photo of you is gorgeous. xo

  7. Hi FAYE, I can only imagine how delighted you were to visit the herb garden. That would have been my first choice also. So many things to learn from a knowledgeable herbalist!!!!!!! Fun and interesting. I enjoyed all of your pics but the sheep caught my eye today. Healthy.

    Every time I see a new pic of you...I see more beauty. We need to talk about this. LOL

    Enjoy the week, Faye. God bless you and yours,

  8. Hi Faye, your day sounds perfect. I love those days. We try to do them as often as we can. There is just so much to see in our beautiful province.
    Take care

  9. What a charming post! I love the herbs. I usually grew herbs in my terrace. And I also like buying seeds to mix with yougurt like poppy seeds, I've loved antiques and meal too! WONDERFUL.

    Enjoy those marvellous days

    Marina from Jerez ( Spain )

  10. Looks like a lovely day - one I would enjoy too.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing your special day with us Faye! I really love your countryside - quite similar to our own if only we had more sunshine!
    God bless and have a lovely week

  12. Loved this post Faye; a perfect day! Where is the Robinson house? I love touring old homes... I'm still hopeful to get to your shop before you close for the season!

    Cheryl from F'ton

  13. Faye such a beautiful day to share. Everyone would love a day away like that.. Just lovely and not far away either.

  14. Oh Faye you packed a lot into a single day - and it was all just wonderful.
    You took us along and I could just smell all those herbs - so glad you stopped there because 'yes' we all know you love your herbs!!
    What a beautiful picture of you - thanks for sharing that with us!

  15. What a fun and busy day you had, the herb farm sounds wonderful and your recipe does too. I shall make that for breakfast very soon. Hugs, Cindy

  16. Your blog is like taking a respite in one's day.

    Truly lovely.



  17. Such beautiful pictures, especially the one of you! Thanks so much for sharing your day with us. It looks like such fun. God bless.

  18. Oh that just looks lovely Faye. Now I'm wondering where all these special spots were in Cambridge Narrows as they'd make a great day trip for us too. Could you please message me the areas? I'd appreciate it. It's fun to travel on the ferries and explore the back roads. I have some basil growing and might try your recipe with the eggs and tomatoes. Blessings. Pam

  19. This sounds like my kind of day-cation! It sounds like so much fun and the food looks delicious. yum!

  20. What a wonderful day. I love tomatoes and basil so I will definitely be trying this for breakfast tomorrow

  21. Thank you for sharing your lovely day Faye! That recipe sounds delicious, I'll make a note of it. And yes, I love lavender too...I'm hoping to take cuttings from my plants this year and cover the front yard in it...I can imagine the fragrance now :) That herb garden you visited looks amazing (lovely deer too!)
    Love, Carly xx

  22. Sounds like a lovely day! There are so many little places in NB that are nice to visit and not terribly commercialized :) Take me on your next