Thursday, August 29, 2013

Such blessings..

Hello everyone.. 
How are you all doing? 

We have had a couple of lovely days since I last posted.. 
As you know we were excitedly waiting for our grandsons to show up for an overniter.. 

And we were so happy when they arrived.. 
We were waiting for them... 
Gramps had bought them each a huge bag of chips and pop for the evening.. 
We sat around and just enjoyed them for awhile.. 
Then around ten or so the two of us decided it was bedtime.. 

As we lie in bed over their heads it sounded like the downstairs was filled people all trying to talk at the same time.. 
We both were laughing at them as they were enjoying themselves so much.. 
So nice to have cousins that you love, eh? 

They have grown this past year.. 
Some of them are over 6 feet and look down on their grandfather.. grin.  

We told them they could stay up as long as they wanted and they did.. 
Practically all night but that was fine.. 
They are young and can handle it.. smile.. 

The next morning I set the table for breakfast as we waited for them all to get up.. 

A dozen and a half of eggs, a loaf of bread, jam, a pound of bacon, juice, milk and a huge pan of home fries seem to fill their empty tummies.. 

Then they did their thing.. 

Some headed for the beach ... 

And some showed up at the shop and helped me grate up some beeswax... 

Jared had to go to work so they were picked up in the afternoon.. 
We had such a good time..

The boys are just darlings and I am not saying that because I am their Grandma.. 
They just are.. smile.. 

So ... 
Until next Summer I pray that God will continue to bless and keep them safe and happy.. 
That they follow in His footsteps and make Him their priority...
 They will be grown up and these sweet days together will just be memories.. 
Dear memories...
 Thank you, dear Jesus... 

This morning Terry and I made more pickles.. 

Farmer's Pickles.. 
My first try at them so I will let you know how they turn out.. 
Here are the recipes from the last post.. 
Just too much to write.. grin.. 

Please forgive my hen scratching on my books.. 

Today was very windy and cool .. 
Just like Fall.. 
I went out on the stoop and enjoyed the wind and drank this while Supper was cooking..  

Orange juice, sprite and mint... 

Pasta for supper.. 
Delicious if I must say.. smile..

Tomorrow is our precious daughter's birthday.. 

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.. 
Your parents love and appreciate you very much.. 
God has blessed us so and we are thankful.. 

Next Thursday, Friday and Saturday are my closing down sale days.. 
I will get back to that later.. 

Thanks so much for your visit and hope I was not too long and boring.. 

Looking forward to hearing from you sweet girls.. 
Blessings.. xo


  1. Hi Faye. It sounds like your grandsons had a great overnighter at your house. The big country breakfast would be a good reason to come for sure. :) We had a wonderful visit to St. Martins on Sunday and I hope you will pop over and visit to see the 3 blog posts I did about it. It was a perfectly beautiful day. I hope you have a good weekend. Blessings. Pam

  2. Faye, you never write a post that is tooo long for me. I love just what you do. The boys are getting all grown up!!!! I love my grandkids this age, too. So much fun to laugh with and have fun with. All of your pickles are driving me up a wall. I need to get some...I love pickles and I have not canned any in so long! Yours look so good and tasty. Happy Birthday to your darling Shonda. I hope it is a happy one. Look at those caves...maybe someday we will get back there to visit them.

    Bless you and Terry,

  3. Ah never ever too long!
    I so enjoy to read & look!
    Looks like yall had a sweet time with the boys :)
    Cant believe that summer is soon to say farewell for a season......
    How did that happen so quickly?
    I am thinking about you often these days and feel like I am not staying in
    touch real well, sorry. At the days end after dinner dishes are done and yard work complete and everyone showered up....we are bushed and off to bed after bible time! So, not too much time.
    I am in a way looking forward to s-l-o-w-e-r days of maybe not till winter! Ha! Not the snow thou! Smile
    Well, my sweet Mrs. Henry please know that I and we think of you and Mr. H so often and truly look forward to our one day 'meeting' be a blessing-eh?
    Hello & hugs to you all & a very Happy Birthday to your sweet daughter!
    Tell her she looks way too young to have those big boys! :)
    Blessings all around~
    Lori for all xo

  4. Faye .. your never boring and your posts are never to long for me either ! I love seeing and hearing what you two have been up to . I am so glad you had a nice visit with the grand kids ! Thanks for sharing your recipes with us . Lovely photos ! Happy Birthday to Shonda . Have a good Labour day weekend !

  5. P.S Still hot, humid and steamy here in Ontario !

  6. What joy! So good that you were able to enjoy each and everyone of the boys. :) m.

  7. I enjoy your posts so much, they are never boring!
    Happy Birthday to you dear daughter, love the shoe photos, and breakfast sounds wonderful.
    aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh pickles!!

  8. Love having our grandsons visit! They are little but I hope that they will always want to spend time with their old gram and grampa!

  9. Faye, Those Sweet boys are the luckiest grandchildren in the world to have a granma like you.. and so young too.. and so talented. and so thoughtful... yes they are Lucky Boys!

  10. I'm glad you were able to enjoy the boys - handsome too.

  11. What a fun time!!
    Got to love that pile of shoes..

    All those "little feet" walking right behind yours on into the next generation. You and Terry lead well... and are beautiful souls yourselves.

    Love this post~ a lot.

  12. HI Faye:

    Your postings are never too long:) Ahhh it sounds like you had a lovely visit with your boys. One day, God willing and in His time, I also will have grandchildren to spoil rotten...errr I mean to enjoy lol. Hope you have a wonderful long weekend.

    Kim xx

  13. That sounds like such a good time with the grandchildren! You really did have to cook a lot of food for breakfast. I don't think I've ever cooked that much food before in my life haha. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl, Shonda! Hope it's a great one :)

  14. Faye, I could read posts from you all night! Glad you had a wonderful visit with the grandsons. Your pickles look so good. I love that you add carrots to them. Have a good weekend. xo

  15. Grands are always fun to have around :) I smiled when I saw that drinking grandsons have one just like it :) I have never watched that program once,as I don't watch T.V. much at all,but I have heard a lot of good about it....loved your post...blessings friend.

  16. What a nice visit you had with your Grandson's, Faye. It sounds like you all had a yummy breakfast too. Happy Birthday to your daughter. I hope she had a special day. That pasta looks amazing!

    Have a nice Labor Day weekend.