Saturday, November 30, 2013

A busy week..

Good Evening everyone.. 
How are you all doing? 

We have had a rather busy week and I have not been able to post.. 
Sorry about that.. 
But I am back.. smile.. 

We made a little trip across the border for Black Friday.. 
We arrived in Maine around 11 pm and then realized that they are an hour behind us.. 
They were to open at 12 am..
So...we had to wait in the car for an extra hour and I think it was -10 degrees.. 
The line of people waiting for the store to open with lawn chairs and blankets stretched clear across 2 parking lots and more.. 
It blew my mind.. 

We waited until they had all gone in which took about 20 minutes. By the time we went in every cart was gone and the place was packed.. 
It was then that I realized that we had lost our marbles.. grin.. 

To make a long story short we arrived back home by 8 o'clock in the morning and really did not get many things crossed off our Christmas lists.. .. 
I just could not function in that crowd.. 
I told the customs office that it was my first and last Black Friday.. 
He said he had heard that a lot in the last few hours.. 

I guess we will just mark it down to experience.. 
And I want to thank my sweet friend Dawn for encouraging me to try this one.. grin.. 

That night the Keepers of the Home had a little Christmas gathering at one of the girls homes.. 
We had so much fun and a wonderful turnout.. 
Thank you Cindy for having us all.. 
Her house is huge and she had it all decorated and ready for us.. 
We had a Yankee Swap and a Christmas Carol quiz.. 
Such a hoot.. 
The food was wonderful, too... 
Everyone brought something.. 
There was a brushetta bar, forcoccia, dips, crackers and so much more.. 
Here is the link for the bruschetta  bar idea HERE..

There was lots of candlelight so the pics are not very good but you get the gist..

I made lemon pickles and new curtains this week also.. 

We are planning a Christmas Supper for our Keepers and their husbands..
Terry and I have a lot to do.. 
Cleaning, decorating, planning the meal and entertainment.. 

We had lovely company today..
 Dustin helped his Dad hook up a new to us Washer and Dryer.. Our old ones kind of gave up earlier in the week.. 
Veronique helped me make my lists but she is a lot like my hubby by mentioning the short time left to get ready.. 
Several times.. grin.. 
 One advantage of having a party is that hubby gets little jobs done that need to be finished.. 
And I get a lot of chores completed that need finished, too. 
I hope. smile...
We have a good time, too..
The little lads enjoyed Grandma's pasta lunch today.. 
They are growing so much and looking forward to Christmas.. 
Are you?

Thank you dear girls for dropping by and for visiting over to Bevy's blog earlier in the week.. 

I want to welcome you girls who joined this site.. 
Looking forward to getting to know you all.. 

Tomorrow is the Lord's Day.. 
The forecast is for snow but hopefully there will not be much..

Remember, I love your sweet comments and enjoy each one so much.  
Take care my friends.. 
How are your Christmas chores and activities going? 


  1. Our little party last night was lots of fun :)

  2. Hi Faye, I always find it amazing how busy you are and all you seem to accomplish..

  3. I don't do black Friday...way too much chaos :-( but it did get better with your group visiting... enjoy your Sunday Faye :=) m.

  4. Hi Faye, You are so brave to try black Friday in the Sates. I did it one time when one of the boys was living in Boston and we happened to be there. It didn't bother me that much then but I happened to be in town yesterday and could not stand the crowds and traffic so came home again.
    Sounds like you are keeping busy as usual. I have been making felted mittens and finishing my baby quilt. Got our tree today though so my focus will change.
    Good luck with your dinner planning. I know it will be great.

  5. My husband and I did Black Friday 3 years ago. Our first and last one. Best not to repeat.

  6. I did some Black Saturday shopping today and didn't go to the mall even. Will be doing a post of it soon, maybe tonight. I have most of my gifts bought. Bought 2 sets of silverware today for 1/2 off, which was the best deal. Ours of 36 years is getting worn and replaced. Been looking for a good deal but not always a good price! Thankful I got that. I have a Thanksgiving at our house post, so hop over for a visit when you get the chance! Have a blessed Sunday! Now it's off to put a turkey pot pie in oven, that I bought from Trader Joes yesterday, sample was so good I had to buy it! Hugs!

  7. Oh you are a brave one to attempt black friday. Next time your coming over you need to let Julie from OUR LITTLE RED and me know your coming we would love to meet up with you. Not sure if you were up this far for black friday. But I'm sure you weren't from us.

  8. Morning, always enjoy your posts, you are a brave soul going out on Black Friday, Francine.

  9. Good Morning, Faye!

    I've never had the experience of Black Friday shopping. I'd love to try it sometime though. We're just finishing some wallpapering and painting, and then will start decorating in earnest. My bedroom is the only room that's decorated! Most of my Christmas shopping is completed. I still have the stockings to fill. Is it just me, or do you also dread doing the stockings?

    I must get going..time to finish getting ready for church. My husband and I are doing the reading for Advent this week.

    Take care and as always thank you for an inspiring post :)

  10. Good morning Faye - I just finished making curtains for our bedroom....been wanting to get to that for 8 months and finally decided last week was THE week. I'm starting to pull out the Christmas decs now.

    We did Black Friday once and it was crazy....much easier to sit at my computer and CLICK to get the sales.

    Have a great week!

  11. Hello Faye,
    You are very brave to try Black Friday. Not me :-) I have never, ever tried it. I am glad you shared with us, that it is not really worth it.

    We decorated the house for Christmas Friday and the tree Saturday. Our boys are so excited too.

    Have a blessed week.

  12. Hi Faye . Lovely photos ! I retired from retail so staying away from black Friday was good for me I am not much of a shopper in the modern day stores or malls but give me a thrift shop or antique shop then
    that 's a different story lol . Looks like all had a wonderful time at the Keepers Home . I decorate a week before Christmas ! Thanks for sharing ,have a good day !

  13. I to love all your photos.
    And what a funny lil Black Friday story.
    I can't stand the crowds so ai never go out.
    But to tree farm and lil a Christmas cabin.
    It's scary out
    So much fun are you girls.
    Woolie Hugs

  14. no black friday for me......, can't handle the crowds!
    wondering about the preserved lemons, do they taste salty?
    thinking I would like to give them a go if they don't.
    enjoyed your photos.
    hope all your dreams come true!

  15. Hi Faye,wow you are a brave lady to do Black Friday! I can't stand the crowds myself. Started pulling out some Christmas decor today.Have a wonderful week !Christmas blessings,Jen

  16. I don't "do" Black Friday. I would rather pay more for something than deal with the crowds! Some people like the madness - not me! Human nature - no matter what country you are from - is the same - however, Americans don't show our best side on this day!

  17. We had "Black Friday" here in our stores in Winnipeg, an attempt to keep Winnipeg shoppers from crossing the border to shop. There were some great sales, too.
    It looks like you ladies had a really wonderful time, and how fun to get ready for a party!
    Hugs, Cindy

  18. My sweet husband, and our youngest son braved the Black Friday crowds; I did not. The next morning, my sweet husband and I had a breakfast date, and shopped a bit. Amazingly, there were plenty of Black Friday merchandise left over, and we still got the great deals, without fighting the crowds.. ...*yay**!

    No matter what, I know that you and your Terry will have everything ready for your Christmas dinner with your group, and it will be wonderful.

    We are about as ready for Christmas here, as we are going to be.
    The nativity, tree, and a few silver bells are up.

    Have a productive, and warm and cozy week my friend.


  19. Faye, you've been very busy. I've missed this post when it came up and found it under today's. I would never brave a Black Friday in the US or even here. I stayed home. :) How nice that you had a lady cardinal at the feeder! I'm still waiting to see one here. Have a great time of Christmas preparations. Blessings, Pam