Monday, September 22, 2014

The Simple Woman's Daybook...

FOR TODAY September 22... 2014

Outside my kitchen window.. the sun is shining with a bit of rain now and then.. The wind is blowing the sheets on the line.. 

I am thinking .... that tomorrow is the first day of Fall and I need to get myself organized.. 

I am thankful... for all of the blessings of yesterday.... 

In the kitchen... I am thinking of painting my table, chairs and hutch a green color.. 

I am wearing... my typical black skirt and top with a homemade apron with roses on the bottom.. 

I am creating .... new  pages for my kitchen calender for Sept, Oct, Nov and December.. 

I am going to.. the city tomorrow for a town day hopefully... We do this each Fall and Winter and call it our town day.. I love it as we do errands, visit thrift stores and have lunch somewhere.. Sometimes we have time to visit my Mom and her husband or see our youngest son and his family.. 

I am wondering... when we will get back to close the cottage completely... 

I am reading a book on... Immigrant Brides which is based during the years  of 17 and 1800's... 

I am hoping .... to get my Fall decorating started soon.. 

I am looking forward to...  our children all gathering to celebrate their Dad's birthday and what I should take for the meal.. 

I am learning... that I need to cultivate my friendships and keep them lasting as they are such a blessing in my life.. 

Around the house...I am bringing in my plants and starting some new ones, cleaning our cold room and putting away preserves and stocking the freezer for the coming season.. 

I am pondering.... on the pastor's lesson on friendships... 

A favorite quote for today... 
October gave a party.. 
The leaves by hundreds came,
The Ashes, Oaks and Maples, 
The leaves of every name. 
The sunshine spread a carpet, 
And everything was grand, 
Miss Weather led the dancing, 
Professor Wind, the band... 
The sight was like a rainbow
New-fallen from the sky... 
George Cooper..

One of my favorite things..... is a windblown night with the window open and sweet smelling sheets from the line.. 

A few plans for the rest of the week...  are gathering my hydrangeas and placing them in bowls and vases and creating a wreath for my fireplace and beginning a personal Ladies Bible Study.. 

A peek into my day.....

Making Homemade Tomato Zucchini Salsa at the farm on this Fall day..

  Joining Peggy and others sharing our week..
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  1. Love this post and all your doings. Happy Fall to you, Faye. Blessings. Pam

  2. Good thoughts and I liked the poem. Leaves are falling from our heritage birch tree. I swept leaves away from our steps and walk thst goes from house to garage. It will need swept again soon, fall is here and the rain is coming. Thankful for rain since there is a wildfire still burning over a week now. God is in it all and we survive. I should cut rest of my hydrangeas off as well. Never thought of making a wreath from. Have a blessed week,

  3. What a lovely day, the salsa looks delightful.

  4. Very nice!!

    I love that poem... so sweet!! and that of which you call "town day". I can remember friends of mine who had recently moved from the Midwest... to PA. So, they already had different terms in their words... but the one thing that they always referred to (no matter where they were going ... in any form of shopping) was that they were "going to town". That always stuck with me... though, not that I ever started referring my "going out" like that. I could almost... though. It's rare that I get out for a day of "window shopping" or truly shopping, shopping and lunch.... as it is. But, when I do... you could say I "go to town". :)
    Okay... now, I'm rambling.

    Enjoy your day!! (hugs)

  5. I like it! Gives me ideas for a blog post about my day too...thanks.

  6. What a lovely day indeed! :)

  7. Lovely. The zucchini salsa sounds interesting and looks great!
    Visiting from the Simple Woman's Daybook link

  8. I love the sound of your town day! My husband and I have two dates a year, whether we have opportunity for any others or not. They both involve festivals, but they are things we enjoy doing together and look forward to the summer and fall weekends that these festivals take place.

    Your book, Immigrant Brides, sounds very interesting. Thanks for sharing about it.

  9. I’d love to hear more about your calendar – do you have another blog post on it somewhere? I had a day in the city yesterday after attending a funeral in the morning I was able to go thrift store shopping, visit the large Christian bookstore and have a lovely outdoor lunch while reading my new book. 

  10. Oh! I love a windy night with the windows open too! I have a bell buoy wind chime that sounds lovely at night and I love to hear trains in the distance. I think tonight will be one of those. I always sleep so well on those nights too!

  11. That is my kind of day, Faye. We are now home from the Island, as of today. Rather sad to leave the beach but it is time and I have so much to do at home. Have fun on your "town day".

  12. Oh my favorite kind of day too. I just loved this post.
    I loved your quote too.