Friday, September 5, 2014

Home Again... Home Again.. Jigedy Jig.....

Good Evening my dears.. 
Here it is Friday already.. This week just flew by.. 
Last weekend was very busy but fun, too.. 

My little shop was opened for the very last weekend.. 
It is hard to believe that the Summer is past and the shop is finally closed and finished.. 
The pic above is a sweet customer that I met at the shop several years ago.. 
Just one of the dear people who I now call friend.. 
She lived in Toronto when we met but loved St. Martins so much that she bought a home and moved down to the East coast permanently.. 
I loved when she would come in.. 
She was always so full of cheer even though she struggles with MS.. 
Here she is going through an old mason jar of 
She will continue to visit me at the cottage next Summer, though even if the shop is no more, I'm sure.. 

Then on Sunday we once again attended the Art in the Park event.. 
We placed everything on a table...

There were customers there for an hour or two before the music began.. 

It was a wonderful band singing gospel and country.. 
I was surprised that we knew the sweet girl on the piano.. 
We have know her since she was a little girl.. smile.. 

Sold quite a bit of my Pumpkin Spice Potpourri and a few  wax smellies to go in with it.. 
Two ladies wanted the last jar of Rose Powder and decided they would divide it.. smile.. 

But mostly it was pickles.. 
I laughed when several people said they were glad that the pickle lady was back.. grin..
I did a tomato apple chutney which was cooked in my slow cooker and a Sunshine Relish which was cooked in the oven.. 
I will definitely do them again next year, I think..
There were many booths of many different crafts and such.. 

Then on Monday we moved back home..   

It took us all day to pack and drive here and unload everything into the front hall.. 
Oh my... 
It was so good to be home again, though.. 
Even with all the work it takes to do it all.. 
The Sea is wonderful but the place I want to be in September is right here at home.. 

Please say a wee word of prayer for me as I am still struggling with Vertigo.. 
I know it could be worse but being dizzy is not fun.. 
The sad thing about it all is that I look so forward to sleeping once again in our water bed and guess what?.. 
It made me so sick I had to move to the spare room.. 
Isn't that a shame?  smile.. 
This old hippie wantabe is pretty upset but this too shall pass.. 

Yesterday, a friend and I made a trip up the St. John River Road to visit some vegetable stands... 

And today I did up some Amish Schnippled Bean Salad for Winter.. 

You French cut the beans and make a brine for them.. 
Store them in your cold room and in the Winter you take them out and drain them.. 
Place them in a bowl and add a bit of sour cream and a speck of sugar.. 
Our oldest son Trevor used to love this when he was a boy at home.. 
Another way is to add some chopped onion, seasonings and a bit of oil .. 

My sister-in-law gave me my mother-in-law's canner, too this week.. 
I am thrilled with it and am hoping to do a few baskets of peaches tomorrow.. 
I just love this time of year with all of it's busyness, don't you? 

Some ladies were saying that at my age they wouldn't be bothered but I can't imagine not doing this.. 
My mama is 80 and almost everyday she is mixing up a batch of chow or mustard pickles or jam or something.. 
I pray the Lord will bless me with the same kind of ambition when I am her age.. grin.. 

Well, dear ladies that wraps it up for tonight.. 
I am trying to get to visit your blogs and finally catch up.. 
Just a bit more patience, please..  

Sending you love and prayers.. 


  1. Glad you made it safely home. Keeping you in my prayers for your vertigo. I have suffered with that several times and it isn't fun!

  2. I am so glad you made it home safe and sound. And that you had such a blessed summer.
    Enjoy the Autumn at Home~Sweet~Home!

  3. Glad you are safely home to enjoy September. So sorry that you are still suffering from vertigo, I hope it passes quickly. Sounds like your pickles were a huge success. Hope next week finds you feeling better.

  4. thankful you are Home!
    loved the picture of your dining room,
    the light looks amazing in that photo.
    hope the vertigo goes away, never to return.
    blessings in the lovely month of September.

  5. so glad you had a good summer. glad you are home and snuggled in bed, even if it's in another room. Praying the vertigo goes away completely. I canned some peaches this summer. Haven't canned in awhile. My daughter insisted getting more peaches so I told her that she'd have to help me or I wouldn't do it. Well, she cut them up last Sat and I canned them. 12 pints and 5 or 6 quarts total for the year. Am hoping to make some jam soon. Take care!

  6. Hello Faye,
    How lovely to see your post when I came down this morning.
    Oh those pickles, how is wish I could have popped over the sea to the stall to meet you & bring some pickles home. I have never made pickles with brine, I will have to add it on my list.
    Enjoy being back home.
    Fondly Michelle

  7. That is the fun part of being a shop keeper - your customers become friends - that is what I miss the most about not having my shop on the farm. When I do a "barn" sale once in a while - it is fun to see them. I love my home too and understand your being happy to be back home. Looks like a fun show

  8. Oh I would love to buy your canned goodies they all look soo YUMMY ! I hope the Vertigo gets better for you I cant imaging how annoying it must be for you ! Thanks for sharing , Have a wonderful week !

  9. Welcome home, dear Faye! I so agree with you...I couldn't imagine what life would be like without having this busy-ness this time of year! I'm up to my eyeballs in tomatoes presently...and LOVING it! All of your goodies that you sold at the fair looked so pretty, Faye! I will be praying about your vertigo. I have a couple of friends who are plagued with it off and on and I know it is no fun! Rest up, dear.

  10. Rose powder, that sounds lovely. I love the shot of your table with the beautifully canned goodies and the table in your home.

  11. What a lovely table of pickles and such, Faye! I'm glad you got home to your fall nest but sorry to hear about your vertigo. I pray you will get over this soon. I guess a water bed would be a bit too much motion right now! Take care. Blessings. Pam

  12. Welcome home. Your green beans look delicious. Will have to look up the recipe.

  13. The fair looks like it was fun.

    Sorry about your bout of vertigo.... that must be frustrating!
    I had a time with vertigo this pass Spring, and spent my days clinging to walls..... no fun.
    Then, I saw something on the internet on how to cure it. To reset the compass in your head, if you will.
    It worked, and since I've been fine. A lady Dr. figured out how to help people with common vertigo, and I watched it and ta-da, it really worked. Maybe you can find how to cure common vertigo on the internet and hopefully it will help you.

    Take care, and I'm glad you are back home :)

  14. Will be remembering your struggles with vertigo in my prayers Faye. Need to get you back and comfy on your waterbed :) ! Lovely to see you back at home and busy canning up lovely are such an inspiration to me. God bless you lovely lady, Carly xx

  15. Beautiful table full of lovely bounty, Faye.
    I will definitely pray for your vertigo.

  16. Prayers winging their way...
    meanwhile, take yourself to the local pharmacy and look in the supplements section for " Meclizine". My boss takes 1 each day for his vertigo...
    I only take one when the dizziness stops it pretty fast.
    The down side is it makes you sleepy for a while afterward....not too bad :^)
    Blessings to you,

  17. Oh, Faye! You are one busy lady! All this work...truly wonderful and so rewarding. I pray your vertigo goes away soon. I too suffer from it, so I feel your pain. It is definitely NO FUN to feel dizzy all the time.

    Hugs to you dear friend,