Wednesday, September 10, 2014

These September Daze.....

Hello friends... 
Hope you are enjoying your September... 
Such a lovely month of the year and here in the Eastern provinces of Canada we are being blessed with wonderful warm weather even though we have had near frosts.. 
I need to bring in my geraniums soon to keep through the Winter.. 
They do not require much care and provide such cozy warm color all season.. Then I just take them back out and put them on the deck next Summer.. 

The one nice thing about being home again are the few visits we make up to our old farm back in the Kent Hills of New Brunswick.. 

We are quite busy here at home and could not stay long .. Terry mowed the grass and I puttered about in the kitchen.. 

Brought up a sweet old runner and wood basket from my shop... 
I like it there on the harvest table.. 
The little piece of lace on the handle has a donkey on it.. 
I couldn't sell that.. grin.. 

A dear lady gave me a whole box of kale... 
The world's most popular vegetable at this time.. 
So full of nutrients.. 

I froze a bunch.... 

And tried some kale chips... 
They were good although dear hubby was not impressed... 
I will sneak it into Winter soups for sure.. 

After he was finished mowing we went for a little drive.. 
He said he thought it would be nice to see the windmills again.. 

It was a beautiful sunny day at the farm but just a few minutes away up high was a lot of fog.. 
Some of the windmills you could barely see... 
Amazing aren't they?  

I found out why we really went for a drive.. 
Past the windmills my dear husband owns a wee wood lot.. 

I detest going up there because it is way up a winding high hill with barely a road.. 
By the time we got up there and back down I had been calling on the Lord to please get us out of there in one piece... 
I tell you sometimes I think the man has lost a couple of marbles.. 
Then he proceeds to tell me he thinks that he and Dustin will go up and take down a few maples and bring them to the farm.. 

Trust in the Lord with all your strength will be my verse for that day... smile.. 

On the sunnier side of my daze... I mean days are peaches.. 
Lots of them...
Peeled and sliced and mixed with a bit of sugar and frozen for the Winter.. 

To use on Vanilla Cake and Whipped Cream or on some Ice Cream Sundaes or perhaps a Fruit Salad... 
They will taste of Summer.. smile.. 

I imagine I am boring you stiff with all of my preserving and pickling stories but that is what I do this month and I love it... 

I am not complaining so perhaps I am bragging... grin... 
Please forgive me.. 
Here we have another almost 30 pounds of baby cucumbers made into Garlic Dill, Sandwich Dill and Nine Day Sweet Pickles.. 
The tea towel is covering some that are fermenting.. 
They are very healthy for you, you know.. 

Oh and I was blessed to find some more Queen Anne's Lace and made another batch of jelly as I sold it all at the Park sale.. 

I have made a sweet new friend on Blogger.. 
Her name is Michelle and she lives in England.. 
And you girls know how I love anything UK.. 
Well, she gave me a recipe for their type of beet pickles.. 
Over there they call it beetroot and of course we Canadians call them just beets but it is the same veggie.. 
Anyway, I have made a bottle Michelle... 
Thanks for the recipe... smile.. 
Try to go over and give her a wee visit as I am sure you will love her... 
Just click on her name above...

I would like to share a poem that I found on the web that I thought was marvelous as it mentions another thing I love.. 
Mason Jars.. ..
Hope you will like it, too.. 


She gathered walnuts in June
on hot, clear days, when the nuts
were tender enough to pierce with a safety pin.
She soaked them in salt water
and baked them in the sun
until they turned black, wiped them dry,
and filled canning jars with vinegar, brown sugar,
cloves, peppercorns, and cassia buds.
She sealed the jars, carried them down
to the cellar, her knees nearly buckling
beneath the weight of walnuts,
then climbed the stairs back to the kitchen
and made sweet pickled pears
cooked in boiling water, soaked
in vinegar and sugar, cloves and cinnamon.
She pickled nasturtium seeds,
packed them in empty perfume bottles,
drenched them in vinegar —
little capers that impressed her friends
when she sprinkled them on chicken.
She pickled everything —
autumn leaves, peony blossoms,
hair pins, playbills, extra buttons,
letters from her mother —
all of these things preserved,
lined up in clear jars
on warped cellar shelves.
She loved the way the peaches glowed
when she pulled the chain
swinging beneath the light bulb,
loved the neat rows of specimens,
like screws at the hardware store.
On snowy afternoons in late December,
she cut out calendar squares
of days she wanted to save,
dropped them like wishes in a
wide-lipped Mason jar,
drowned them in vinegar,
sealed them in the sweet brine
of remembrance.
by..Cindy Hunter Morgan... 
Thank you, dear hearts for you visit and your comments, of course.. 
Praying that you have the peace of the Lord in your days.. 


  1. With all the canning..(as we call it here in Kentucky) you as have done. You should brag! Boys those pickles look great... I also love pickled beets. Now, Queen Ann's lace jelly...the roadside Queen Ann's Lace? I want to hear more... Your farmhouse table décor looks great.. Have a great week.. Blessings!

  2. Wonderful! :-) I am going to can some potatoes for easy meals. I still have cranberry sauce and grape jelly to make. I love September too. :-)

  3. I tried some kale chips too... they were okay, but not something I will make again. I do enjoy kale in soup and even as an addition to salads.

  4. Some impressive pickles, I love September too getting organised month I call it preparing for the winter months, clearing the garden, bringing outside projects in. Such a beautiful farmhouse kitchen.

  5. HI Faye,

    It is always nice to come by for a visit. I have been using my cell phone internet to stop by for a long while. And haven't been able to leave comments. I sure miss that.

    We have internet and I have a new revamped laptop now so I can comment. :) YAYYYY.

    Mmmmmm the peaches look yummy. I just may freeze some too.

    Have a lovely week. Take care. Janet W

  6. I LOVE all of your canning boring stiff here! :) I think you and I share the same passion, dear heart. I am wondering if you would please share your recipe for Sandwich Dill pickles...and perhaps a picture? Thank you so much for the consideration! xo

  7. Me to love your photos and canning stories ! My mum also called them beets or beetroots depends on her mood lol even though she was a Brit and I love them . I also love home made bread n butter pickles YUMMY ! Mum used to do a lot of canning , pickled eggs , pickled onions , chutneys of all kinds anything that could be canned frozen or preserved she did lol ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. The beetroot looks so pretty, I hope you enjoy them.
    I love reading about your canning so more please. I am a little late getting to see your post, our eldest son graduated yesterday so I didn't touch the laptop.
    I love your kitchen, you have some beautiful vintage cabinets & such a beautiful runner.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Fondly Michelle

  9. Hello Dear canning here this year so I am enjoying all of yours!!!! I wanted to do peaches as Jim loves them but we were just too busy when they were perfect to can. I love all of your pickles. I wonder ...Have you ever made icicle pickles? we love them...I have my grandma's recipe and the whole family loves them. I think after all these years that this is the first time I have seen a picture of the whole farmhouse kitchen! I LOVE IT! So old fashioned , warm and cozy! You and Terry enjoy your times taking little cruises here and there in the mountains.........Great post!


  10. I think you're just wonderful in all you do.Please keep me in your prayers. TY ox

  11. Faye, you never stop. Where do you get your energy? :) I love your old kitchen table and the mix of chairs. I bet that old woodlot will be beautiful in a few weeks with the fall colours. Have a wonderful weekend. Blessings. Pam

  12. I had a little bit of time today so I thought I would pop by and say "hello".
    I thoroughly enjoyed my visit, the poem sounds like it was written about you!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend dear lady.
    Hugs, Cindy