Friday, May 15, 2015

Farm Stay....

Good Evening everyone.. 
Hope you all had a great week.. 

Terry and I went to our old farm for a few days this week.. 

We headed out Monday morning and it was not raining for which we were thankful..  Terry had to take saws and tools and I had my sewing machine and such packed in the back of the truck.. 
We have had this old place for quite a long time and have only stayed overnight once..
We have always come back home each day as it is only a half hour drive.. 

 We decided to stay for a few days and perhaps we  would get more accomplished.. smile.. 
Kind of a small Spring working vacation.. grin.. 

We arrived and unloaded everything, had a cup of coffee and got to work.. 

Terry made the fire and started working on the pantry and I needed to make some new living room curtains.. 
I had a bunch of vintage pleated ones for years and just decided to make over and make do.. 
They required a lot of  pressing but they are good enough.. 
I forgot to take a picture of the finished product but will show you later.. 
We had  a lovely supper.. 

Pasta with a tomato sauce and chicken and Swiss cheese.. 
It rained on and  off all day but after supper Terry wanted to go for a drive.. 

We must be old as we get excited to take a little drive.. grin.. 

We are up in the Kent Hills and this is rural countryside as you can see.. Kinda foggy, too.. 

Albert County is full of brooks and rivers.. 

We ended up in a small place where my Gram was born.. 
She used to walk all the way to school and this was her little church.. 
 My dear Gram and Gramp along with my darling Dad are all resting here.. 
I have 4 sets of grandparents in this cemetery along with a lot of uncles, aunts and cousins... 
I always love having a visit with Dad...sort of.. smile.. 

The views are spectacular.. 
It is called Hillside... 

We had a wonderful sleep that first night.. 
The rain poured and the wind howled and I was a happy camper snuggled up in our Brunswick sheets and comforter.. 
I am a stormy weather girl, as you all know.. smile.. 

The next morning we had breakfast.. 
We forgot to bring bread so I made a couple of loaves.. 

And some cookies in case we had company.. 
Which we did... 
Our farmer neighbour dropped by with a lovely gift of maple products... smile.. 

I had washed some little cloths that needed ironed.. 
One of the notebooks that I love.. 
You know me and my lists.. 
For Supper we had a small roast beef and decided to go for another drive.. 

It was a beautiful evening... 

Lots of wood in those hills.. 
We drove across Caledonia Mountain and in less then half an hour we came out to this.. 
The beautiful Bay of Fundy.. 
The same bay where our cottage in St. Martins is.. 
Just the other end of it.. 

This is a little thing that is going in the pantry.. 
Terry finished one cupboard area and cut down an old dresser but still a lot to do.. 
I hope to incorporate the border somehow.. 
I know borders are not in style right now but this is so typical old pantry that I hope it will look ok.. 

We shall see... 

Anyway, dear hearts that is all I have of pics.. 
I meant to take more in the house but hopefully we will be going again next week for a few days.. 

Now we are back home.. 

Thank you so much for your sweet visit and I love your lovely notes.. I read and appreciate each and every one.. 
I will try to answer any questions in your comments.. 

God bless you this long weekend... 

Our grandsons are all at the Youth Convention that is being hosted in Moncton.. 
It just seems like yesterday when our kids were packing their clothes and away we would go and now it is our grandchildren.. 
Where has the time gone?  smile.. 

Take care, my friends and God bless.. 

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  1. What a lovely time you had at the farm, and I really enjoyed your pictures. All the food looks so delicious, and you set such a nice table. I like the border and hope you find a way that you like to use it. I don't pay much attention to what is popular and use whatever I like.
    Hope your weekend is fabulous!

  2. You accomplished so much! I like "We forgot to bring bread so I made a couple of loaves.." That alone would be an accomplishment for me. :)
    I get excited about taking drive too.

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful time at the farm Faye. Such beautiful country through there. I've never heard of Meadow before. What a pretty name for a community. I hope you have a lovely holiday weekend. Hugs. Pam

  4. A lovely post! How fun to have a farm to visit from time to time! :)

  5. Beautiful!! I so would love your farm house! Thank you for sharing and for the smiles. Blessings

  6. Oh, dear Faye! Reading your post was like taking a wonderfully welcome step back in time to the beauty and simplicity of life in the countryside... I loved every detail of your beautiful pictures and words! You accomplished a lot during your visit to your farm and it looks like you and your husband had a lovely time together enjoying the sights and sounds of the open country...
    Have a beautiful weekend and much love!

  7. I too ask myself, where has the time gone. Such lovely pictures you shared. Things sure are beautiful where you live. Blessings to you and yours dear Faye

  8. I too ask myself, where has the time gone. Such lovely pictures you shared. Things sure are beautiful where you live. Blessings to you and yours dear Faye

  9. What a beautiful area and such a nice stay you had at the farm! Oh that homemade bread looks so delicious. Have a good week.

  10. Oh Faye that border is sooo cute! Who is it made by? I would love to do that in my pantry! You always have the BEST ideas. Angela

    1. Hello dear.. Thanks for dropping by Angela.. I left the border there but will look and see who made it when we go up next week.. Ok? I bought it when I had the shop from the U. S. It was from a craft wholesaler... xo

    2. Oh that is fine. Thank you!

  11. I love seeing all that you have been up too, your bread looks so good & I love your note book.
    I can't wait to see more of your farmhouse.
    Fondly Michelle

  12. I love this post! The meals you prepared looked delicious...The drives were so interesting... A lovely farm and life you have. Looking forward to seeing more of your farmhouse.
    Lori from LL Farm

  13. Faye , you have created a wonderful life! You are inspiring!!

  14. I love that border!
    If I had an old place like that,
    I would go live there and stay there!

  15. Evening Faye, I also love the border so cute. Such beautiful scenery around you, pretty Hillside.. Meals always look so yummy and I adore all your dishes you use.Blessings Francine.

  16. You took us on some beautiful scenic tours that I really enjoyed. The border is stunning, a great addition to your pantry. Your bread looks amazing, I am afraid I cheat and use a breadmaking machine.

  17. What lovely countryside your farmhouse is in! Your photos are lovely.
    I like the border and look forward to seeing how you are going to use it.
    And like mamasmercantile I use a breadmaker as well.


  18. Faye, I just love the scenery in your photos. I can't believe you have the fire on in spring! The last couple of years our springs have started with heatwaves unfortunately whereas they used to be mild. I will have to look up the Bay of Fundy on Google Maps and see exactly where it is. Such fascinating landscapes over there.

  19. How wonderful to be able to get away but not be too far from home, we love to go on rides too, especially to wooded areas or water, we both love that. I think your border looks great, I really don't worry about what is "in" I just do what makes me happy.

  20. Hello Faye...what a lovely little glimpse of your life. The farm looks idyllic, I've so enjoyed reading your post today. Just returned from a very trying shift at work and need to do something to relax as I'm in again tomorrow. Ah the joys of working in mental health. Take care, J. x

  21. I always love your posts and pictures, Faye. It's just such an encouraging place to visit here. I had to laugh at your comment about being a stormy weather girl because the first thing that popped into my head was, "It's a good thing given where you live!" lol

    Have a blessed day!

  22. Hi,
    I think the border will look lovely. :-)
    I loved taking the trip to the farm with you. It is so beautiful.
    Thank you,

  23. Love your visit to the farm, Faye. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Love your border too and looking forward to seeing the finished pantry,

  24. Reminds me of a cute bed and breakfast we visited in the mountain of West Virginia. The pictures look amazingly peaceful. It is like I can smell that bread a million miles away. You two are really lucky to have a place to escape to and be able to enjoy all the beauty that this world has to offer us.

    Heidi Sutton @ Ag Source Magazine