Friday, May 8, 2015

Week of Spring...

Good Evening everyone.. 
Another weekend is here and another week has passed... 

Spring is actually here finally in the Maritime provinces of Canada.. 
So love putting the clothes out on the line and watching them blowing in the brisk spring breezes.. 
The last few days have been pretty windy and the snow is almost gone.. 

As you can see in these favourite views..
I love every time we top this hill and start down.. 

You can still see snow along the edges of the far fields.. 

Terry and I have decided to spend most of next week at our old farm.. 
We usually just go for the day and then come back home that night but we have quite a bit of work to do there and it will be easier if we just stay for a few days.. 

We took a quick run up there late in the afternoon... 

The brook is running fast and the water is high.. 

Terry and Dustin went up the other night fishing but it is still too early and they didn't get any 

We had a great day with both of our boys visiting that day, though... 
Love my children.. 

The farmer plowed up some of our fields... 
There is still a bit of snow higher up but it is practically gone.. 

We had to make lists of building supplies and such that we need to use when we are there.. 
Hopefully, the back porch will mostly get done and some work on the pantry.. We were down to the cottage yesterday and I found 3 rolls of old wallpaper... I want to do the stairwell and it will do until I can find some old French roses type paper.. 
And curtains need to be made and hung and..... 
Never mind.. 
I will take lots of pics and share with you when we get back home.. 
We don't have any internet hookup there .. 
Just a basic phone so I will be missing most of next week, I expect.. smile.. 

Here are a few pics of some Tansy Ointment that I made this week.. 
Tansy grows wild here in New Brunswick and is a very useful herb..

The tansy was infused in the oil last fall.. 
It needed to be strained through cheesecloth.. 

Then added some essential oils, vitamin E and beeswax.. 

The colour is lovely, eh.. 
It is good for Arthritis...
I sold it at my shop last year and a customer loves it and ordered more as he ran out.. 

Then yesterday we took a trip down to our old cottage to see how everything was doing.. 
The last time we were there we could not even get to the end of the street or get in the driveway... 

But now the snow is gone.. smile.. 

Terry did a bit of raking out the flowerbeds.. 


And a few crocuses ... 
So nice to see some flowers, eh?  

And the lovely Bay of Fundy.. 
A long time love of my life.. 
Soon ... we will back for the summer.. 

I was so excited yesterday as walked about and realized that this Summer I will not need to be dealing with the shop.. 
I can just do as I like.. 
Terry is going to make a raised bed so that I can plant a salad garden... 

Then we headed to St. John where I spent a wonderful evening with our daughter celebrating Cherished Memories with a wonderful tea  and enjoyed a favourite lady speaker .. 
Sister Della Lewis Cole... 
She so inspired us to walk closer to the Lord and to realize that He never changes... 
He still answers prayer, He still heals the sick and He still saves the lost.. 
 God's power has not diminished.. He is still the same.. 
I have known Sister Cole since I was a teenager and she never fails to encourage me..

A statement she made.. 
Your influence is contagious... 
Is it worth catching... 
If someone catches it.. is it worth keeping?  
Such words of wisdom to consider.. 
I pray that any influence I have on my children, my friends or neighbours is worth keeping... 

Today, I visited with my Mom..
She had apple pies and fresh home made bread..
She loves to cook.. 
Her present this Mother's Day was cookbooks and roses.. 
Two of her favourite things.. smile
Another gift was a couple of china napkin holders.. 
She thought they were wonderful because she loves to set a nice table for her and my step-father.. 
She said that he enjoys a fancy table and good meal... smile.. 

As I was leaving she gave me a bag with green peppers and grapefruit ..  
You never leave Mom's empty handed.. grin.   

So another week of Spring draws to a close.. 
It was a lovely week full of warm temps, spring winds and lovely outings and sweet company... 
God is good... 
We celebrate Mother's Day on Sunday so have a lovely day, mamas... 
May you enjoy your day with your dear ones... 
God bless... 


  1. Oh Faye, I do love going on a journey with you!
    The photos are wonderful, the salve looks so great.
    Hope it really helps your customer!
    That stream is beautiful, and the pretty and daffs were waiting at the cottage.
    I would not be surprised if you don't have several former customers approach you
    for more shop items, this summer, even if you did retire.
    Hope you enjoy the old house stay, and the work gets done.
    Have a beautiful Mother's Day!

  2. Faye, your pictures are so beautiful! I can almost hear the water in your brook rushing by. And the sky is so lovely! Thank you so much for sharing it all with us.

  3. Faye, beautiful pictures, and a lovely Mother's Day sentiment! I hope you have a wonderful one!

  4. The tansy ointment looks very interesting!! Leaern something new every day :)
    Have a great weekend!

  5. Happy mother's day to you as well and have an enjoyable, if busy, time at the farm.


  6. You have managed to capture some real beauty in all of your photos, they are such a joy to look at. I was intrigued by the tansy ointment I have never come across that before. Hope you have a wonderful mothers day and are able to spend time with your family. Mothers day in the UK is March.

  7. I so want to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day before you leave for the farm. May it be a blessed day for you. You deserve goodness and mercy on your special day. I could say so much about this post,,,,,so many interesting things that I enjoy! But I must get off to bed. I can only imagine how it will be staying at the farm for a week. Fun! And later to the Bay of Fundy! Happy for you and

    Peace and health to you both!!!!


  8. I am so pleased Spring has come to your area & you have your washing out.
    Another beautiful post, I do love seeing your updates.
    Fondly Michelle

  9. Morning Faye, always such pretty pictures, love the flowers in bloom. Touching sentiment, Happy Mothers Day wishes,Blessings Francine.

  10. Dearest Faye...Oh, your blog is such a beautiful, peaceful place to come and be refreshed! I love the words of wisdom you shared from Sister Cole - very thought provoking and true!
    How lovely you are going to stay on your farm for a enjoy! Praying the Lord will bless you with a special time and a blessed Mother's Day too!
    Your mother sounds like such a sweet person with a very generous heart...
    Ooh! Tansy! I have always wanted to grow this herb for its fantastic uses in the garden...I read that it repels cutworm so you can sprinle leaves around seed potatoes...certainly worth a try as, dear me! We get ever so many horrid cutworm here in South Africa!
    Such lovely looks like you live in a beautiful area! Isn't blogging splendid? We can take a peek into another dear person's life and be refreshed and inspired...*happy sigh*...
    Much love and hugs to you!

  11. Such lovely pictures! So glad that spring has found its way to you. My family history goes back to New Brunswick so I always enjoy reading about your part of God's earth. It is beautiful! Happy Mother's Day to you!

  12. Faye what lovely pictures! I smiled when I read that you never leave your Mom's empty Mom seems to always have something to send home with me ;-) Happy Mother's Day!
    Lori from LL Farm

  13. Happy Mother's Day Faye! Always look forward to each new post!
    Cheryl from F'ton

  14. Wow it sounds like you had a very full week, and to see your children too, that just complete's it :) Gorgeous pictures along the way and must be nice to have the snow almost gone. Have a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow!!

  15. Hello dearest Faye! When I visit you I feel like I'm sitting right next to you as you share about your days...your blog is truly a lovely place to come :)

    Isn't it a joy to see the snow disappear and signs of spring begin to pop up. And oh, the joy of hanging clothes on the I love that!

    May you have a beautiful and blessed Mother's day. Love and hugs!

  16. Hello, this is Michelle over at Grammie Time. You visited my blog today on Why I Get A Massage and I just wanted to answer your question in case you don't visit the site back to see my answer. No, it didn't matter to me if they were a believer because it is a professional service. With that said, I've been with my massage therapist for over 5 years and we talk about our faith all the time. We've established that relationship with each other and I just love her. She is a single mother so I feel like I help in her efforts to take care of her family. Anyways, I hope that answers your question. Happy Mother's Day! Thank you for visiting.

  17. Hi,
    I always enjoy your posts. You just brighten my day and remind me to lean on our Lord.

    I think it so sweet your mom always gives you something to take with you.
    xx oo
    Happy Mother's Day,

  18. Such lovely pictures, Faye! I love the beautiful rolling landscape where you live. We use a lot of herbs, but I've never made a tansy ointment. That's very interesting, I'll be on the lookout for it in the pasture. I hope you're enjoying yourself at the farm. :)

  19. I love that first photo of the laundry in the breeze, Faye. It must smell so fresh and clean.

  20. Mrs. Faye, I also love seeing clothes blowing in the breeze. I think it is such a peaceful sight. I know you all are glad to see the ground and the flowers popping up out of it. You asked what I had planted in the raised bed-we call it our early bed but I liked the wording you used in your post-it is a salad bed really. We have salad peas, spinach, chard, mixed salad greens, kale, lettuce, green onions and cabbage. The cabbage will later be moved to another spot. This is my first time trying to raise cabbage from seed. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  21. What a wonderful post, filled with wonderful things.... laundry hanging on the line, spring flowers, tansy balm, and beautiful scenery at every turn.
    Thanks for sharing your world.
    Looking forward to seeing the projects that you get done at the cottage.
    It will be a nice summer... not having to worry about the shop :)

    Smiles :)

  22. I am a bit late with my comments but I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day, Faye. I can tell you are excited by the start of your spring weather. What a wonderful time it must be for you over there.

  23. Hello Faye,
    I too am Late with Mother's Day Greetings
    I'm hope you had a Lovely Day.
    My Boys live close by so every day is Mother's Day
    for me ... I am Blessed.
    Love all your photos, & your Sweet words.
    Made me Smile when I read what your Mom said ...
    " he enjoys a fancy table and good meal" .. as
    does my hubby ....
    EnJoy your Spring Weather.
    Blessings & Hugs ~~ Connie xox

  24. Faye, I hope you're having a great week at the farm this week. It's pretty cold and windy here today - feels like March - after a nice calm 2 days. And hopefully the long weekend will be nice too. I enjoyed your photos of the countryside and St. Martins. Beautiful spots! Take care. Blessings. Pam