Friday, May 22, 2015

Another Farm Stay.. ...

Hello ... 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth .. 

Terry and I spent a few more days at the farm this week and had a great time.. 
The weather was good except one day when it rained.. 
It didn't really matter as he was working inside on the pantry... 

It is coming along fine although it is taking longer then we thought, of course.. 
It seems whenever one does this type of work it takes longer and costs more then you thought it would.. 

I am going to hang a curtain there and he is has the boards cut for another shelf midway... 
I love the old dresser .. 
The drawers will come in handy.. 

We found an old porcelain sink at the end of someone's drive a few years ago and he is planning on hooking it up.. 
I will love that.. 

Above will be open shelves which I will paint eventually but for now they will be stained...
The border that I showed last post is going where the pots are going to be hanging.. I think... 
And so on... smile.. 

Next week is tax week... ugh.... 
On with the story.. 
I did a bit of baking.. 

No knead bread... of course... 
I did do a bit of kneading this winter but must say that this one loaf is sufficient for the two of us.. 
I love making the two small loaves and adding different flours, seeds, herbs, cheese and such... 

While Terry worked on the pantry I housecleaned the livingroom.. 

It is not very fancy as you can see.. 
Just full of left over furniture and such.. 

The two old chairs there need new backs which I had hoped to do but forgot to take some padding so that is a job for another day.. 

One meal we had is a fave of Terry's and I think I have mentioned it before on here.. 

My version of Bubble and Squeak which is an English dish, I believe.. 
I just start with a bit of bacon... 
Let it cook up a little and add sliced onion, green pepper and sliced raw potatoes.. Sometimes I just use leftover ones.. 
Then a bunch of thinly sliced cabbage... 
Let it all cook up with salt and pepper.. 
At the end I add herbs .. 
Whatever I happen to have.. 
This day was cilantro and lemon juice...

After the busy day we went for a little drive.. again..

You know how I detest this type of road... 
Scares me half to death but this one was not muddy but hard ruts in a short side road.. 
What a surprise for at the end was the dearest house with a large sign which I think said Prosser House and the year of 1800 something.. I forget the year.. 
It was way up a side of the mountain .. 
Terry would not let me take a picture and hardly gave me time to look at it as the road ended at their driveway so he just backed up and turned around.. Just respecting their privacy, I know but I am the curious type as you know.. 

I just cannot imagine living there in the old days... 

Then we went on another side road which had a bridge over this stream.. 
It also ended at their driveway but I noticed they had lovely garden with huge rhubarb... 
We once again backed up and turned around .. grin.. 

We noticed this partridge on a rock.. Quite a large one.. 
Did you ever have Partridge Stew?   

One of our breakfasts... 
Scrambled eggs, home made bread toast, orange juice, coffee and 
French apple and rhubarb jam..

Terry took the four wheeler up there so he could get some wood.. 
We had a small fire each morning but that was all.. 
The wood will be dried out for Fall.. 

Little jobs like cleaning shelves and such.. 

It is just an old farmhouse... 

We did enjoy this cake... 

Brown Sugar Pound Cake.. 
It is late tonight and my friend Dawn will be disappointed but I will post the recipe next time.. 

Just a few little pics of this and that.. 
I will try and take more next time.. 
I hope we can get a few more days before cottage season starts.. 

He is a hard working man... smile.. 

Another salad... 
I love salads almost as much as I love soups.. 
Do you?  
We still eat soup all summer but more substantial salads then we have during the Winter...

We are back home and there is lots to do here, too.. 
A very busy time of year for everyone.. 

Tomorrow is clean up day for our dear little church .. 
We had a great time last year working away with everyone.. 
I hope to get up early and make a batch of rhubarb muffins.. 

I have to make a batch of jam and Trevor got me a bunch of fiddleheads which will need to be pickled.. 

Dandelions are out and violets .. 
So salves, soaps and such will need to be done soon along with taxes... 
Oh.. I wonder where I put my paper bag... lol.. 
No, really I love the busyness and such.. 
If I could just get my Winter clothes put away now.. grin.. 

Thanks for your sweet visit, my friends and your comments are much appreciated and enjoyed.. 

God bless..

Link HERE for stay number one at the farm... 


  1. Love these little trips that you take us on. A beautiful life!

  2. Faye....another wonderful post! Love the first picture with the farm house and the hills and barn etc...I always wish I could step back in time and see the day in a many of these older places are empty or non existent anymore; you sure have a lot of energy, looking after 3 houses....I suspect its a labor of love :) and all the cooking and preserving and crafts etc you do.... good for you! your food always looks so delicious! I'm like you....I would have wanted to see and maybe explore the house on the side of the mountain...makes you wonder how people survived back in those times living in such remote places with none of the conveniences we have today. I always look forward to each new post...dont change a thing! Take care.
    Cheryl from F'ton

  3. This just made my day today, Faye! I have taken a bit of a blogging break, we got a new puppy this week and it has been chaotic! Thanks for posting! xoxo

  4. You certainly have a busy full life, always on the go. I am a great fan of bubble and squeak I pre cut extra potatoes and cabbage one day to have the dish the next day with cold cuts and pickle. Have a great weekend.

  5. I can just imagine a few days in your delightful farmhouse. It must be such a joy.

  6. I love your cozy farmhouse Faye, so inviting and cozy. Love the shelf with a the old old treasures hanging, looks great. Also the old farm books, so neat. Always make my mouth weather with your meals, yum yum. Blessings Francine.

  7. I am moving in! (giggles and smiles)--breathtaking beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Just plum lovely. Blessings

  8. I love your old farmhouse and all the great collectibles you've gathered to enjoy in it. It looks like you both enjoy getting out there and working around the place. When one sees an old house way out in the middle of nowhere one has to wonder what brought them there hundreds of years ago eh? Perhaps there were other families and homes nearby at the time but they've fallen down. It must have been a lonely life. I wonder what they'd think of our world today. We had wet snow here this morning. Brr. Enjoy the weekend. Blessings. Pam

  9. Your blog is a sweet delight--been following for months, but am a hanger back when it comes to posting. Love your homey & humble writing and for sure your beautiful photos. I echo Cherylo in regard to your jaunts and finding old homes & barns and the itch to explore. May God continue to bless your life.

  10. Wow, your farm scene photo is perfectly idyllic. I love country living. That road looks positively frightful though. I've heard of bubble and squeak, but I've never eaten it. Love the name. Have a wonderful week!

  11. What a delight seeing the pictures of your farm and the mouth watering food! Every time I read your blog I am reminded about this woman I knew a very long time ago, you truly remind me of her. Thank you!!! You bring back wonderful memories and woman you are gifted at cooking, decorating, writing, and taking pictures, and I am sure even more ways. God Bless You always.

  12. I always enjoy your visits to the farm.
    I like that you took a photo of the road. It would be fun to find out more about the house and the family.
    Thank you for sharing.

  13. I saw the picture of the house and barn and I said - "Oh, Goody, we are going to the farm!" I love it when you take the trip to the farm and now you are staying a few days once in a while. Before I say anything else.....I must not forget to mention your delightful looking potato salad. My Grandmother and Mother could make the best salad and it looked just like yours. I thought of them when I saw the picture!!!! The house looks wonderful ...all cozy and easy to relax in. Hope you get to go back before going to the cottage for the summer. Not much news here...same old...same old! Oh, veggie garden is in today!!!!!


  14. Your farmhouse looks like such a fun get away place, I love all your furnishings, feels very homey! I agree on this being such a busy time of year, so much to get caught up on now that we can spend more time outdoors and everything is growing so quickly :) Have a great week!

  15. It looks and sounds as though you have had some great times! The red plates that you showed the border of are the same as my giant teacup! We also have a large platter in the same pattern but a different colourway. Hope you have a good week! xx

  16. I loved seeing photo's of your farmhouse & seeing all your lovely vintage items & all your baked goods. The cake looks wonderful with the icing.
    Sorry I am late in seeing your post, I have been quite ill.
    Fondly Michelle

  17. I love it when you post from the farm....I get to see the Canadian cousins of my red and white dishes!! Those same dishes are our everyday dishes....wayyyyyy down here in Texas....... :^)
    I probably gained 11 1/2 pounds just admiring your good food today!
    Be blessed,