Friday, June 19, 2015

Cottage Days and Graduations....

Good Evening my dears.. 
Here we are another weekend already.. 

We have been as busy as everyone else... smile..
Graduation celebrations , going to the cottage for a couple of days and then back home again.. 
It takes us a couple of weeks really to settle in there .. 
Trips back and forth but finally it will be done and Summer will really begin... smile.. 

I thought I would post a few pics for you of our few days at the cottage.. 
It was so nice to get there ..
We were quite late this year as we have been spending time at the farm but it feels good to be there again.. 

It was raining the day we arrived and Terry turned all the heat up to get the dampness out of the old house.. 
Then I put on the electric blanket to warm up the bed but we had brought fresh bedding from home so it was nice and snug.. 

It was a beautiful morning the next day and the Bay was lovely and blue... 
Our forget-me-nots were all in bloom along with the lilacs... 
The rhubarb is thriving.. 

Everything blooms about 2 weeks later by the Bay then here at home for some reason.. 
Our lilacs here are about gone but just blooming there.. smile. 

White and purple... 

We had salad for one meal ...

The salad dressing was made with some blackberry vinegar that I had made last Summer... 

Terry picked me a lovely large bouquet of lilacs and I set them around and about.. 
We love salad any time of year but it tastes better this time of year, eh? 

Just a few pics here for you from around the old place.. 

How do you like my old telephone?  
Actually, it is Terry's .. 
He collects them, sort of.. smile.. 

In the evening...

As you can see this is a very old place and as we only use it in the Summer it does not get all the attention that it should have, I guess... 
We love it just as it is,

Last night we attended our oldest grandson's graduation... 
This is a photo I took of our son and his lovely wife waiting for their son to get his diploma..  

It seems like yesterday when we were sitting and waiting for him to receive his....  

We pray that God will bless and protect this dear lad,, 

Here is another picture..
 Our second oldest grandson, Matt.. 
Taking his sweet girl to her graduation prom.. 
This is kind of dear because she is one of my oldest friend's grand-daughter...
They look so sweet... and young... smile..  

Thanking God for His goodness this lovely week.. 

Take care, dear hearts and thanks so much for your visit and comments.. 
I appreciate you all... 


  1. I enjoy seeing your cottage by the sea and hearing of what it's like there. I know it can be cool and windy there at times and how you enjoy that in the summer's heat. Sweet photos of your grandsons. Have a lovely weekend Faye. Hugs. Pam

  2. I love seeing the cottage photos, they are lovely.
    Blessings to your young men and all the other family members as well.
    It must be so much more relaxing this year without the sjop, but of course, a bit of sadness as well.
    But changes can bring us such joy, if we open our hearts to embrace it.
    I hope you have a wonderful summer by the sea.

  3. Lovely photos of the cottage and especially nice ones of your grandsons.


  4. Faye, I love the photos of your cottage so keep them coming. It actually looks a lot like our house which is also old. It is so nice to see photos of how people live on the other side of the world.

  5. It is looking so very spring like at your pretty cottage. It is so refreshing to look at photos of your beautiful garden and see God's beauty all around. Spring reminds me of new beginnings, a time to embrace a new season, and bathe in the glorious warmth and sunshine after a cold winter.

    You have a beautiful family Faye, and are indeed very blessed.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend,


  6. Ohhhhh how lovely, Faye. Congratulations to your grandson. Thank you for sharing pictures. Blessings

  7. Oh Faye, what a lovely place you have :) and what joy to see your grandson be a step closer to his dream. You look lovely by the way :)

  8. What a lovely lovely blog, your pictures are beautiful! Congratulations on your grandsons graduation :)

  9. Congratulations to your grandson! Very nice pictures! I love all your old cups. So nice. God bless.

  10. Congratulations to your grandson! I hope that you have a wonderful summer! xx

  11. Sweet photos...filled with love!
    Have a blessed weekend.

  12. Hello Faye! It sounds like you're having a great time on the farm. It looks so comfy there. And I love your pink glass plate on the shelf - very pretty. Happy trails.

  13. The cottage looks wonderful and so homey. That is so neat you get to enjoy the lilacs at home and there. You have been busy but I bet the family time is much cherished!

  14. Morning, congrats to your Grandson Faye...lovely pictures as always, I adore the long kitty picture and tea cups.Blessings Francine.

  15. Such a delight to have a look around your beautiful cottage. I love the old tricycle in the garden such a beautiful feature. Congratulations to your wonderful grandson.

  16. Looks lovely...when can I come visit! Take care, Jackie. x

  17. I love your cottage photos. Your two chairs by the window look so inviting... a great place to sit with a cup of tea and read....

  18. Dear Faye,

    I do so enjoy all of your pictures because they capture the warmth of your home and family in them. I am always inspired by something you've said or pictured...makes me want to press on a bit more. One day I need to send you a picture of how your post on the "coffee center" inspired me here at home. Congratulations to your grandson on his graduation. xo

  19. Your cottage by the Bay looks so inviting. I'd love to drink from one of those lovely tea cups. Thanks for sharing your days with us. We have a ways to go til our grandchildren graduate. Oldest is 7. I enjoy them so! Have a blessed week!

  20. I love your collection of tea cups, Faye! Beautiful. Congratulations to your grandson. :-)

  21. congrats on the graduations and a lovely photo of your grandson and his date :) love this time of year!

  22. Hi Faye
    Your cottage is the most beautiful place to go and relax - wish we all had a place like that. So cozy.
    Beautiful family Faye - and the young couple are darling.

  23. Your cottage is so pretty Faye, I love forget me nots, ours are just about finished so I will cut them back to get another flowering. I love seeing Hollie Hobby, the twins have two little one's sent to them from Friends in America.
    Congratulations to your Grandson, it is wonderful to see the photo's with all his life in front of him, childhood goes so fast.
    Fondly Michelle

  24. Your family is beautiful Faye! I am so happy I found you. Because of you I am getting better at praying more often and learning to pray better. I know prayers do work but you opened my eyes to say thank you to Him more often!
    I am also collecting more canning jars and getting back to pickling and jam making.....thank you so much for helping to get me back on track more than you will ever know!

  25. I absolutely love the Holly Bobbie pillow. My grandmother had a doll of her and it brings back fond memories!

  26. Enjoyed all of the photos, your summer home is so warm and inviting! Absolutely beautiful!
    Congratulations on all the graduations, time really passes swiftly!
    Thank you for visiting,