Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Days of June and our Grandson...

Good Evening everyone.. 
Hope you are all enjoying these lovely June days.. 
They are so fleeting, aren't they?  
We took a little trip last weekend and I snapped a few pics of Grand Lake and the St. John River... 

The colours this time of year are beyond beautiful.. 
Green is my favourite colour and there are so many different hues in just this one photo, eh? 

A few quaint looking buildings, too.. 

This is the old bridge as they have built a new one... 

I love taking these drives and looking at everyone's gardens and such.. 
Do you?? 

I have my Kitchen Aide fixed so today I made a few banana breads for hubby.. 

Our oldest grandson is graduating this year !!
He is a such a great guy and not because he is our grandson but he really is.. 

He excels at whatever he puts his mind to and has had some wonderful experiences this past year.. 
He attended a week of Confederation meetings in Charlottetown,
P.E.I.. and loved it all.. 

He  was selected to join the Student Legislature in our capital city of N. B. and was voted in by the students to be Premier for the weekend.. 

This past weekend he was chosen to represent New Brunswick at the 2015 Youth Ambassador Caucus in Ottawa.. 
Jared at the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa..

And then in July he is headed for China to represent our province as a member of the Junior Team Canada with Global Vision on a trade mission.. 
We are very proud of our grandson.. 

His accomplishments will always amaze us and gladden our hearts. 
We are sure that God will have his hand on his life and he will  have blessings that may take him all over the world.. 
And that would be awesome ...

But our one ambition for our grandson is that he be a man after God's own heart.. 
Then everything else can follow... 

I know I sound like a typical grandma and I am...  
But mostly I am a thankful Grandma... 
To be blessed with all of our grandsons is something that I thank God for every day.. 

Thanks once again for visiting today.. 

I promise not to go on about my grandsons until the next one graduates.. grin.. 

I do not often talk about our family but they only graduate from high school once.. smile..

Take care, dear hearts.. 


  1. Congratulations to your grandson Faye :0) What joy to see Our Lord working in our young people's heart :D mari

  2. Beautiful photos...I hope to see your lovely spot in the world one day. Your grandson is a wonderful young man and a blessing to your heart. He gives us hope that the future generation will have strong leaders and godly role models.
    Blessings from Shirley in Virginia

  3. How I loved seeing the pictures of the St. John River... so many wonderful memories of drives along that river... and yes, oh yes, the green colors, so beautiful! What yummy banana bread you made... and oh the amazing accomplishments of your grandson, praying that indeed the Lord will guide and bless His life, and let his light shine among the politicians of the world - so exciting!!!! Enjoy the graduation, and all that involves... much love and hugs to you :)

  4. I would say you have every right to be proud of your grandson. Your wish for him is the best!
    The parliament building is gorgeous!

  5. Congrats! What a handsome and talented young man!

  6. What a looker! And the gifts God has placed in your grandson, may they be used for His glory!



  7. Beautiful scenes to share and congratulations to your grandson on his graduation and in all he as achieved.


  8. Congratulations to all that your wonderful grandson has achieved, you are certainly blessed.

  9. Hello Faye! You are so amazing and such an inspiration! I love your blog! I also have a blog but I'm very new at it. I see you love primitive as much as I do. My house is totally primitive! I love your crafts!!! I am planning a visit to your shop this summer, God willing.
    My blog is I do not promote or sell anything on there but I like showing and teaching people crafty things. My life is similar to yours in that department!

    May God continue to bless you and your family

  10. How wonderful!! And, your love consistently shines through in everything you do and share on here!! It's beautiful.

  11. Congratulations & Many Blessings for your,
    Handsome & Accomplished Grandson.
    Much for you & your Family to be Proud of.
    And I think we earned the right to Brag about
    our Grands anytime we feel the need. :)
    Love all your photos Faye & the Bread looks
    yummy, I can almost smell it here in CT.
    Blessings & Hugs ~ Connie xox

  12. Congratulations to your grandson and your whole family! You are more than entitled to be a proud grandma - I am proud of him too! how very exciting! I too, love to peek in gardens, and daydream about houses and who lives there and the stories the walls could tell if they could talk. Thanks for this post!

  13. Well done to your handsome grandson!

  14. Enjoy your blog and love your photos and recipes particularly. I know Banana Bread recipes are everywhere, but yours looks very good. Please would you share the recipe?

  15. Your grandson is a very handsome young man with a bright future ahead. Love old barns and that banana bread looks delicious

  16. Sending congratulations to Jared. He's an outstanding young man!

    Beautiful pictures, as always I love to see your little corner of the world :)
    How nice that your mixer if fixed and you are able to whip up delicious baked goods for your family and husband.

    Have a nice weekend.


  17. Hi Faye, I hope you never stop talking abut your grandson!!!!! They deserve wonderful words from their Grandmother and I love hearing it! Oh, how proud you must be!

    I love your photos and find them to be very interesting.

    Congratulations to Jared!!!!!!


  18. Congrats to your grandson and his parents, too. Great photos as always.

  19. Hello sweet Faye! Congratulations to your grandson - how wonderful and exciting for him! :) May you have a beautiful weekend. Hugs!

  20. Congratulations to your grandson for all his achievements. Glad your mixer is fixed, looks as though it is working well! I love green at this time of year and combined with blue sky and water what could be better!! xx

  21. You certainly have plenty to be proud of in your grandson, Faye. Congratulations to him for all of his all takes work. Glad to know that your mixer is your hubby is, too. ~wink~ Your pictures were amazing, Faye. Thanks so much for sharing them, friend. xo

  22. HI Faye! Thank you for visiting my blog and following! So of course I had to visit you too and am so very glad that I did!! I love your photos! I love just heading out on a drive to no where particular and take in the views. Old country stores, old churches, beautiful scenery, people going about their day, the gardens, the foods......all fun to see these wonderful things. I am a "sit on a bench and watch people" kind of gal too...... LOL! Is that a bad thing? Congratulations to your wonderful grandson and wishing him a very bright future! I know you are beaming with pride and thanks!

  23. I think it's perfectly okay to brag on our children and grandchildren. I don't think we do it enough really. Love the pictures. Congratulations to your grandson.

  24. That's awesome Faye. So blessed, I agree after following God, the rest are fringe benefits...

  25. Congratulations to your Grandson, it is lovely to read all about him, you are so proud of him.
    Lovely photo's, have you ever gone to PEI, I would love to go.
    Fondly Michelle

  26. A big Congrats to Jared, he sounds like he has a wonderful future ahead of him, sounds very exciting and I can see how you are happy for him and a proud Grandma!!

  27. Congratulations to Jared. He does sound like a true Godly young man. I will be praying for him to be strong in his faith as he travels.
    Thank you for sharing. And I agree, I can see how you can be proud of such a wonderful young man. He is ready to make a difference for our Lord.
    Thank you for sharing,

  28. Beautiful pictures and a "grand" looking young man!!!!!!
    You are right to be proud and to let him know that!
    Congratulations to him from Texas.
    Blessings to all of you,

  29. Congratulations to Jared on his high school graduation and his accomplishments. May he keep his eyes on Jesus and walk the path the He leads him into. My grandson is still so young but he is so adorable. My dau-in-law sent photos of their camping trip. aw, Owen is so cute and so is his sis, Melody. Fun to watch them grow....oh too fast! The banana bread looks delicious. Wish I could just pop through the laptop screen into your kitchen for a slice of bread. I'd bring the tea! God bless and have a blessed week!!

  30. Good morning Faye - such a lovely post.
    As always I love taking a tour of your beautiful country...makes me dream a little. Like a mini cyber vacation! By the way - I did a couple Pinterest clicks of the old barns if you don't mine, if so I'll remove them.
    And a HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to your grandson...why, I even feel proud of him!!!
    Thank you for sharing this with us and I wish him all the best.


  31. Congrats to your grandson Faye!!!

  32. Congrats to your grandson Faye!!!