Monday, May 15, 2017

Going to bed...


Don't you simply love going to bed.. To curl up warmly in a nice warm bed, in the lovely darkness, that is so restful and then gradually drift away into sleep ----C. S. Lewis


  1. Yup nothing like snuggling down for the night and this time of year with windows open listening to the peepers and crickets and in the morning all the birdies it is wonderful . Hope you are having nice weather like we are here in southwestern Ontario . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  2. Hi Faye....Sleep has always been difficult for me but I do love to snuggle down in our white clean sheets that have been dried outside. The smell is so wonderful....that alone should put you to rest!!!!!

  3. Headed to my bed now, way too late but so ready for rest!��

  4. Yes!I love my bed, especially when the sheets are fresh on, smelling of lavender.

  5. Not a night owl, and I dislike bedtime, however I love a well made bed :)
    We buy soft sheets that remind me of the old percale sheets I had when I was a kid.
    I love snuggling down in those sheets, and they are so cozy.
    So I guess, when it's time for bed, I do love a cozy and snug bed... **smile**.


  6. Yes, yes! A little lavender oil in the diffuser, a fluffy pillow and you feel so blessed! :)