Thursday, May 18, 2017

Farm Journal 1

Hello there.. 
Thanks for dropping by today..
Hope all is well in your part of the world.. 
Summer is on it's way here and  we have decided to spend our second summer at our old farm up in the Kent Hills.. 

The dear old cottage in St. Martins will only be visited occasionally as we are again going to raise a few animals and have a bit more garden then last summer.. 

When I blogged about the farm stay last year,  I called it Farm Diaries so this year I am changing it up a bit and calling it Farm Journal... 

Here is my first farm journal for 2017.. 

The pic above was taken on the way to the farm .. 
Spring has arrived here in Eastern Canada and it makes us all so happy.. 
One of the first sweet sign is of these flowers.. 
Some call them Dog Tooth Violets but my Mom called them Adder's Tongues .. 
Love them whatever they are called.. 

Then a little hall decked out in Choke Cherry Blossoms.. 

As I posted last time my first day at the farm consisted of washing cupboards and dishes ... 

Well, this day I only had a few more to do and then we had lunch..

Tried out this new salad dressing and it was excellent.. 
You could change up the vinegar and oils to suit your taste.. 
I used cider vinegar and canola oil.. 
Very simple and very easy.. 

We try sometimes to eat our bigger meal at lunch and then just a light supper.. 
So as Terry had left chicken in the fridge I decided to coat the legs with a Montreal Chicken Spice and a few oven fries baked in the oven all at the same time.. 

And lemon juice.. 
T'was good.. 

Terry decided he had to do his start of the season ritual by scaring me to death.. (as usual).. 
I went out on the stoop to call on the Lord to please protect him one more time.. 

Charlie kept me company... 

Terry was sure he had a belt there at the farm for climbing the flag pole but forgot he had brought it home to cut down the pine tree.. 
Remember?  sigh.. 

Well, even though he did not have one.. 
Up he went.. 
No belt and the old flag stuck on the metal pole .. 
So he is up there yanking and trying to get it off.. 
Letting go of the pole and trying to get this long metal pole down and it spiralling way out..
It is a long way up there as you can tell by the barn roof..  
Oh Lord!  
I was so scared! 
Why anyone needs a flag pole this tall is beyond me.. 

And our kids wonder why Mom is so nervous!! 
I know you girls who have been reading here for awhile understand why I am!.. grin.. 

I have this huge fear of heights so even looking up at him makes the back of my knees go weak.. Really... 
I find it hard to believe that a man so smart at times can be so ------ at other times.. You can guess what I am trying to say.. 

Well, at the end of about half an hour he somehow got it all unstuck and the flag hung although not to his liking and he says he will finish it the next time when he finds his belt... 
God love him!!

Thank you, Lord.. 
I was so weak I had to go in and make a cup of tea.... 
Some of you understand, eh?  grin.. 

Our garden this year is 3 times as large as last... 
We had one here at home but this time we are only going to do the one there... 
I have a few plans for new herb and flower beds .. 
Was so excited today to see that lavender seeds are up and growing in the sun room... 
Hopefully they will grow quickly for the next month.. 

See my thrift store find.. 

Six beautiful Chowder bowls for only two dollars each.. 
We love fish chowder during the summer, do you? 

I have to do the pantry next... 
Trevor gave me a nice large set of old fashioned Snow White dishes that they had and weren't using anymore..
I love them..  

So much to do before we can move up there but hopefully by the middle of June... 

Some of the herbs that came up again are.. 
Lovage, Comfrey, Chives, Sage, Oregano, Catnip, Yarrow and Tarragon... 
I have Parsley and Basil in pots growing here to take out.. 
Still have a few to buy, though.. 

I also have some flowers growing from seed.. 

Well, dear hearts thanks for dropping by.. 
So glad to hear from you and thank you for your sweet comments here on the blog or on the Face Book page.. 

Have a great weekend and God bless.. 


  1. Hello Faye, I love following your travels and your time at the farm. Love too your vintage blue glass jug and butter dish. I'm starting to think that Terry and Hanno may be related seeing as they have that thing for heights. Like you, I don't get it and it scares me.
    Looking forward to your farm journal. Enjoy your summer, dear. xx

  2. Hi Faye, I am looking forward to your farm journal post as I know they will be full of laughter and wonderful meals. Men will be men is all I can say. Your garden spot looks lovely and soon will be full I am sure. We have been so busy here but I have kept up on your blog and FB, just not commented any. Our son and his family are moving from Missouri back to my home state of Alabama and we have been helping them. Our garden is up and we have blooms on the squash and small tomatoes already. We need some rain to help with the 90 degree hot days and the rest will be blooming out we hope. Blessings and I will try and comment more. Keep that Terry safe :)

  3. Everything is lovely Faye... Aunt Eva and Uncle Arnold & Gordie would be so proud to see it all.. Tell Terry he is part Monkey :) LOL.... I don't recall ever seeing the yellow flowers before but I have heard of them.. Take care sweet sister and stay safe.. Love all the pictures .xoxoxo

  4. I enjoy a simple country life and enjoy reading and seeing photos of others that are living a similar life style. You post is refreshing and delightful. Happy weekend to you too.

  5. Hi My dear......Last year was a lot of interesting fun so you two have decided to do it again this year. I loved reading about your days on the farm. Love your garden and did I read there might be some animals this year? I know this farm girl is going to love your "Farm Journal"!!!!!!!! Must hurry, it is very late. Tell Terry - He is not Superman and can not fly through the air anymore!!!!!!

    S.... XO

  6. A beautiful country life. feels just right xo

  7. Hi Faye, I haven't commented in a long time but I am a faithful follower!!! Your life inspires me. I love all the things you do. Hugs and enjoy the farm house. We are heading to our cottage this weekend also.

  8. I enjoyed your post so,ugh!
    Playing catch up tonight.
    Have been working outside many times lately.
    Glad he got off that ladder.
    I will tell you it is a "man" thing.
    They just don't think like women do.
    Enjoyed all the pictures.
    Hope to see more as the summer progressses!
    Life on an old farm, AH 😊

  9. I completely understand your prayers & fear as Terry climbed so high, but I don't think a wife has ever convinced her husband to wait until more safety measures are in place!

    My property is also fairly well covered with the flower you are showing...they are especially thick down by the creek. I looked them up when I first moved here & my book called them trout lilies. The creek I live on is a trout stream, so it makes sense.

    Anita ~ the cabin on the creek

  10. Oh I feel your pain, I do not like heights either! So thankful that it all ended well for the flag and your husband! I know you must be really looking forward to your farm adventures this summer :) I will enjoy your journal entries too! Are you picking fiddleheads there yet? Those were our favorite vegetable in the spring from my grandmother's place. Have a blessed weekend!

  11. Good grief, doesn't Terry know that putting himself in danger will cause you to age??!!
    **Sigh**.. sometimes these men of ours forget that they are not as young as they used to be ...**smilie**.
    Glad all's well, that ends well.

    Looks like you are going to have a spectacular summer at the farm. I'm looking forward to reading your farm journal, and seeing all the good things growing and going on there.

    Have a great new week.

  12. Thanks for sharing your delicious recipes, lovely bowls and pictures of your beautiful farm, etc... I look forward to reading your inspiring and uplifting blog. In closing, I especially love your faith in The Lord����
    God Bless,


  13. Thank you Faye for another lovely post and the salad dressing recipe. Fondly Michelle