Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Making and Doing Spring stuff...

Good Evening dear hearts.. 
Here we are mid week once again.. The Spring is flying by and soon we will be into Summer.. 
Such a lovely time of the year.. 

I woke this morning and put the dog outside and saw these beautiful Forget-Me-Nots nodding to the first rays of the sun.. 

Another Spring flower that I love.. Along with Lily of the Valley and Violets.. 
When I was in Grade 5 and 6 we had a wonderful teacher by the name of Mrs. Elliott and she had a Wild Flower Contest each of those years.. I am sure I have shared (bragged) about this before but it was a little high light of my Elementary years in that I won each time.. My sweet Dad would wade in ponds for Water Lilies and my Mom knew the names of every flower.. No wonder I have such a love for them as does my sister.. smile.. 

We had a Keepers meeting last week and we had a great time.. 

The most delicious breakfast cooked by Chef Carmen.. grin.. 

European Crapes stuffed with homemade Kefir Cheese and honey and such.. Soooo good.. 

Or just spread with homemade jam... 

Then she made each of us an Omelette on order.. 
Whatever kind we desired.. 

Our Pastor's wife gave a little devotional on Sisterhood and it was so true.. 
We need our sweet friends to help us along life's road.. 
The Lord has blessed us with such dear ones..

Then we tried our hand at Pansy Pots and Wreaths with bottles to hold fresh flowers.. 

I think this wreath is being used as a frame.. smile.. 
One of the ladies made a bunch of homemade wreaths for us from a vine that grew along her fence.. 
Thank you, dear June.. 
And we had a couple of visitors and hope they will come again... 

Terry and I were on our way up to the farm and I spied this picture.. 

A sweet old cemetery with a patch of wild violets.. 

Just what I had been watching for each time we have been out driving somewhere.. 
I only needed two cups of flowers and leaves so it did not make a dent in the patch .... 
I love them growing around the stone.. 
I wonder if they liked violets.. 

I made some Violet Salve with them.. 

This is excellent for burns, eczema and skin irritations.. 
I will be selling these.. 
The recipe is HERE..

The Rhubarb is ready to be doing up.. 

Made these Fermented ones.. 
I tasted them today and am going to love them.. 
I seem to be the only one here who eats fermented veggies but they are so good for us.. 
This recipe was so simple.. 

Fermented Rhubarb.. 
5 stalks of rhubarb cut up into 1 inch pieces. 
2 tsp. mustard seed
1 bay leaf
1 clove of garlic
Place this in a quart jar or whatever. 
Then make a brine.. 
Brine is 1 T. salt to 2 cups of cool water.. 
Stir to dissolve salt and add to jar.. 
Push rhubarb down and put a weight on top to keep pieces under the brine.. I used a small glass bowl but you can put water in a zip lock bag to use also.. 
Cover with a piece of cheesecloth and a tie.. 
Keep at room temp for about a week if they last that long.. 
Let me know if you try them.. 

Terry picked me a bag of Dandelion heads.. 

Made some Dandelion Jelly .. 

Recipe HERE..

Hoping to get my jams and jellies and such somewhere to sell for the Summer.. 
Not sure where or when yet... 

We went to town as we call it yesterday.. 

Thought I would post a photo of our nearest city.. 
The best city in New Brunswick.. 
I might be a bit biased.. grin.. 

Anyway, this is all for today.. 
I do have a bit more but will hopefully do it later in the week.. 
Perhaps we will get to the farm tomorrow so will work on another farm journal post.. 

You sweet friends have a great week and take care... 
God bless... 


  1. I make dandelion jelly too😊 It was my grampa's favorite and is my sons.

  2. Oh Faye, right on top of me and forgot your Lemon Plant.... Love the blog.. and especially the part about the flowers. I do remember Dad wading for your water lilies, so dear. Teared me up... Miikka use to say on Sunday afternoons, Nan lets pick flowers, she loved learning about them... The pictures are beautiful... If that Cemetary is the Wilson Cemetary, I will finally, maybe, tell you a secret I know about it.. LOL... :) Love you sister xoxo

  3. Hello Faye, what an interesting blog post tonight...of course all of yours are. :) I love the flowers and the recipe's and if I ever do follow through with making them, I will let you know. My great grandmother on my mothers side was always making jams and jellies out of flowers....she knew so much and I wish I had paid more attention to how she was doing it than I did to eating them LOL... I have never heard of Fermented Rhubarb, but it sounds like something I would like...when I can find some Rhubarb I will give that a try....maybe :) Have a wonderful weekend and May God richly bless you and your family.

  4. I don't think I've commented before, but I read your blog daily. Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy it. :) Thank you!

  5. I was going to make dandelion jelly last year and then when I got them in the house they all had tiny ants all in them. I got grossed out and that was the end of that! Lol

  6. Hi Faye know I love violets and I tell you every year that was my Grandma's name. ( We have a garden angel in our flower garden and Tori and I named her Violet.) We have been very busy here....well, Jim has been very busy! I love spring! But we are suppose to have some rain during the next 5 days. I hope they are wrong. I know your salves and jellies will be wonderful. Wish I could have one little taste of the dandelion jellie. When you become famous for all the wonderful things you do.....I will be able to say.....Hey, I knew that lady!!!!


  7. I so enjoyed this post
    Like a visit home.
    It makes me long for a farm of my own.
    Hope you have a lovely summer there!
    Thank you for the recipes.
    Violets off a grave, sounds like a chapter from a very old book!

  8. I keep meaning to tell you that I love the pink Lupine in your header. Ours are only purple and lavender.

    I think I may give your fermented rhubarb a try. I've been dabbling in such things because I love the health benefits.

    All of your jams look so good and the violet salve is a beautiful shade of green. I just finished making two turns of your rhubarb pineapple jam this week. Our kids love it so I always keep some back for when they come or when we go to visit them. Of course, hubby and I love it too! :)

  9. I wished we lived closer, Faye, I could learn so much from you and the others, smiles.

  10. You have been very busy making delicious things.

  11. What wonderful recipes. I'm now living in NL, so access to fresh produce is expensive or lacking. In NS, I always had more rhubarb than enough. Sigh! I miss that.

  12. Looks like you all had a wonderful time together at your Keepers meeting.
    All of the recipes that you posted sound yummy, and though I'm not a fan of rhubarb, my sweet husband is. I should try that pickled rhubarb recipe and see how he likes it.
    We did salvage some heritage rhubarb plants from one of our old houses.
    The people that live there now, don't like rhubarb, or peonies.. go figure.
    I'm happy to report that both the rhubarb and the peonies are thriving :)

    Have a sweet rest of your day.


  13. Faye we are heading into winter here and I spotted some violets the other day in the garden so thanks for the reminder about the salve. I love seeing the photos of your little towns over there.

  14. Such wonderful recipes, I am always in awe of your wonderful goods.

  15. I definitely want to try the fermented rhubarb. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  16. I love the photo of the violets growing over the graveyard. So pretty. I see you're busy making and doing again with all the things you find in nature. Wonderful! Enjoy your visits to the farmhouse. I hope it's a beautiful summer this year. Blessings. Pam

  17. How interesting to read of all of your doings! :) I love the natural jams and salves.

  18. Love, love to visit your lovely place as always Faye :0) mari