Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Farm Journal 3..

Hello my dears.. 
How art thou? 

Wednesday is here once again and the days of Spring will soon be past and we will move into Summer.. 
Here in New Brunswick we are having a bit of a cool and wet season and waiting for it to warm up to get our garden in.. 
Lots of people have their's all planted but ours at the farm is still  wet so it is a waiting game.. 
And we always have a frost during the first full moon in June so we don't want to plant anything that will freeze.. 

We have been at the farm several times but I think you will find this a rather boring post farmwise.. 
I even hesitate to name it a farm journal.. smile..

Once we move there then hopefully it will be a bit more interesting but this is all I have for now.. 
We plan to be moved out sometime next week as our chicks will be here... 
These pics are just a bit of old farm house decor.. 

Not that this is farm house decor by any shade of my imagination but it is decor in an old farm house.. 
If you get my drift.. smile.. 
Every time we go I am still cleaning and changing around and trying to get rid of junk that has collected the last few years.. 

This is an old primitive cupboard that I had in my shop at the cottage and decided to bring it home for the farm kitchen.. 
I love cloth napkins and the first shelf has a wooden trug full of them.. 

A soup tureen from my Mom for one of our anniversaries.. 
And consomme soup cups and such..  

Lots of cookbooks and a couple of old crocks.. 

A yard sale find that I use for a flower vase.. 

The lamp parts were missing but it doesn't leak.. 
Lily of the Valleys.. 

Terry hung this pot rack for me over the stove.. 
We took our new to us propane stove to the farm but Terry won't get it hooked up till we get moved up there.. 

This sweet little kettle was another thrift find and a little bouquet.. 
The blue woodwork is being changed asap.. 
He hopes to paint the kitchen very soon..

So enjoy our fresh spring water that is pumped to the house.. 

Well sweet ladies that is all the farm stuff I have for now.. 
We are busy here at home the last few days but hope to get out there again on Friday.. 

Today I tried my hand at making some fabric covers for my dandelion jelly jars.. 

I picked some violets and hoped they would turn out for the violet salve I made but the white violets would not show up.. 

the dandelion ones are not too bad.. 
I am wondering if a bit of sharpie marker might make them a better.. 
Here is the link if you are interested.. 

And this is my next project as soon as I can buy the oils.. Here..    

Hope you are having a great week.. 
It is graduation month and we have two darling grandsons graduating this year.. 
Who can believe how fast the time has flown since they were born.. 
We will have only one grandson not in university.. 

Wondering what projects you girls are doing.. 
Such a  busy time of year, eh?  

God bless you sweet friends.. 

ps.. I forgot to mention that in the first pic with the shelf you will see 3 sheep and 1 donkey.. 
I found them at a yard sale in a plastic bag last year and have decided that even though it is my dream to have 3 real sheep and 1 donkey for many years now these toys are as close as I am apt to get.. 
Oh well.. grin.. 
Just sharing my burden.. lol.. 


  1. oh Faye, do I love the Lilies of the Valley in the old oil lamp base... oh yes, yes, yes.

  2. Love your farmhouse pictures! Our garden is still too wet also.

  3. Hello Dear One, Love the lilies of the valley in the oil lamp bottom. So cute. If I had a choice....which will never happen....I would pick a donkey. It could be your new best friend and follow you or Terry all over the farm. Plus you do not have to shear a donkey. Your cook books are fantastic. I passed up so many at yard and estate sales over the years. They look like so much fun to read.

    Got to go, Faye....such a busy time of year.


  4. I love your farmhouse posts with all the wonderful old things you collect. It sounds like you will be busy making things this summer. I hope you can get the garden in soon. It's sure been a cool wet spring! I'm in Calgary visiting our daughter and family. The 3 grandsons are so precious and so busy. I'm helping our daughter with some gardening which is fun. Take care Faye. Enjoy your summer days on the farm.

  5. Hello Faye, so nice to see another Farm post in the middle of the week. Love the lilies of the valley in the oil lamp bottom, and the pictures of all your shelves full of fun stuff. Myself I would rather have the toy sheep and donkey than the real ones :) Hope you have a blessed week.

  6. Inspirational, I love the idea of pounding the flowers/leaves.

  7. {{{grinning}}} Thank you Faye...oh and its quite wet and chilly here in western NY as well...smiles

  8. I'm loving these posts...and the animals on the shelve are less trouble and cleaner than real ones would be...but a girl can dream.
    Mama Bear

  9. We are hard at work cleaning out our garage. Oh my the stuff we have gotten rid of! It is good to clear it out and organize. Here is SC I have my veggies planted but it has not been consistently warm and sunny enough for them to really get going yet.

  10. Yes, spring is a wonderful time! I feel the same joy as your hubby... Thank you for always sharing such lovely snippets of your home Faye...what a delight they are :0) mari

  11. That is legit farmhouse decor and everything else is fake. I have yet to have been in a farmhouse that remotely looks like "farmhouse" style.

    Love the blue cupboard.

  12. Beautiful, I love what you have done with the shelves. We have finally arrived at winter here, frosty mornings and beautiful days, I will ignore the grey rainy ones!
    I love the idea of flower pounding, might give it a go!