Friday, June 23, 2017

An Albert County Drive...

Hello dear hearts.. 
Been a bit since I have been able to get here to post.. 
Hope you are all doing well.. 
Such a busy time of year with gardens, grandsons and graduations here with us.. 
Love it all!.. 
Just a few pics tonight that I took last Sunday after church.. It was Father's Day and as my dear Dad is with the Lord the best we can do is to visit his grave.. 

Even though it is way back in the hills it is a gorgeous drive... 

Come along.. 
This part of Albert County is most precious to this country girl.. 
It is where a lot of my roots are and I have probably shared some of this with you dear followers who have been around for a while before.. 
Please bear with me.. smile.. 
My grandparents were born in these hills of Albert County.. 

Gramp grew up in Collier Mountain and Gram in Meadow.. 

The hills are majestic this time of year.. 
Not with their height but with their beautiful trees and greenery.. 
Dear old homesteads still with a mailbox at the end of the lane.. 
And here across the brook is where my grandmother's  house was when she was growing up..  
She walked from here every day to school for a mile or two... 

And every Sunday to this dear old church.. 
She and Gramp lie here in the cemetary along with my Dad and so many more of my family members.. 

The sweetest thing was that when we arrived there was my sweet mother getting back in the car after visiting Dad's grave.. 
I had to snap a quick pic as I thought it was so precious! 

Although, she is married again they often go to their first spouse's grave sites... 
Is that an old fashioned thing to do?  
I love it anyway... 

After they left, I stood by his stone and looked at the Eastern sky and thought that some glad morning the dead in Christ shall rise first... 
Such a glorious hope we have in Him.. 

I actually have four sets of grandparents in this one cemetary.. 
Isn't that lovely...
Yes, I truly am an Albert County girl.. 
Unless you are one you don't quite understand.. grin.. 

On that note I will tell you this .. 
On Tuesday night at Bible Study our pastor was teaching from the book of Isaiah about kings.. 
Anyhow, he asked for our input about what we today would desire in a king if we were to select one.. 
Well, I didn't have the nerve but I told Terry that he should be from Albert County... grin.. 
We thought it was funny! 

Let's keep going.. 
I hope I am not boring you with the same old drive but it is all I have for tonight..  
Lots of hills planted with blueberries around here.. 

And darling old home farms away up in the hills where ever you look .. 

A lot of the old fashioned barns are getting old and not used as farming is either huge or not at all in most of the country.. 

But the good news is that a lot of these old farms are being bought by young couples who have seen the light.. smile.. 
They want to get back to basics and bring their children up on organic meat and fresh veggies and ride their bikes down country lanes.. 
Our close neighbors at the farm are all  young families.. Growing veggies and chickens..  
I chatted with a few of the sweet girls last summer and they were picking berries and making jams, preserving veggies and smoking their pigs.. 
Isn't that great! 

I know!
 Really the world is a bit materialistic place but it thrills my heart when I drive by an old farmhouse at night and the lights are on in the house and I know that there is a family there striving for the simple life.. 
I stepped down from my soap box and on with the drive.. smile.. 

It may be back in the hills but the beauty is breathless.. 
There are many working farms too.. 
Cows and more cows.. 
Do you notice the bank of Blue Flags in front of the cows here.. 
I was telling Terry that I have not seen such an abundance of them growing as there is this year.. 
So pretty.. 

Some retired couples are also buying up these old farms!  
They are farming, too..
They have herb beds and chickens.. 

Herbs have always been a part of the kitchen garden since time began but the last few years I have really joined that wagon train and utilising them as much as I can..

I noticed many places are using raised beds and lots of chickens.. 

Fresh eggs for sale!  
Mom told me she stopped here and bought a couple of dozen and that they were beautiful and only three dollars.. 
She said they were a retired couple who have moved here from the city.. 
Isn't that lovely?

I took a pic of these bushes.. 
They are everywhere and I don't know what they are.. 
Do you? 
Probably some kind of berry???? 

And here on our little old homestead we have chickens growing.. 
This pic was taken a while ago and they are bigger now.. 
These are meat kings which mean they will be in our freezer this fall.. 

We do hope to be on the farm to stay on Monday!
We have had 2 graduations and parties and such .. 
Trips to the cottage, too but I think we are about ready to be there..

Looking forward to it.. 
Quiet mornings with the fog rising above the trees, newspapers at the end of the lane, picking herbs for the lunch salad, cold spring water from the tap, cows in the pasture mooing, chickens peeping, making and doing and the wonderful gorgeous wind that blows through our little hollow... 
Yes, it is time... 

Here is a new book I bought from Amazon.. 

Loved loved my fermented veggies from last year and as they are so healthy as well as delicious then I am interested in what else I can learn.. 

This one is bok choy, green onions, radish and celery... 
I will tell you how it tastes in a few days.. 

Loved her book and would really recommend it to you if you are wanting to try it.. Very healthy way to go and so simple.. 
A back to basics way of preserving for sure.. 

Well, this is all for tonight.. 
Speaking of graduations...
We are so proud of our grandsons.. All five of them!
This year two more have graduated and going to university in the Fall.. That will be four of them and only one left in high school.. 
I will share some of the pics next time. 
We have the last party tomorrow and then I will share a few of the high lights... 
They did so well... 

Thankful to God for all of his blessings with our sweet family... 

Take care dearies and I will try to post sooner next time.. 
We are looking into getting internet at the farm but don't hold your breath!  lol.. 

Thanks for stopping by here or on the FaceBook page and welcome to the new ones.. So glad to have you.. 

God bless.. 

Psalms 103-17
But from everlasting to everlasting, the LORD's mercy is on those who fear him. His righteousness belongs to their children and grandchildren,


  1. That was an absolute thrill, Faye.. and so pleased you shared this beautiful life with us. it is a true life.

  2. Thank you so much Faye for taking us along on your adventure down memory lane. What a peaceful drive and the county side is so beautiful. Loved the pictures and hearing about your family. Praying for you to have a good summer at the farm and I don't have to tell you to enjoy it...I know you will! (keep that Terry out of trouble now). Blessings my friend!

  3. How I love your journeys around your beautiful area. Your hills and trees are so beautiful, and quite unlike our region of the West Country here.
    I'm sure you will have a wonderful Summer at the farm.

  4. It is always a joy to visit and be taken on a beautiful tour around. Most interesting to see so much of the World through blogs.

  5. Faye, I always love following along when you are on the road. Your photos are absolutely beautiful and the countryside is so different from ours as we have lots of gum trees and usually it is not terribly green either as we are often in drought. Everything seems so lush where you live.

  6. Breathtakingly beautiful, Faye. Have a great weekend, friend.

  7. What a great place to live. Love reading and seeing your blogs. Thank you. mt

  8. I enjoyed this so much!
    Loved the photos.
    We have been wanting our own farm for a long time now.
    Not there yet, but always there is a hope ��
    I would like to know how the veggie jar tastes.
    I am not a fan of anything fermented but pickles of course.
    But I need to be!
    Hugs and blessings!

  9. Beautiful post, I think the bush is a hydrangea. Best wishes xx

  10. Always enjoy your posts dear Faye! Such delight to see Albert County in all its beauty. Something about all those old farmsteads really does touch my heart too - so thankful that many young families are buying the farms, and making them come alive again! Nothing like fresh food and meat, and plenty of fresh air and hard work too, to make life worth the living. Thanks so much for always sharing your life with us. I know you are really looking forward to living on the farm, and I hope your time there is blessed and restful! Hugs :)

  11. I certainly enjoy going on rides with you. Thanks for sharing

  12. I enjoyed seeing the backroads of beautiful Albert County. We spent a lot of Saturday or Sunday afternoons driving some of those roads when we were kids and I have fond memories of it. I think it's great that a new generation is moving to the old farms. It is a challenging way of life at times but so healthy to grow ones own food and raise animals too. I wrote a post today just to stay in touch if you have time to visit. Have a wonderful summer Faye. Hugs, Pam

  13. I wanted to let you know I am back in the blogging world. Come by sometime and check me out.

  14. So I clicked on the link and it didn't take me to the right place. I'm not sure why. My blog is Same as before.

  15. Oh what a lovely life you live in such a beautiful country. A belated happy Canada Day! As I was driving down the street last night someone was shooting fireworks and yelled to me happy Canada day! Be blessed! Another round of chemo for me tomorrow, so I won't be celebrating our Independence Day here in the states this year. I trust God there will be next year!
    Laura of Harvest Lane Cottage

  16. Dear Faye, such a beautiful post. I enjoyed it so much.