Friday, July 21, 2017

Farm Journal 4 and More....

Hello everyone.. 
So glad to be actually doing a post finally.. 
We have been at the farm for the last several weeks with no internet or cell phone service.. I thought we would get home more often to do laundry but either our son did it for us or we were just here long enough to wash it and cart it back to the farm and use the clothes line... 
Sorry about that but do want to thank you sweet girls for your emails and messages wondering where we have been.. 
I appreciate you.. 

Here I am.. 
First of all I want to warn you that this is a long post making up for the last several that did not get done.. smile.. 

We are home for the night and then going down to the cottage for the weekend as it is Old Home Week finishing up and we would like to be there.. 
I am at home here doing laundry and Terry is at the farm staining wood for our new back stoop.. 
I am so excited!!.. 
We have been needing it for a long time but there were just so many other things to do.. 
If you get my drift... smile.. 

Just going to post a bunch of pics and explain as I go of the things we have been doing.. 

Collected a big bag of chive blossoms to make Chive Vinegar and then drying some to add to my herbal mixtures.. 

As you know we had Canada Day here on July 1st.. 
We as a family visited Prince Edward Island and had a wonderful time.. 

It is so pretty there..
Here we are travelling up to the north of the Island to Cavendish Beach.. 

Lots of farms there and some with horses ....

The Lupins were spectacular!  
I believe they are the flower of the province.. 
Just borders of them all along the way.. 

We texted the kids as they went over the day before and told them we were almost there.. 
They said to go to Sandspit and to meet them there.. 

As we were walking over toward the Roller Coasters we were spotted by five of the dearest grandsons one could have!

Here they come!  
Just so gorgeous!  Everyone of them!  grin.. 

They had a lot to tell me.. smile.. 

Shonda got her Dad to do the unbelievable!  
After 47 years of being together and him not going on any rides he takes the plunge and gets on a roller coaster!!... 
It was hilarious although I think I was more scared watching then he was riding.. grin.. 

Each family had their own cottage but we all went to the biggest one for a wonderful meal which we all contributed to.. 
This one was ours...

Terry came waltzing in with a bag of chips and a dill pickle dip! 
The grandsons won't forget Grandma taking the big one because she thought that it was the one and only dip that we had taken with us and she wasn't sharing.. 
What a thing for them to remember.. They are still talking about it!! lol....

Aren't they cute?  
I know ... Grandmas!! 

A few pics of the Island for you and especially my friend Becky who lives in Arkansas and would love to visit here some day.. 

The next day we visited a flea market and I bought 2 copper pots.. 
Then we travelled down to Charlottetown to see the Tall Ships.. 

Afterwards it was a big decision where we were going to have supper.. 

Everyone is checking their phones for the best places.. 
We ended up going to a British Fish and Chip place.. 
Totally awesome.. 
Even served in newspaper.. (kind of..  It was a waxed version)... 
All in all a wonderful weekend of memories.. 
Four of our grandsons will be in university this Fall and who knows when we will get another trip like that... 
Thank you, dear Lord !  

On with the show and back to the farm... 

We still don't have our new to us propane stove hooked up.. 
Hopefully by the end of summer.. 
Just more important things to do right now.. 

I happened to be at the kitchen window watching Terry leave in his red truck one morning and caught the cows chasing after him... 

They were all at the fence by the lane when he started up the truck and headed out and then they turned and starting following him.. 
The farmer has a red truck and it was a case of mistaken identity.. 
They thought it was their owner and he often has treats for them.. 
I told Terry last year when it happened that he never had so many ladies chasing him!.. 
Tis funny though,  eh?  

Here is a beet salad I made one day.. 

Loved loved the dressing mixed with the beets.. 
Terry didn't.. of course... lol... 

Drying lots of flowers for potpourris.. 

And having some dear company... 

Big enough to drive here by themselves and they always bring some treats.. 
Leftover graduation cake for Gramps and coffee for Grandma!  

The herb beds are doing wonderful.. 
This was a couple of weeks ago.. 
They grow so much each week.. 
More roses for Old Moss Rose potpourri.. 
Terry made a couple of racks to hold the stampeding herbs.. smile.. 
Lovage and Compfrey.. 

Sorry about so many rose pics but decided not to delete them since I loaded them up.. 
This post is taking quite some time as I had to edit two hundred and more photos plus upload them and now writing.. 
Don't mean to whine but it is hot here today and we do not have air conditioning in this house as we are never here in the summer.. 

On with the show.. 

Haven't taken very many food pics.. 
This is Texas Hash for lunch and one of our faves.. 

A new lamp I bought at the thrift.. The lamp in one place and the shade in another .... 
Love seeing it lit at night on the kitchen table.. 

Made some delicious Popsicles... 
Dill Pickles ones.. 
Very good for you and if you are a dill pickle lover then you would love them.. 
I do but you must be a bonafide pickle lover... 
Just put 6 or so pickles plus a half cup of juice and a half cup of water in a blender or chopper and pour or scoop it into popsicle holder and freeze.. 
Let me know if you like them.. 

Dear Charlie.. 
I love this dog and he is such great company..
He almost touched a skunk last week.. 
Scared me to pieces as I have not had to clean an animal up after that before .. Thank the Lord he was just in contact with the fumes.. Terry spent a while trying to get the thing but it is still out there someplace.. 

We are so blessed with wind coming from the Kent Hills and the Bay of Fundy.. 
Even on these hot days with 32 degrees Celsius which is hot for us the house is quite cool... 

Our farmer came and made hay in our fields last week.. 
There was a good amount.. 
Love that he does it all the old fashioned way just like my Grandpa used to do... 

This is his precious mother who at over 70 years of age still rakes the hay in every field.. 
There aren't a lot of those kind of ladies left, I don't think.. 
I know I am not one... 

Bless her heart... 
Anyway sweet friends this is it for today.. 

Now after this weekend most of our running around will be over except for the odd day trip or drive so I will concentrate on the old farm house itself.. 
We washed all of the windows and put up all different curtains.. 
I am now officially back into lace... 
I know it is hard to imagine but I am loving the feel of it all.. 
I made some valances out of ticking this week, too and will take a few pics for next time.. 
Oh and some food ones.. 
Made some strawberry jam and starting into that kind of thing for the next while.. 
Raspberries, Blueberries and Blackberries all within a week or two.. 

Thank you so much for stopping by and I really hope you will leave a comment here or on Facebook and I will connect with you next time.. 

Praying that all is going well in your lives and that God is real to you.. 
He makes life worth living!  


  1. Faye, you have such a charming country life ... and a pleasure to see the happenings!!

  2. Love ❤️ your writing! It brings your photos to life....🙏

  3. Just the tonic I needed Faye. Me and the heat do not produce a Happy " Dawn "
    I loved every word and photo. Always brings me back to a sweeter time in my life. Knowing you and your family is an honour
    Thank you xo

  4. I always love your posts, Faye! Such beautiful pictures too.

  5. Hello My Dear Faye.......So good to hear all of your news. I just knew you were at the did not worry about nor hearing from you. All the things that you do everyday is so fascinating to me! I wish I could follow you around!!!! This post was wonderful. Somehow, your writings give me a jolt to - "Get Going"! Faye, I am in the middle of getting a scarecrow together for Jim's garden. Keep watching for a picture, if you can. BTW, ouar garden is not going to be the garden of other years....we have had so much rain that it waterlogged everything. Only thing that looks really good is the cantalop (musk melons). You take care now and say hello to your other half. I know he is enjoying himself being on the farm. God, be with all of the Henrys! Will pray for the boys going to university. Our grandson and grandaughter leave on August 24th.


  6. Hello Faye and Welcome back :) you were missed. Loved your post and all the pictures, and you gave us a few laughs along the way. I know you are having a wonderful time at the farm: your post take me back to my grandparents place which I loved so much. You have such a sweet manner about you and a lovely way with words to go along with your great photos. Thank you for taking us along to your many outings. Love them. God bless and take care.

  7. Such a lovely journey through your visit to the island, and of course on the farm. The island looks such a pretty place and it must have been fun to have family there.
    Your flowers for pot pourri look amazing, the roses will give you scents of Summer.

  8. {{{Big, Big Smiles}}}} What a lovely post, Faye. smiles

  9. Good to have you back in blog land . I loved this post and all your wonderful photos . You are a busy lady with all you make . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  10. A wonderful post Faye.I thoroughly enjoyed it all :)


  11. I love all your pictures and just hearing about your days. God is so good! Good luck with the skunk. They are hard to get. We have dealt with a few of them ourselves. Enjoy your time at the farm and God bless.

  12. Dear Faye, Thanks for your wonderful uplifting post, Love it all.You live in such beauitfull place. My God bless you and yours.oooo

  13. Hello,
    I just love catching up with you and your doings, and thank you for sharing them with us. We are headed to PEI and Quebec City at the end of this week, so your photos gave me more to look forward to. How blessed you are to live in such a beautiful place! If we could easily immigrate to Canada(both of us have extensive family there), we would tomorrow.
    Have a lovely week, Faye,
    Illinois, USA

  14. I loved your post with all the updates. I feel like we just sat down with tea and cookies and had a good old catch up chat!

  15. Hi Faye, I sure enjoyed your long post and catching up with you. Your trip to PEI looks like a lot of fun with the whole family! A rare thing to happen these days with kids scattered or working. Farm living looks wonderful in the country and I enjoyed seeing what you're up to. Take care and enjoy this gorgeous summer. We really need some rain....even my perennials are wilting....and may get a few showers tonight. I hope so! Love, Pam

  16. I love your posts... glad to catch up when I can. All your treasures and knack for placing things just so and whipping up recipes I've never heard of... AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Faye, the pic of your grand-boys running to meet you is the most precious image I've ever seen... How blessed you are!