Monday, October 30, 2017

A Little Monday Morning Inspiration for you..

Good Morning everyone.. 
Monday here again and God is good.. 
I had worked on this post the other night but was waylaid and didn't get it published.. 

So.. this morning I thought I would just post it regardless.. 
Just a few images I noticed the past week on the web.. 
A couple from my own camera but mostly from Tumblr.. 

Fall is so here and we are still trying to get moved back home.. 
Another trip or two to bring my plants and preserves and we should be mostly done.. Thank the Lord.. 

Anyway, dear hearts have a great week.. 
Terry and I did a wee trip across the border this weekend so will try to post again mid week... 

Don't you love that quilt hanging on the line in the pic above.. 
I believe that is a project I can 

Take care and God bless.. 
Thanks for dropping by.. 


  1. I love all the pictures. I am glad you are almost back home and ready to settle in for the winter. I look forward to seeing your mid week post. Enjoy your day.

  2. Glad you're almost done. I miss you. Hopefully I'll do better this winter with my calling you .... Nothing like family .... I love all the pictures, especially the apple with moving leaf. Have a safe and happy new week.


  3. Such a joy to visit and be inspired. Hope all goes well with your move back home.

  4. So much beauty to be had this time of year! Thank you for sharing such lovely images.

  5. What beautiful images to start my week!

  6. These are such peaceful "homey" photos for fall. I love embracing fall, but it's been a bit elusive this year. Today is very nippy and very windy!
    Enjoy your week, and good luck with the last of your moving.

  7. Good Monday morning to you and thanks for sharing all the beautiful pictures to start my week off right. Love them! Hope you have a great week and get everything moved safely. Blessings to you and Terry!

  8. Beautiful photos and yes, I love that quilt. It really caught my eye! And the photo of the dirt road and autumn leaves is stunning. Have a blessed week Faye. xx Pam

  9. I can't even decide on a favorite, they are all so beautiful. I like the kitty one and also the one with the faucet washing the cherries. and, and, and.....

  10. Love the photos! A beautiful way to start the week. Looking forward to your cross border trip..

  11. The photos are fabulous. I adore the crewel work and to think I used to do that!!!!!!! Happy Day to you! Hope you get all moved back home soon!!!

  12. What delightful photos! The one with the apple leaf caught my eye.

  13. Thanks for the inspirational photos, Faye. I am still wondering about that leaf in the apple photo. How does that work? :-) I too love the quilt hanging up. Such beautiful colours. Have a blessed week.

  14. Hi,
    Just what I needed this cold, windy and snow filled Monday. Thank you, Faye.
    Love, Carla

  15. Loved the pictures, especially country roads with fall colored leaves. Hope you get all moved back soon. God bless.

  16. A refreshing post to see after getting off work today. Nice photos you shared. Safe travels as you bring the last of your goods home.

  17. I enjoyed your Monday morning inspiration! Glad you are just about finished moving back home! We had our first snowfall of the season here, and for now it is just a dusting, but they are predicting 3-6 inches tonight, we'll see. Tis the season, ha! Ready or not, here it comes!

  18. Hello dear lady, all of the images are lovely. Fall is done here and Winter has set in very early this year. Have a wonderful weekend! Cindy