Saturday, October 21, 2017

Saying Good Bye to dear old St. Martins..

for the last time.. 

Hello there everyone.. 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth on this lovely Saturday evening.. 
So glad you dropped by.. 

This is a bit of a different post for you tonight.. 
As you know by the last post we have sold our old house and cottage shop in St. Martins.. 
The closing day was yesterday and as they say that is all she wrote.. 
It was a bit of a process due to many things and lasted since the middle of July... 
I guess this is a little nod to our years there.. 
It began 21 years ago when our two oldest kids were newly married and Dustin was only 12... 
We bought this old house in the little village by the Bay of Fundy where my Mom grew up.. 
I had so much family there and I loved that.. 

I remember the first summer there when Dustin and his friend Stephanie were trying to make a wee fire on the beach and newspapers which were on fire were blowing all over the place.. 
I freaked a bit and said to Dustin to put the fire out because my cousins were sitting over on the rocks.. 
He turned to me with a funny look and said.. "Mom, you're cousins are everywhere!" ... grin... 

He spent his teenage summers there.. 

He loved going swimming with his friends in the campground pool then down to the salt water in the Bay then jumping on their bikes and finishing off over at the fresh water dam.. 
One rainy summer he read about 100 Archie comic books.. 
Just remembering. . sorry.. 

Terry worked in Sussex so he come home there every night.. 
We made the plan when we bought the place that it was a summer cottage and not our house.. 
The roof might need mended or the house painted but we were not going to work ourselves to death remodelling such an old house..
We papered a bit and I had fun decorating it but it was a place to enjoy... 

We loved having company... 
Especially our children, of course.. 

These pics are just from what I have here on my computer and so even though the grandsons came after we bought the cottage I have no pics here until the oldest was 10 years old.. 

How the years have flown but the summers were always special down there.. 
Once Dustin grew up and left home he still came down some.. 
Dear old Sammi.. 
Do you girls who have followed the blog from the beginning must remember him.. 
I still miss him.. 
We loved having our friends stop by and sometimes put them to work.. My friend Lynn painted the kitchen floor.. 
Bless her heart.. 
Shonda papered the dining room and Trevor helped put on the roof of the barn and so on.. 
Thank you dear hearts.. 

Every summer the Keepers of the Home came for an overniter and you have all read about those times.. 

When friends came we often ended up at the caves enjoying some fish meals.. 

I can't seem to find other pics of friends but you are getting my drift, I imagine.. 

The kitchen was so old fashioned and I did love it.. 

I did so many pickles, jams and jellies there.. 

Shonda's boys came out and stayed a lot as they only lived in St. John... 
Lots of times they brought a friend and would laugh because Gram would make them all go up and say hi to Aunt Kaye.  smile.. 
The sweet boys would go and be so mannerly.. 

Then I turned the little maid's room into a clubhouse for them and I think that is what they remember the most.. 
Lovely times.. 

Going to sleep with the sound of the waves was such a wonderful thing.. 

The boys made sure every summer that they would be there at least for one night all at the same time.. 
Gram made them breakfast.. 
Two dozen eggs, a loaf or two of bread and a couple of pounds of bacon, jam and hashed browns and don't forget the orange juice.. 
Sweet sweet memories.. 

And as you know I am a wild weather lover and the Bay of Fundy and I have had a love affair going on over the years.. 
I will miss that... 
Terry (bless his heart) was so patient with me when the wind practically blew stuff off the walls and he would just cover up his head and go to sleep.. grin.... 

Then in the Winter we would go down and check it all out to make sure all was well.. 
If he could get in that is.. smile.. 
In the beginning I was heavily into the craft business and spent most summer getting ready for craft shows.. 
Then one year we opened a shop in the old barn and I didn't do the summer shows anymore.. 
It was a very quaint little shop but very damp.. 
When this little place came up for sale we bought it.. 

It was connected to our old house property but wasn't finished inside.. 
Terry did all that during the evenings.. 
Putting up wood ceilings and gyp rock.. 
Trevor helped him with the crack filling, bless his heart.. 
The House of Henry opened... 
It was such a dear shop, if I may say.. 
Lots of homemade stuff... 

Shonda came out to help with the Fall Open Houses that we had there and in the barn.. 

Such a dear girl.. 

So enjoyed having near and dear friends dropping by.. 
Of all ages.. smile. 

The shop changed at the beginning of each Summer.. 
Putting out the stuff we had collected at the auctions and such all Winter.. 

After sorting through so much stuff the last while I kind of wish I had restrained myself a bit.. grin.. 

Friends came on bikes quite often.. 
St. Martins is a biker's heaven, I think as so many passed by the shop every day.. 

We made some very dear friends while we were there, too.. 

Janelle graduated with our son in law and her and her family adopted us as I always say.. 
If I needed anything she was there.. 
She always knew when I really needed a break and would have me over for coffee or take me on her bike to a private place on the beach with a lovely breakfast picnic... 
I will miss her and her sweet family as I will all of our dear friends.. 
We will be back sometimes though so put the teapot on.. grin.. 

But time goes on and brings changes.. 
The boys have grown and will be too busy with their lives to get there much and we can't do the farm and there, too.. 
I (mostly) felt it was time to just concentrate on enjoying the old farm during the summers ... 
I felt bad leaving the old place empty all last summer.. 
As you who read the blog know I always turn to the Lord.. 
I prayed that someone would want to buy the cottage and the shop together and we would not have to put it up for sale.. 
Truthfully, I knew that Terry would never get around to selling it.. 
And... the Lord answered just that way.. 

We had Thanksgiving there for the last time ... 

So much fun!  

Dustin has grown into middle age and our grandsons are young men.. 
And we are still blessed to have my Mom... 
I was thinking about the many things that happened while we were there.. 
Some happy and some sad.. 
But God has been faithful all along and He will continue to be so.. 

So now, dear old St. Martins is in our rear view mirror and we look forward to whatever changes come our way.. 
Knowing who holds tomorrow and keeps His hand in ours gives sweet peace that only He can give.. 
We do pray that the people who bought the place will be blessed and that their business will find favour..
 God bless you.. 

I know that this has been a very long post but hopefully it didn't  bore you to tears.. smile.. 
Thank you once again for being here and for your sweet comments.. 

We are home now and that will be another post.. 
Home Sweet Home... how I love thee.. eh?  grin.. 
God bless dear hearts! 


  1. Fascinating reading, Faye. Now I know where the Bay of Fundy is. You have so many happy memories of times past to carry with you into the future.

  2. That's quite the story. Great memories. Your house there looked so inviting. I enjoy reading your blog. God bless you in these times of change. Enjoy your old farm house! Hugs!

  3. As your favorite niece, I'm a little disappointed this wasn't my inheritance. ;-) I'm sorry for the tears I know you've cried; it was a wonderful chapter for all of you. Love you! xo

  4. Hello Faye, Yes my heart has shattered just a tiny bit when I think of you and Terry making the decision to sell and then actually doing it. The cottage was so quaint and lovely. But life does go on for everyone. Things change within families! Even my own has brought some tears lately. Our granddaughter and grandson are off to college and I have found things are changing rapidly. Jim and I were such a part of their lives and now it is time for them to spread their wings and fly. I had a long talk with them both before they left about keeping God with them and in their hearts always. So, Faye, I know God is in your heart and the farm will be part of it also. Three places would have been too much. We had 4 at once a few years back and all we did was work. Now, we only have our home here. It keeps Jim busy enough all the time especially with me and all my problems. I know you made the right choice. Who knows????? Maybe even get a donkey or two? HAHAHEEHAW! God bless......

  5. Beautiful story, life always has changes and better to be able to choose than have it do it for us, so take care and God bless you in the next chapter that will be wonderful with sweet memories of the last ones. from Iowa, USA

  6. Oh dear Faye, I enjoyed your precious memories of your years at the St. Martins cottage and remembered along with you all the posts you did about the house and shop. A chapter has closed in your life but you have all the memories and blog posts and photos to look back on....and a farmhouse to keep you busy too! :-) Glad you're back home and settling in to a different routine for the winter months. Take care. Blessings. Pam

  7. Oh sweet friend...lovely...and it bought tears to my eyes. I don't know if I should be happy or sad, maybe a bit of both, friend.

    Sending you many hugs and it seems the house and business is in good hands, smiles.

  8. Thanks for sharing your memories. It is hard to leave a place that you love. Different seasons, different joys. God bless. Oh and yes, I do remember Sammi

  9. I wish you many happy times in the next chapter of your lives together, Faye. it will be wonderful because you are in it. so glad to have met you there and know there are good people like you in the world. xo

  10. I read this post though tears! I have been following along for years and being so similar with our businesses, faith and such - I feel like I know what you are going through...I hope when it's my time to say "good bye" I can do it with such grace and class! May the good Lord bless you and the new path you are on.

  11. It must have been hard but treasured memories can be taken with you. Wishing you well on your new chapter of your life. God bless.

  12. You write in such a descriptive manner Faye--I loved every word!!Thank you again for sharing. GOD BLESS YOU & Terry. LOVE, Luda

  13. Lovely, sad and yet full of memories as you say goodbye to one chapter and greet the next one in life. Loved reading of all the sweet times you have enjoyed in your home and shop. What wonderful memories your grandkids will have to share with family for years to come. Change is hard, but God has different things for us at different times in our lives and He will be with you step by step. Thanks for sharing with us, will continue to pray for you and Terry as you enjoy your home and your farm every summer. Blessings to you.

  14. Dearest Faye... It is a bittersweet time for you and your hubby. So many sweet memories there. But now a new season in your life has started, and new beginnings become filled with new blessings :)

    Thank you for sharing this journey with us Faye ...

  15. You did not bore me to tears, Faye, but you did move me to tears. What a beautiful old place it is and how very difficult it must be to leave that behind. How wonderful that you could have Thanksgiving there one last time and really say goodbye properly. Closing out the chapter well so to speak. Thank you for sharing your heart with your readers.

  16. Bless you both and wishing you as many fond memories yet to come.

  17. Faye, you and all your family will have such sweet memories to dwell on of those days. Thank you for your journey through the time you spent there.

  18. This was so sweet. What wonderful memories that place has for y'all! Thank you for sharing a bit of the journey there. Forward, forward go!

  19. Awww, Faye. Those memories will keep you company over and over again. I know you will miss St. Martin's, but we all reach a point in our lives when we begin to slow down. Thank you so much for sharing your farewell with us. xo

  20. Actually it did bring me to tears, but not due to boredom. You have a beautiful family and a lovely way of saying things, and you are so right, God is always faithful. Whatever comes or goes, if God is still with us then we know we can face it, right? Love and hugs, Cindy