Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Farm Journal 9

Good Evening dear hearts.. 
So glad you dropped by.. 
I have finally been here at home long enough to put a post on the blog.. 

We have not moved back home yet and are still at the farm but my heart is yearning towards this place called home.. 

We have had a pretty good summer.. 
It just all went so quickly this time.. 
The evenings are getting shorter and the leaves are so beautiful! 

As usual, this is just a post about our doings.. 

Terry's brother and his wife came for a day.. 

Just two farm lads remembering how things used to be.. 
Checking what the frost has caught.. smile.. 

We had great gardens, though.. 
Thank you, Lord.. 

And the chickens and turkeys are in the freezer.. 
Please excuse the quality of this pic but you can get the drift.  smile.. 

Father and son laughing about something the turkeys said.. Perhaps?  grin.. 
Our oldest son helped do the chickens... 
They are great boys.. 

Made some Chow Chow.. 

My Grandmother's recipe.. 

The wildflowers are all dried and ready to be put together when I get a minute.. 

Terry is pretty proud of his tomato crop.. 
So many large ones.. 
I made up two more batches of soup base that this dear girl below taught us to make.. 

We had a Keepers of the Home meeting and it was fun.. 

Carmen demonstrating how they make a root vegetable flavour base that they make in the old country of Romania... 
She just ground together some carrots, parsnips, celeriac, parsley root and rock salt.. 
Then you place an Aspirin on top to keep the mold away.  
Isn't that neat?  
You only use a tablespoon or so in your soup.. 

I put it in a fish chowder I made and the flavour was wonderful.. 

Some of the girls cut up veggies for Mustard Pickles and some decorated tables for a Married Couples Italian dinner we had that evening..
It was so much fun! 

But to tell you the truth most of our time the last few weeks have been spent at our house in St. Martins.. 

We were there during the full moon and it was simply beautiful on the Bay of Fundy.. 
Fall has arrived in this little coastal village where we have had a summer place for 21 years.. 
As you know my Mom hails from there and we have really enjoyed our days there.. 
Our grandsons were born after we bought the place so they play a big part in our memories of this old house.. 

We spent Thanksgiving there and our whole family were present.. 

My Mom and Gerald were there.. 

It was a lovely warm day and we all had a great time.. 

Everyone contributed to the dinner and that made it a lot easier for me.. 

Trevor likes to cook but his younger brother just likes to watch.. grin.. 

Aunt Shonda enjoys teasing her nephews.. 
The funny part of this picture is not Shonda sharing pics but it is of Trevor in the background trying so hard to make friends with Charlie... (Dustin's dog).. 
I think this was the first time he thought there was a prayer that they could be pals.. lol.. 
I can't help but laugh because the poor kid tries so hard.. 
He feeds him cheese slices and tid bits every time he sees him and then the next time Charlie just starts growling when he sees him again.. 
Terry said there wasn't enough cheese slices in the world to win him over but Trevor persists... lol.. Sorry, Trev... 
So funny... 

There is news for you.. 

We have sold our house and little cottage shop.. 
The last few weeks we have been packing and loading the truck and trailer and have brought up 3 loads.. 
Almost done, thank the Lord!
It has been a long process but we think it is time.. 
The boys are almost grown and are too busy to be down much and we love the farm.. 
That's all she wrote as they say.. 
We have many good memories and made such lovely friends.. 
And I so loved being with my cousins and family.. 

And of course the wonderful Bay of Fundy.. 

We have spent many hours listening to the waves and dropping off to sleep.. grin.. 

So glad the farm is only half an hour's drive from it.. 

I guess this is all for tonight... 

Thanks so much for dropping by and leaving your sweet notes.. 
I really appreciate you all and I will soon be home.. 
I can't wait till this is all over and things are kind of normal again.. 
I request your prayers ... 
This old girl is not the same as the one that moved into the cottage twenty years ago.. grin.. 

 I miss you guys... 
Talk soon and may God bless your sweet hearts! 


  1. Replies
    1. You surprised your old grandma, Jordan.. lol.. oxoxox

  2. LOL.. I read about Trevor and Charlie out loud to Gord. I could hardly read, for cracking up.. so funny :) Maybe Charlie knows if he growls he will get a peace offering. Rotfl...... Nice post and loved the pictures... Terry has a green thumb :)

  3. I enjoyed your post Faye and the news about selling your cottage home in St. Martins. Life changes things doesn't it. I'm sure you will miss it down there where you enjoy the 'wilder' cooler weather of the wind and waves. We sure have had a lovely warm fall here in NB so I can understand your still being at the farm for now. Take care and enjoy these last glorious days before the cold sets in. Blessings, Pam

    1. It has been a lovely Fall, Pam but though Terry wants to stay, I want to be home... xoxooxox

  4. A sweet post... all your family for Thanksgiving, your garden harvest. Hope you can get things wrapped up at the farm and be home again soon.

    1. Won't be long, Debi.. Thanks for dropping by. xoxo

  5. My goodness you have been busy, Faye. As you know I always love your photos as everything looks so lush over there. We do slow down somewhat when older I must admit :-)

    1. Yup.. But life is still good .. Only different, eh? xoxoox

  6. Rhonda at Down to Earth has also been posting about adapting our lives as we get older so that we can still achieve the things we enjoy but without being overwhelmed. Selling your place at the seaside must be bittersweet but perhaps a relief too? You are in my thoughts - we are all maturing ( like fine wine!).

    1. So right, Penny... Thanks for your sweet comment and thoughts.. xoox

  7. Rhonda at Down to Earth has also been posting about adapting our lives as we get older so that we can still achieve the things we enjoy but without being overwhelmed. Selling your place at the seaside must be bittersweet but perhaps a relief too? You are in my thoughts - we are all maturing ( like fine wine!).

  8. It was good to see a post from you. I always enjoy your posts and your pictures. I feel like we are old friends. Hopefully things will settle down some for you now that all that is out of the way. Big decision, I know. But sometimes it is just for the best.

    1. We truly are old friends, Donna even if just though the web. xoxoox

  9. I am so happy to see you, Faye...I love your daughters hair, smiles. Have a beautiful fall, friend. smiles

  10. It must be bitter sweet for you to sell the house and cottage shop that have been part of your life for so long. As one chapter closes another opens...I did smile about the dog, he probably growls because he knows he is going to get some more cheese.

  11. What beautiful pictures Faye. I love the one of the cliff.

  12. Lovely photo's! What a beautiful farm.

  13. Life continues to change, and that in itself is such a joy really. Selling your precious cottage must have been bittersweet, but the farm is there and the memories that you had from the cottage will always be with you. So good to hear from you again Faye :)

  14. Wow that is a huge surprise, Faye. But that is what life is... Change, then change again.. but that is good. we remember the good from the past and make new memories in the future. I know the feeling and I also know there are lots of good things in store! so pleased that your whole family were able to spend time time with you as you put the old house to bed for the last time. cheers, and much love xo

  15. I enjoyed seeing all your pictures of your time at the farm and at the cottage and then was sad to read about you selling the cottage but I do understand how difficult it must be to keep up with all the different properties. Terry's garden did amazing, love those big tomatoes! How fun to have your Thanksgiving at your cottage before you sold it, sweet memories for sure! We've had an unseasonable cold fall here and now have snow on the mountains ...funny how the weather is so strange this year. Life is full of changes isn't it!