Thursday, March 8, 2018

A Stormy Day here in New Brunswick...

Good Evening lovely people... 
Welcome to the Blessed Hearth.. 
So happy you dropped by.. 
We are in the midst of a storm here in New Brunswick.. 
The wind is blowing rather hard and snow is coming down.. 
It is to turn to rain later on tonight.. 
Typical March weather for Eastern Canada ... 
All is cozy and snug here on the home front, though.. 

Charlie likes to inspect it all and see how it's going out there.. 

Checks it all out and then wants back in.. 

Wondering on what is keeping me... grin.. 

I was in the pantry making some cookies.. 

We haven't had any around here since Christmas, I think.. 
I am saying that the weather made me do it.. grin.. 

In between house chores I was checking out some books I bought at the thrift stores this week.. 

Love the new cook book.. 
Miss Dahl's... 
She had a show on for awhile and I loved her vintage dishes and cooking style..  

I made her Spinach Barley Soup.. 
Oh my.. 
It was delicious!! 

Spinach barley soup

Recipe by Sophie Dahl from Miss Dahl's Voluptuous Delights
Serves 4-6
-3 tablespoons of olive oil
-1 onion, chopped
-2 large fresh sage leaves, chopped
-6 1/2 cups of vegetable stock
-6 cups of spinach, washed and chopped
-3/4 cup of pearl barley
-Salt and pepper
-1/2 cup of grated Parmesan
Heat the oil in a heavy-bottomed pan, put in the onion and sage leaves and cook on a low heat for about 5 minutes. While that's cooking, heat the stock in another pan. Stir the spinach into the onion mixture and cook for another few minutes. Pour in the hot stock and cook, covered, on a low heat for 10 minutes. Add the barley and leave it cooking for another half an hour or until the barley is soft. Season to taste. When it is ready, ladle into bowls and sprinkle the Parmesan on top.

I used chicken stock and did not add sage as I am not a sage lover... I used parsley and stirred the parm in the soup.. 

We had a lovely Caesar Salad in my new salad bowl for lunch..  

This afternoon I did up a tea towel that I picked up, too.. 

Hoping to do up a bunch of these... 

Terry worked outside blowing snow for awhile... 
I had bought myself a new wind chime from Amazon.. 
The one Dustin gave me has been beaten around a lot so I brought it in and ordered another one.. 
Terry put it outside our window last night and let us just say that we woke up quite often.. 
The wind was fierce..  
He said in the night.... 
" Something has got to change with that wind chime, Faye!"
So today he went out and put it around the corner.. 
Tonight we will see how that works.. grin.. 
Then he decided to have a break.. 
The paper and a race he had taped makes for a stormy afternoon.. 
And a few zzz's.. grin.. 

Charlie kept himself entertained at times.. 

I don't know what he thinks he sees out there.. 
He has to look under the dining room table and a tea trolley to see anything.. 
He give a few huffs every now and then.. 
One thing for sure is that he leaves a mess on the windows... 
Sometimes deer come and try to get some old apples that had fallen and so I think he is looking for them.. smile.. 

For supper I cooked a pork chop and a half.. 
I am not a meat eater and Charlie even gets half of my half.. grin. 
We also had baked potatoes.. 
Love love my potato baker.. 
Found it at a thrift store many years ago.. 
The potatoes taste just like oven baked but just a plug in instead of turning the big oven on.. 
A bit of coleslaw and pickles and that was supper.. 

Evening is here again... 

Time to light a bit of incense and make a cup of tea.. 

I am enjoying the sweet scent of these incense sticks I found at Chapters on half price.. They even came with it's own holder.. 
What a lovely smell.. 
I am thanking the Lord for the little cheque that finds it's way into my account now every month.. 
I am not a spender perse but sure enjoy these little finds.. smile.. 

Like this tea towel ... 


Thank you so much for visiting.. 
Sure have enjoyed your visit here on this stormy day.. 
Looking forward to hearing from you.. 
We need 2 more likes on the Face Book page to make 500.. 
(hint hint)  smile.. 

Take care and enjoy your sweet families and the last of these long evenings this week.. 

Time changes on the weekend and Spring is around the corner..
I will miss the long evenings, myself.. 

God is good ... 

Joining Friday Foto Friends...


  1. What a lovely post and photos . I am glad you are both safe and cozy there as the nasty winter weather pushes through the east coast . We have had some snow after a spring like warm up and thaw , not much snow but more then I would like . I am soo looking forward to spring now . I am always cleaning our sliding door from our Miggs slobber lol awe but I wouldn't have it any other way she is my fur baby and best friend and camera buddy . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !

  2. Dear me you do get cold weather over there, Faye. I guess you are used to it and have good heating to cope with it. Our winter is just around the corner after a very hot summer. I must try that soup recipe. It sounds delicious.

  3. XO to you, too!!!! I always forget to send you a hug and a tonight you get it first thing! Your pantry looks so inviting and so do those chocolate chip cookies!!! The spinach barley soup is something I am sure we will be trying. We made beef, tomato and vegetable soup last week. It tasted so good. There is nothing like homemade soup. I love your tea bright and cheery. You are going to laugh when I tell you what I have beenn doing lately - - - I have been painting rocks. You know the kindness rock fun that has been going around. It has been very relaxing for me...but I am not getting my other work done!!!!! Yikes! God be with you, Faye...and Terry, too. BYE BYE.


  4. Yes God is certainly good. It is Communion weekend here so I am busy baking some goodies for the fellowship. Love how you have trimmed the towel, you are an inspiration.

  5. What weather you have ! Our snow has been and gone and was not long lasting. Though some villages in the North of England have been stranded without water or food. Helicopters and the Army have been dropping supplies.
    Loved Sophie Dahl's TV series some time back.

  6. I was happy to see a post up from you, my friend. I loved hearing Terry's comment about the wind chime in the middle of the night. It sounded just like something my husband would have said. :-)

    Your cookies look delicious...makes me want to go right to the kitchen and get busy.

    I love what you are doing to with the towels. The crocheted part looks just like it was taken from my grandmother's crocheted doilies. Same color and everything!

    The soup looks good and I will probably give it a try. It brings me to something I wanted to share with you. Yesterday afternoon I made one of our favoite soups...Potato, Leek and Kale soup and I happened to think of your Daily Biscuit recipe. I decided that I would give it a try. I made the savory version using some dried basil and cheddar cheese. Hubby came home from work saying that he didn't want any soup for supper because his stomach had been upset since mid-morning. When the biscuits were done I put a couple on a plate and took to him. I had barely made it back to the kitchen when he said, "Red Lobster, eat your heart out!" Oh. my. goodness. Faye those are wonderful. I meant to take a picture and completely forgot until we'd eaten several. :) So next time I'll not be so greedy and make certain I take a picture. Oh...and I now understand why they are called DAILY Biscuits. :-) Oh so good.

  7. Enjoyed reading your blog tonight. I find them so interesting.

  8. I enjoyed your post. You look like you have a very cosy home. I see you are going to enjoy some cosy reads too with the second hand books. I just bought 5 second hands books this week at the thrift store pictured on my recent blog post. I've purchased a record 10 books this past month or so. I don't buy books anymore as I usually get them from the library and return them so I don't add to "stuff". I do love your pantry. How wonderful to have a real pantry. I also love the first photo of your dog outside. Stay warm and cosy and inside away from the storm. It's been quite cold out west but slowly warming.

  9. I loved seeing your photos.I like the one of the dog looking outside. I think they see more than we know sometimes!
    I will have to try that soup. Looks wonderful.

  10. Loved the photos of Charlie looking out of the window. Our Labrador does that too and is often cross and surprised to see another Labrador looking back at him!

  11. It was windy here on Thursday. My hair was down when I went to work, but it was flying out straight from my car to the store! HA! Now we have a few warmer days. Speaking of pork, I just cut up 2 pork chops to use for a couple different meals. One tomorrow and one goes into freezer for another time. As always, I enjoy your blog and hope you pop over and visit mine once in awhile. Blessings for the week ahead!

  12. I had a lovely visit here today - I want to find the Mis Dahl cookbook - looks like fun...also loved your biscuits in your previous post...I just became your newest follower ♥

  13. It looks like you got some great books at the thrift store. And the cookies you made look delicious!

  14. Hello again, Faye. I wanted to let you know that I made the creamy macaroni and hambruger casserole last evening for our supper. We both really enjoyed it. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe.

  15. Thank you so much for linking up last week... I'm so sorry to be so late to visit you back. Life's been crazy here lately. That soup looks delicious. And I don't have any right to complain about our weather when I see all the snow around the country. Hope you'll visit again soon. 💜