Friday, March 16, 2018

These days of March....

Happy Weekend my dears.. 
Friday has rolled around again already.. 
The weeks are flying by and we here in New Brunswick go from storm to storm each week.. 
Oh well.. 
We are looking forward to Spring days although there is not a lot of snow as we have had in the past.. 
Just no tulips or daffodils growing outside yet.. 
But the market has them and they sure do cheer up a stormy week.. 

So pretty... 
The days have been a full of comings and goings and a bit of doings.. 

Made a bit of bread and an apple pie.. 
I am not a pie maker like my Mom.. 
She is an expert.. 
I used to make 30 pies at a time to freeze but have lost the touch as far as rolling out the dough.. 
Terry thought it tasted good but I was not that happy with it.. 
I divided the Cinnamon Raisin Bread dough into two loaves.. 
One with raisins and one without.. 
The link is HERE..

Then we made a little road trip to Sussex. 

We have a bit of snow but nothing serious.. 
It is a pretty drive which you who have followed the blog has seen pics of every season, I think.. smile.. 

We came home to a one of our chickens which we raised at the farm.. 
All cooked and ready to go.. 

I just had to make the Couscous and boil some potatoes.. 

It was so delicious!!  
Here is the link is HERE

My dear hubby had mashed potatoes.. As you are aware he is just not too adventurous.. grin.. 
He liked the roasted chicken with the lemon and crushed fennel seeds but asking him to eat Couscous with olives just was not happening.. It was not a lot of work so we had both..  

A little teapot I picked up at the Thrift.. 
It did not have a handle but when I was cleaning out the pantry I found one on the top shelf...Fitted perfectly.. 
Love green Depression glass.. 
Do you?  I actually love pink also although I gave most of mine to Shonda.. 

Looking through the mint to a snowy day out there.. 

Dear old Charlie is wondering why I have been taking his pic so often lately.. 
I told him to blame Penny.. smile.. 
She is a sweet follower who enjoys pics of Charles.. 
Here he is when he was just a baby.. 

Cute, eh!!  

Still making biscuits here and there.. 

So nice on a snowy afternoon with a cup of tea and Rhubarb jam... 
Recipe HERE

Just found this lovely cookbook on my bookshelves.. 

One of my favourite cookbook authors.. 
Marion Cunningham.. 
I had bought it awhile ago and kind of forgot about it.. 

Terry brought me up a grocery bag of tomatoes that I froze last fall.. 

Such a great way to put away tomatoes for a day when you are not so busy as one is in the autumn.. 
A nice winter's afternoon is a great time to do up a big pot of tomato soup.. 
Just hold them under a hot water tap and they peel so easily and they taste wonderful.. 

Made a Chicken Pie for supper.. 
It was very tasty.. 
The recipe was in Marion's cookbook above.. 
Sorry about all the cooking going on here this post.. 
I guess it is all I have for tonight.. 

I am about finished... 
Tis evening.. 
Time for this old gal to go to bed.. 
I love to read a bit every night and the bedding has all been changed and smells like Gain.. 
The window will be open and the wind is blowing.. 
Terry found the right spot for my new wind chime.. grin.. 
I would say that all is well and God has been faithful!
So appreciate Him tonight.. 

Thank you sweet friends for dropping by the Blessed Hearth another time... 
I do look forward to your sweet comments and thank you so much to the new followers and likes on the Face Book page.. 
We are now over 500.. 
I don't worry about the numbers but it is a bit rewarding so thank you ... 

May God bless and keep you and your sweet families.. 
Enjoy your time with them.. 
Tis fleeting.. 


  1. Such a cozy home and the food pics . . . well, you make me drool!

  2. I love your food photos... they inspire me! I didn't know you could freeze tomatoes whole... you learn something new every day!

  3. I’d like to come and live with you. Please?

  4. That chicken pie looks so yummy! And that chicken...oh so pretty. We are still making biscuits here, too. ~wink~

  5. Everything you prepared looks scrumptious! And those biscuits, wish mine baked up that high. Are there raisins or some other dried fruit in them?

    1. Hi Mary.. Yes, they are raisins my dear.. Thank you so much for visiting and leaving me your note.. xo

  6. Hello Faye.......Everything that you talked about or had pictures was everything I am interested in. I will be calling my sister in South Carolina tomorrow about your tomatoes. She used to be a great gardener but the soil in South Carolina and New York state is surely a lot different. Jim and I love chicken pot pie! It is one of outr favorite meals. Yours looks extra delicious. Everything you do is fun for me to think about. Have a great week and say hello to Terry for me!!!!!!!

  7. Oh my, everything looks so beautiful. Makes me want to stop in for a cup of tea. It's been far too long. Your home is and always has benn so inviting!

  8. Faye, your chicken pie looks delicious! I made on last week on a very cold day...comfort food I think!
    I always enjoy your chat and your lovely photos.

  9. Hi Faye

    Your home always looks welcoming and so different each time you post photos. It is so lovely. We have a second round of bad weather starting here in the UK - being named as "Beast of the East Part 2". The weather was bad a few weeks ago and we complain but nothing like yours. We are hunkered down it is too cold and it has already started snowing here despite being forecast for tomorrow. Its as though someone is either shaking the feather pillows or sprinkling icing on butterfly cakes as it is all very gentle and not really settling yet but if it does it will drift because of the wind. Your baking looks lush as well. I always freeze whole tomatoes too either for an additional batch of chutney in the run up to Christmas, to make soup and I also freeze the whole cherry tomatoes whole and OH has them with a full English breakfast cooked from frozen in the frying pan until caramelised and cooked through. I like them done this way too as I think it freshens the plate and the palate up too. I also collect lots of things but the Green Glass (we know it as Uranium glass here) is a particular favourite. Always dresses the table up nicely for a big dinner for family or when having friends in for a meal. Keep safe, keep snug and warm. Take care Pattypan xx

  10. Faye surely it will warm up there soon. I can't imagine what it would be like seeing snow all the time but I guess you are well and truly used to it. Lovely photos as usual.

  11. Dearest Faye, always such a joy to visit your lovely home. Thank you for sharing a bit of cooking with us. I am slowly getting back into cooking and baking more. Such a rewarding experience to sit to a meal prepared from scratch, isn't it? Enjoy your weekend dear lady :) ... maria

  12. How adorable Charlie was as a puppy and how handsome now! I love the quizzical look in his eyes when you take his photo. It is snowing here so your pictures are very cheery and welcome. Surely spring must be near?!

  13. Lovely post...I feel all warm and cozy with all you've shared.
    Mama Bear

  14. I love your posts Faye. So warm and comforting. Please keep them coming.

  15. Oh all your foods and recipes always look soo good I can imagine your kitchen always smells soo YUMMY ! WOW you have a lot more snow then we do we only have a patch here and there now and they are nearly gone now to. More snow for the northern part of our Provence Ontario next week but for us in southwestern part are to get more sunshine and milder temps YIPPY come on spring ,Thanks for sharing and Have a good weekend .

  16. Coming here to read is like a big ole hug!! Love it, so much. I made Chicken Pie the other evening, too. Yours looks delish!!!!! And, those biscuits... :)

  17. oh es, I have several Marian Cunningham cookbooks too. not the one you show tho. But can always trust them for something yummy.. and such a smart with the little handle for the teapot.. wow that was super... and I love the tomato tip of removing the skins.. I'm going to do that next time. just lovely!! xo

  18. I enjoyed your post and the food looks delicious! I need to make some biscuits. Also need to get my meat out of freezer for tomorrow's dinner. My daffodils are nearly done blooming. So far the siding workers haven't destroyed them which is nice. My tulip stems are coming thru and so are my peonies! Hope you warm up there soon! Blessings for your week!

  19. Hello sweet Faye! Always so wonderful to drop in for a visit with you! You are always so industrious, cooking and baking up such delightful meals! And so fun to get out and take a drive with your husband, loved the picture of the snowy roads. We are finally seeing sights of spring here, which is wonderful! Most of our snow is melting away and the robins are singing. I struggle with pie crusts too, I can make them, but they can be finnicky. Your pies looked delicious nonetheless! Hoping that spring comes soon to your world too :)

  20. Thankyou for this blog. You write with such a beautiful style and I love the photos. I live in Australia and do so enjoy the snow pictures and hearty jealous sometimes when we are dripping with sweat and can only manage a salad. Keep it up you brighten my day.