Sunday, May 20, 2018

Spring Ramblings...

Hello there everyone,, 
Glad you could stop by for a bit.. 
We are having a lovely Sunday here in New Brunswick.. 
We woke up this morning to rain falling outside the bedroom window and dripping off of the roof.. 
I thought I would lay in a bit and just listen.... 
My darling wind chime would do a little clang now and then but once my eyes are open I get thinking about that coffee and up I get.. grin.. 
Terry bought me a new perk for our anniversary and I am sold... 
We have been using a drip one or the Keurig for ages... 
I saw this one at Walmart .. It looked like one of the old fashioned ones with the basket inside and coffee splashing up on the glass cover..
The coffee is so much better.. 
Worth getting up for shall we say.. 
Sitting in my chair, the rain pelting the window and a nice hot cup of coffee in my hand started my day off right.. 

We were looking forward to church this morning..
We always look forward to it but a bit more shall we say..  
There was a concert and it was wonderful.. 
Southern Gospel at it's best and good preaching in between.. 
Matt Linton..
Felt blessed to hear it..
My Mom and Step Father were there and we all went out for lunch.. 
So all in all a lovely day... 

We were up to the farm the other day.. 
It is greening up there really well .. 
The brook is flowing and it is fishing season here.. 

I find it stays colder up there but things are beginning to leaf out.. 
The flag has had the biscuit so I have that to look forward to when Terry climbs that ladder and does his thing.. 
I am not going to write about it this time though.. lol.. 

I was so excited to see the garlic was spared this winter... 
We should have quite a few... 
Looking forward to the Scapes and making some Pesto with them.. 
The Lilac Tree is starting to leaf out, too... 
Aunt Eva loved this tree.. smile.. 

We are not moved up there yet by a long way.. 
So much to do in getting all the stuff from the cottages sorted... 
pray for me.. smile.. 

Here at home the Forget Me Nots are out and the White Violets.. 

Love little bouquets of them here and there... 
 A lot of my herbs came back at the farm and I am glad.. 

Here though I only have Lovage and Chives... 
This is my Lovage plant a few years ago... 

It is only half that size right now.. 
Perfect for making pickles.. 
I did these on Saturday.. 

Cut the stems and trim the leaves... 
Cut them up and put them in sterilized bottles with a bay leaf and half a tsp. of  hot chili flakes.. 

Make your fave brine and pour over... 
I used my Hot Pickled Veggie recipe.. 
Oh my.. they are good.. to me.. (I mean)  
As usual not for Terry.. grin... 

The leaves I cleaned off the stems were put in a dehydrator... 

They are all dried and ready to be blitzed tomorrow into a powder that I used in place of salt... 

And my Spring treat is the hollow stem in a glass 
of tomato or Clamato juice...  

A nice afternoon drink or whenever.. 

Spring to me means buying my Lemon Geranium... 
We always have one on the deck.. 
It is supposed to keep away bugs.. 
I like to stick a leaf or two in my vacuum bag, too... 

And of course we can't forget the Rhubarb.. 
It is just beginning but Terry brought in enough for a batch of 
Rhubarb Scones... 

I just used the recipe for the Daily Biscuits I shared with you a bit ago and added 1 cup of finely chopped rhubarb and a bit of cinnamon and replaced the white sugar for brown... 
He did like these.. 
Especially served with Rhubarb and Pineapple Jam.. 
From last year.. 
I need to make some more as soon as I can.. 
So much to do and so little time, eh?  
Oh well a bit here and a bit there... 
If I were to pick a fave Canadian season it would be Spring.. 
What is yours? 

We had some sweet company yesterday.. 
Trevor and Joel went to the woodlot and then stopped by for a few minutes... 
For you girls who follow the blog you no doubt remember me explaining about Trevor's love for Charlie saga ... 
Unrequited love, though.. 
It is so sad.. smile
The dear lad does everything he can to make Charlie like him.. 
To even be civil would be nice.. grin.. 

But before Trevor even got in the house I could hear Charlie growling in his kennel... 
I looked out and there was Joel so I knew Trevor was near.. 
Pretty soon the dog really starts barking and in comes Trev... 
"Hello Charlie Boy!"  
The dog just keeps barking.. 

I made him go get in his kennel and the whole time he keeps giving  a deep growl...   

Trevor as always goes to the fridge for a slice of cheese and begs Charlie to come out and get it.. 
As you can see... 
All Charlie does is poke out and growl.. 
Then he would lift his head and bark like crazy... 

Trev kept trying but what a stubborn dog... 

The pic is the last little piece... 
Trevor enjoyed the cheese.. lol... 

He is really Dustin's dog and has only one master... 
And one mistress.. lol.. 
It took him a year to warm up to Terry but just so so... 

Well, sweet girls I hope you are all having a lovely Spring.. 

Trials come and go but the One who holds our hand keeps us stable.. 

Life is what you make it... 

Thanks so much for stopping by and so love your comments here and on Face Book... 
Thanks for following the blog and liking the page.. 
Really appreciate hearing from you... 

God bless you dear girls and enjoy your days... 


  1. Beautiful pictures! Do you ever share your pickle recipe? :)

    1. Hi Sandi... Sure, I do... I think I may have posted this once but forget...
      The brine is
      1 quart of cider vinegar
      3 quarts of water
      1/3 heaping cup of coarse salt
      You just bring this to a boil and pour over veggies..
      Add a bay leaf and 1/2 tsp. hot chili flakes if desired..
      To the hot mixed veggies add 1/8 tsp. oil on top.. and hot peppers to taste.. If you have any questions just ask... xo

  2. As usual, such a lovely post! I would never leave the farm if I were you! Such a beautiful place. Can you please make some of those scones and ship them to me! LoL They look so yummy!

    Grace & Peace,

  3. oh the rhubarb scones sound delicious! Maybe i should go back and look at the recipe and write it down. I prepped a few things for dinner this eve so Phil will only have a bit to do...he gets home b4 me so he cooks dinner some nights. My lilac bush is done blooming and my rhodendron tree,,,not a bush any so pretty that I love seeing it every day. Have a blessed week!

  4. I love scones but have never tried making them with rhubarb, they sound delicious. Yes I will be making them.

  5. I had a lovage plant for years. I need to get another one. I never thought of pickling it. Sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing. God bless.

  6. I have never grown lovage, nor realised it could be pickled.
    Your scones look delicious!

  7. I always enjoy your pictures, especially the farm scenes and mountains and streams. Our son was home recently and I made one of his favorite pies which is fresh Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. Your Rhubarb and biscuits looks good too. Makes me think I should make some jam too. Charlie reminds me of our son's dog. When he comes she loves to sit with me but doesn't really like my husband or want him to come around. I have to send her to her kennel at times too. lol Our pink dogwood has finished blooming as most flowering trees here have in south central PA but the rhododendrons are just coming out and are dazzling beautiful!! I love spring too. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Loved this post, Faye. The pictures of the farm are my very favorites. Such a funny story about Trevor and Charlie. That is one opinionated dog!

  9. Faye, that is interesting that you make lovage powder to use instead of salt. I must look into getting a plant as I don't think we have ever grown that plant. Here in Australia our Spring season can be really hot and in our area it used to be a cool season but not any more. It used to be my favourite season but not Autumn (your Fall) is as it easier to get work done in the cool rather than when you have to cope with heatwaves. Enjoy your Spring as it looks lovely and green over there.

  10. I love your posts and pictures! So inspiring. I'm going to look for a lemon geranium!
    Also, would you share how you make your coffee in the percolator? I have one, and would love to use it, but I'm not sure how!

    1. Hi dear.. Sure.. All I do is add the amount of water we need... Usually, 6 cups for the morning then 3 Tablespoons of coffee to the basket... Plug it in and when it stops perking, the green light comes on and it is finished.. Just pour and serve.. xmile... xoxoxo

  11. Love the story about Charlie. My parents had a dog that had an aversion to tall men which was difficult as my husband is 6ft 4in. They gave the dog a home when she was about 7yrs so we think she had a bad experience when she was young. She tolerated my husband in the end but would shrink from other tall men.
    Love the photos of the farm and countryside.

  12. Your rhubarb jam has made me long for some. I’m mad for rhubarb. Would you mind sharing what the brand your new percolator from Walmart is? I would love to buy one. Is it electric or stovetop?

  13. As always a wonderful post and photos . Our lilacs are in full bloom and they smell wonderful as do our flowering trees . Our gardens are also in full bloom with spring flowers some are already done and the summer flowers are budding. I would have to say my fave seasons are spring and summer . I am a tea drinker first thing in the mornings and yes I am an early riser this time of year I love to sit outside under out patio porch and have tea whilst in my jammies and watch and listen to the land and birds wake then slowly start my day ! Thanks for sharing have a good weekend !