Monday, May 7, 2018

Bits of Our Days...

Good Evening everyone... 
Hope all is well with you.. 
Here in New Brunswick all is not well.. 
A lot of our province is flooded.. 

There was a lot of snow up in the northern parts and as it melts it flows into the St. John River which runs towards the Bay of Fundy in the southern part... 
All the rivers, lakes and bays related to this is flooding big time.. 
Such a shame.. 
Homes, businesses, farms, cottages and camping grounds are under water... 
The city of Fredericton and St. John and all areas in between are in a battle with rising waters.. 
The main highway to Fredericton is closed as is numerous roads and by ways.. 
Terry and I went for a drive to Hampton yesterday to see for ourselves.. 
There are so many pics and videos on Face Book but until you see some of it for yourself it is really hard to imagine.. 
It was a lovely sunny day after a very rainy windy night.. 

*I did up this post yesterday (Sunday) but did not post it until tonight.. sorry... 

The little village of Bloomfield had to close two bridges.. 
The  Kennebecasis River is like a long lake... 
This cemetery is very close to being flooded.. 
Roads are closed everywhere... 
The Belleisle Bay and Grand Lake all have ruined cottages and travel trailors submerged ... 
The poor dears.. 
At least a cottage is not your home and there are so so many homes completely ruined.. 
Our hearts go out to these people.. 
It is the worst flood in the history of our province.. 
Sending prayers that the waters will subside.. 
It is to rain here again tonight and tomorrow...
*thank the Lord it did not rain much and the sun came out today (Monday)

Here we are fine as we do not live near any waterways.. 

On to other things.. 
Made the most delicious corn chowder the other day.. 

Cut the corn off of a couple of ears of fresh corn, a can of corn, some potatoes and diced onions... cooked a couple of strips of bacon and such.. 
Then some cream... 
Yes, it was a treat for sure... 

Soon be in the salad season, I can't wait to have fresh salad greens and such.
I have seen some Coltsfoot growing, though so we will soon have dandelions.. 
This rain has greened up the grass so fast... 

It will soon be herb time.. 
My favourite garden plants.. 

Did up a mason jar of dried rosemary leaves this week.. 
It was from the herb beds last summer at the farm.. 
Smells so heavenly.. 
I think I need to roast a chicken this week... 

We are trying to get more housecleaning done but last week was almost a write off.. 

We did have a town day but then I had to go for a doctor's appointment and then another trip to Sussex on Thursday to see a play that our youngest grandson was in.. 
It was simply divine!! 
 Anne of Green Gables.. 
They did such a professional play.. 
I so love Anne and of course our grandson, Joel was awesome!!  
Joel is the teacher... There is Anne and her best friend Dianna..

Joel is the doctor here... 

And the whole cast... 
These pics are courtesy of the Sussex Christian School.... 

One more thing.. 

We had a Keepers of the Home meeting... 
First for a long time.. 
It was lovely.. 
Made some wonderful waffles by Lindsay, 
blueberry pie by Carmen and I shared the 
Homemade Hamburger Helper recipes... 

Made the Lasagne one last night for supper and it was really good.. 
For you girls who attended I found mini lasagne noodles at the Bulk Barn.. 
Very good price... 

Well, dear hearts this is it for tonight.. 
Not much going on here at home but wanted to post something.. smile.. 
Thanks for being patient with me.. 

I thought I would share my sweetest blessing for today.. 
This morning in church three of our grandsons sat behind us and when they had the song service I could hear their dear voices singing out praises to the King of Kings.. 
So blessed that they know Jesus... 
Touched my soul.... 

Below is a wonderful link for you girls who love your kitchens.. 
I found it inspiring and hope you do too.. 

cotes mill HERE

Enjoy your week and may God richly bless you all.. 
I will pray for you and you pray for me... 


  1. I feel so bad for all the people with flooded properties.. it is devastating and will take quite some time and much money to recover from. take care xo

  2. My heart went out to all those affected by the floods, praying that the water subsides soon. Always a joy to attend church with loved ones, uplifting.

  3. How terrible to see those flooded places. We have had the same in UK in the past and people have suffered terribly.
    What an interesting video on Cotes Mill.

  4. Anne of Green Gables has been my favourite lifelong book. How exciting to have the stage play. Lovely.

  5. So sorry to hear of the flooding. I pray it ends soon and no lives are lost. I agree with you, so sweet to hear our family singing praises to God.

  6. Sorry to hear about the flooding - it leaves such mess behind doesn't it.
    Loved to see lily of the valley in the photos at the head of your blog - I have some flowering in my garden now - such a wonderful fragrance.