Sunday, May 13, 2018

Today was Mother's Day....

Hello there my dears.. 
Today was Mother's Day here in Canada.. 
We woke up to a lovely sunny day with a brisk breeze and just a bit cool... 
May is such a lovely month, don't you think?  
The flood waters are receding here in New Brunswick, thank the Lord!  
Grass is green and the dandelions are out... 
Spring has finally arrived... 

This week I made a wee craft to go with my Mom's Mother's Day gift... 

Last Summer I put together a Rose Potpourri which is my mother's favourite scent.. 
I had already gave her some but she was saying that she loves it so and keeps moving it from place to place.. smile.. 
I had some left so I thought I would make her a basket to put some more in... 
I found a recipe to starch the doilies.. 
You can find the link HERE
You only use sugar and water.. 
So easy... 

They turned out fine.. 
She loved it.. 
We went to church and after had a bite to eat and then went to visit Mom... 

She was having her afternoon nap in the rocking chair and her cat, Mable was resting in a chair beside her.. smile.. 

Mom and my Step Father love their cat... 

The first pic up top is my Mom at five years old with her cat.. 
She still loves them and always have.. 

I love cats, too!
Terry not so much.. smile.. 

We had only been there a bit when the phone rang... 

It was Shonda wishing her Gram a happy mother's day.. 
Mom really enjoys hearing from her grand kids.. 
Don't we all?  smile.. 

Mom also loves her plants.. 
They are everywhere.. 
On window sills, benches and tables.. 

She has quite a green thumb and has always stuck lemon, orange and pepper seeds in pots just to see if they will grow.. 

I received my love of wild flowers from her.. 
She knows the name of so many wild flowers and shared her knowledge with my sister and myself.. 
There are just the two of us girls and we both love cats, plants and flowers.. 

That is what mamas do, eh?  
Share their loves with their children.. 
The main love she shared with us was her love of the Lord..
He has so blessed our lives.. 

See all the old dishes in the china cupboard...
Yup... me too!!  grin... 

I don't share my pic on here or anywhere very often.. 
I do not take a good photo like my husband and children but Mom and I are getting older and just thought it would be nice to remember this special day.. 
We had our windows down and my hair shows it but never the less.. smile.. 

So thankful to be able to share this day with Mom .. 
And with our children.. 

Last week I was sick and was not sure if I would be well enough today so the plans they made to be together in church and dinner had to be postponed... 
I am feeling better but still on meds.. 
Nothing serious...

They all called though and we are getting together later.. 
Except for our youngest.. 
As you know he is out west but he called first thing this morning and sent home a gift for me...

So love all of our children, their spouses and grandchildren.. 

Shonda and Tammy are wonderful mothers to our grandsons ... 
So blessed... 

This is all for tonight dear ladies.. 
I pray you had a wonderful day and have enjoyed the love of your sweet families.. 

Sending hugs your way... 



  1. You and your mom look lovely! We had mother's day in USA as well....miss not hearing from my son today. Maybe something tomorrow. I'm enjoying my flowers that are blooming. Blessed week my friend!

  2. My mother used to stiffen her doilies with sugar water, too, but could never figure out why they kept going limp--until years later when I confessed to sucking on them as a child.

  3. What a beautiful Mother's Day! Andrea

  4. It's a beautiful photo of you both.

  5. Beautiful picture of you and your mom. God bless.

  6. A beautiful photo of you and your sweet Mum. Thrilled to hear you had such a good day and heard from all your family. Mothers Day here in the UK is March.

  7. Such a treasure the picture will become! I wish I had some pics of my Mama and I. Hope you feel better soon!

    Grace & Peace,

  8. There's something wrong with people who don't like cats!!!!!

  9. I love the picture of you and your mother. Beautiful!

  10. You and your Mom are absolutely beautiful ladies!
    Blessings to both of you,