Saturday, June 23, 2018

A Prince Edward Island visit and culinary experience..

Hello dear hearts.. 
So glad you dropped by..
I have finally made it here.. smile.. 
Better late then never, I hope.. smile.. 

Today's post is about a lovely little event I attended in beautiful Prince Edward Island.. 
We had some company up from Arkansas for a few days and then they travelled on to the Island.. 
They invited me to join them in a culinary class on Wednesday.. 
Oh yeah!

Terry and I were up and about and headed out around six o'clock in the morning.. 
It only takes us an hour and a half to make it to the Confederation Bridge..  
It was such a beautiful morning... 
We drove northward through such lovely farmlands and quaint little villages.. 
And in about a half hour we arrived in New London just on time at this lovely building.. 

An old United Church.. 

Our friends were there and ready for our class.. 

The men along with Charlie headed out for their own adventure.  
Us gals went inside.... 
Oh my... Isn't it lovely! 
It is called... The Table... 

You girls who follow the blog know my love for antique or vintage dishes and they are featured everywhere.. 

Tea was being served to those who were early enough to enjoy... 
We wandered around admiring the decor... 

Remnants of the church were featured here and there.. 
Altar chairs and pews amongst them.. 

I loved the window frames with old plates.. 
And antique love seats and wing back chairs here and there.. 

The ceiling has been stripped away and it is just so lofty and airy.. 
This was the belfry.. 

On centre stage was the glorious old table set with eclectic place settings..
China, candlesticks, goblets and cutlery.. 
Cloth napkins and napkin rings each different from the other made it so lovely..  
Only eighteen places... 
And one was mine.. smile.. 
I was just so excited! 

Then at the back..
The kitchen... 
An old antique hutch was repurposed for an island... 
I wish I had taken a pic but it was green.. (my fave colour)

There on the counter top was our first task... 
Each person was to have a hands on experience by helping with each dish.. 

We seasoned the chicken and made the stuffing.. 

We each had our own individual cutting boards, knives, peeler and veggies.. 

The chef who was trained in the culinary school in Charlottetown taught us some neat knife skills and peeling and chopping tips.. 
We did potatoes, carrots and onion.. 

We made biscuits and cake and they were put in the oven.. 
We learned a method of stacking the biscuit dough to create layers in the biscuit and each helped with the rolling and mixing of the cake batter.. 

Then we moved on to making Cod Fish Cakes.. 

Glazed the carrots and mixed up baked beans... 
Also some turnip was piped into cones and baked in the oven.. 

I loved this way to store and display kitchen tools.. 

And spices.. 

The views out of the window were gorgeous!
We chatted among ourselves and met folks from the U. S. A. 
Becky learned that one couple had a cottage home in the same area as her parents and another couple from two different states had a common friend.. 
Such a small world we live in.. 

Very soon all was ready and we took our places.. 
All eighteen of us.. 
Just beautiful!!..
I so love a pretty table... 
Don't you?  

First course..

Cod Fish Cakes decorated with Johnny Jump Ups.. 
I like their peppery flavour ... 
Salted Cod Fish was used for the fishcakes along with mashed potatoes and onion.. 

The biscuits were tasty... 

Roast Chicken, turnip, stuffing, glazed carrots and baked beans.. 

Then the dessert!! 

Simply delicious!

During the lunch a dear girl shared her knowledge of 
Lucy Maud Montgomery author of the Anne of Green Gables books.. 

I had such fun and would recommend it to anyone who loves the kitchen.. grin.. 

They also serve eighteen guests each night during summer.. 
Different menus and different guests each night.
Here is their link.. 

I am thankful to have had such an enjoyable experience.. 
I was telling Shonda that I was so excited that I just kept smiling and then I noticed Christine (owner) taking pics of everyone and I thought she probably wondered ....... grin.. 

They will be emailing us more pics and recipes soon... 
I will be smiling in every picture.. lol... 
Neat though,  eh! 

I thought I would share the rest of our day with you... 

We bid our friends farewell and headed for New Brunswick.. 
We noticed some chickens on someone' s lawn.. 

Terry knows how well I love Victoria by the Sea so we decided to at least have a peek in on our way home.. 

It was as beautiful as ever.. 

Little streets filled with colourful shops and homes.. 
I love the Book Store above.. 

It was just a quick trip around town a couple of times enjoying each street... 
Looking at their gardens and such.. 

Then back to the harbour... 

We pulled over to the side and put our windows down.. 

The wind was blowing, the Lupins were dancing in the breezes 
and the waves were calling our names.. 
We laid our heads back and just relaxed for a half hour.

A boat was coming into harbour..

The sea air was just so enchanting!  
I wish I could buy a candle that smelled like that...  

We arrived home around six o'clock... 
Only twelve hours and all that enjoyment.. 

But still... 
There is no place like home... 
Thank you, Lord.... 

Well, that is it for today my friends.. 
Will share more with you again.. 
Probably some farm journals quite soon.. 

We had coffee with our friends today on their homeward journey to Arkansas.. 
May God give them safe travels... 

And may God bless and keep you sweet ladies.. 
I look forward to hearing from you all and have a great Lord's Day tomorrow!



  1. Hello Faye. What an exciting day for you two. Thank you for taking us on the trip with you, I enjoyed seeing all the beauty along the way and the trip around the town and the harbor. But the church was Awesome. It is so beautiful and what a wonderful adventure...culinary class....and that kitchen, the food and that Table! Wow...such a happy day you had. Thanks for sharing. Blessings.

  2. Wow....what a wonderful day! So happy for you.I can't wait for you to share the layered biscuit idea. Everything looked so good and so much fun to have a hands on experience...I also love, Victoria By The Sea. I was there last Aug. and enjoyed the day. Great seafood and chocolate, as well as so many other things....thanks for sharing your busy day ...May God continue to bless you and always Pat.

  3. Can hardly wait to chat my friend. Sounds so awesome

  4. Such a beautiful place! I wish I could visit Canada before I die! Thanks for posting about your beautiful country. At least I can feel like I've been there!

    Grace & Peace,

  5. Oh, Faye, what a wonderful day you had!! I am envious... we have traveled to PEI a half dozen times, but it's been many years. We would love to go again some day, and Lord willing, we will be able to.

    Thank you for sharing such a blessed day and so many pictures with your readers.

  6. I'm so excited that I just found your blog and it's so crazy that I found it right now because I just finished an Anne of Green Gables project for my blog.
    All of the food you made looks delicious!

  7. What a wonderful day you had - the place settings are so pretty. The seaside is so refreshing isn't it - I'm sure its good for our souls to breathe fresh sea air and relax for a while. Thank you for your kind blessings which I also send to you and your family.

  8. Thank you so much for sharing your day with us. It sounds like so much fun. I am so glad you got to do it. I love all the pictures. God bless.

  9. Such an adventure for you Faye. It all looks so beautiful, a whole day full of lovely surprises! Looks like you had oodles of fun! Thank you for sharing your day with us :)