Sunday, July 1, 2018

The last part of June...

Hey there everyone... 

Happy Canada Day!  
And a lovely one it is here in New Brunswick.. 
A bit hot but I am not complaining! smile... 
We have had such a cold Spring that we are all welcoming the heat wave, I think.

Hope all is well in your part of the world and am so happy you dropped by for a few minutes... 

Just a post of a few things we have been doing.. 
Last week we went to the farm for a couple of days.. 
Trying to get through the mayhem of the selling of our places in St. Martins.. 
Accomplished quite a lot.. 
Have the kitchen pretty well cleared and the pantry almost finished.. 
While we were there the second day I made dinner.. 

I think a lot of us Maritimers still cook according to Marilla's Table.. 
In the last post I posted of a culinary class in P. E. I. and it was just down home food, really.. 

One of the dishes I grew up with was called Codfish Gravy.. 
Nowadays, I use whatever fish we happen to have.. This was actually Sole... 
It is just a white sauce with fish fillets and I usually add a bit of shrimp or scallops unless it is actually cod... 
A sprinkle of chili pepper flakes and some chopped herbs.. 
We always serve it over mashed potatoes... 
Notice the new cut on my carrots.. grin.. 
And a simple cucumber salad.. 
Nothing fancy but good for a rainy day there.. 

My rhubarb was getting away on me so took a couple days and preserved some..  

A Rhubarb Cordial type of juice... 

Pour a bit into glasses with ice and top with Sprite or Soda water.. 
Very refreshing and with it canned it will keep all winter.. 
Lovely for punch, also... 

Then I had to try out a new BBQ sauce.. 

This was so good that I made 2 batches of it.. 
Terry ate half of a bottle instead of just having it on the meat.. smile.. 

A lovely plant that Trevor and family gave me for Mother's Day is so pretty this morning that I had to take a pic... 

The rain the last few days has really perked the outside plants up... 

Love my inside plants, too...

Geraniums in the living room... 

And this huge one in the spare room on the window seat.. 
When we move to the farm I will put them on the deck out there... 

I didn't post the pics we took of our day trip to the Fundy Trail with our friends from Arkansas... 
St. Martins is as beautiful as ever.. 

And the Fundy Trail is amazing.. 

You cannot imagine the rock they had to get through to make this beautiful drive.. 

And the hills were a bit scary for my friend.. 
We are used to it as we try to visit every summer once at least.. 
Love the Bay of Fundy and when we get to the farm we will only be a half hour away once again... 

Received some pics and recipes from the Table in my email this week of the classes we took.. 
I am learning the chopping skills right here.. 
Must have been concentrating... 

Anyway, dear hearts that is about all for today.. 
Although I do want to mention that it is our youngest son's birthday!  
This is one of my fave pics of him.. 
It was taken several years ago.. 
With dear old Sammie.. 
Dustin lives out west now and we couldn't really share the day with him except through calls and texting... 
We are so thankful for this dear son of ours.. 
He is such a blessing and we all love him so much... 
He does read my blog or at least look at the pics so I wanted to wish him Happy Birthday here, too... smile.. 
Thank God everyday for our sweet family... 

And thank you sweet friends for your visits and comments.. 
I love hearing from you and on Face Book page I try to comment back.. 
If you have a question I will try to answer it here.. 
To be honest it is easier on FB because I can do it through my tablet.. 
Here I have to get on my laptop and it is a pesky thing as if I move it turns off sometimes.. grin.. 
I should get a new one someday but I love this one as I am so used to it.. 

Anyway my friends have a lovely weekend and may God bless and keep you and your families... 



  1. Thanks for the recipes! The barbeque sauce looks great! Someone told me that if one keeps cutting the rhubarb stems, and will continue to grow more stems.....???? I don't have any of my own and must depend on the generosity of friends for 'pie plant'.

  2. The barbeque sauce sounds delicious, something I will certainly be trying. Such a lovely photo of your son. Like you I am thankful for technology that keeps out family together.

  3. As always, love your pictures and may try that BBQ sauce some time. It is hot here in south central PA too but that is o.k. with us as this is the first real week of summer we have had. I think 9 weekends of rain and cloudy cool weather for May through June. Look forward to your posts when you get to the farm.

  4. Rhubarb is such a good plant, it goes on growing for a long time. I pull out the stalks frequently, and yes, new ones grow. It freezes very well too.

  5. A lovely post thank you for sharing it. Have a wonderful week.

  6. Your rhubard drink sounds delicious. Wish there was more time for me to can fruit. Most I do is applesauce in the fall. Get blueberries for later on for baking. Your flowers are pretty. I enjoy mine dailty and even when I water them....keeps them alive!!! I enjoy your blog and it's the only one I read tonight b4 heading to bed. One day done this week of work! Have a blessed week!

  7. Dear Faye,

    I love rhubarb, and have some waiting for me to pick out in the veggie patch. I like to make cake or pudding with ours.

    Happy birthday to your boy, thank goodness for the internet for keeping in touch with dear loved ones.

    Thank you for sharing such a lovely post. The top picture looks just perfect to me.

    Many blessings,


  8. Thanks for sharing the recipe and the pictures. I may have to try the bbq sauce. Jess's family loves bbq sauce on so many things. Enjoy your day and God bless.