Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dandelion Jelly .....

Good Morning all... well, I guess it is almost noon.  Don't pay any attention to the time this is posted because for some reason my internal computer is putting the wrong time on by a couple of hours... anyway... I just thought you might like to see what I made this morning..
Dandelion Jelly... It is lovely... this is the first time I have made it.... 
It tastes like honey... and of course, we all know dandilions are full of goodness...
So after taking the tops off and getting a black thumb nail I had enough flowers ready...
Then, I noticed my thumb hurt... a lot... then up my arm... I guess I had overdone the thumb motion thing...My hand swelled up and Terry stands there just looking at me... as if to say -- now what?
I told him to just put me out to the
It is a lot better this morning... heat and gel and a good nights sleep...
And yes, the jelly is worth the bother and I would do it again..
It's the creative thing.. I can't help
The little bouquet of flowers on top is from my husband... what a dear man -- most of the
I told him I needed a couple for the picture and next thing I knew he comes in and passes them to me... sweet, eh?  even after 40 years..
I guess you appreciate it all the more when there are no more little grubby hands holding the precious little bouquets up to you.... yes, I miss my children... being still home, I mean....
Well, I must go for now... I am working on this month's Keepers of the Home meeting for this Sat. morning in our fellowship hall at church... If anyone would like to come please email me.. the address is on the side bar.....
Breakfast and making a prim craft ... and who knows what else..
Remember... He is sweeter than dandilion honey...
Till next time, my dears..


  1. The jelly looks yummy!! Nothing is sweeter than dandelions and daisies. Simple and beautiful. I,m looking forward to saturday with you and the other homekeepers. Luv Val.

  2. You've been busy and it surely looks sweet!
    Hope your thumb heals quickly.
    Enjoy your time with other homekeepers!


  4. Looks so attractive..but I dont think that I could make it because dandelions really creep me out for some reason..isn't that funny.

    I did laundry today at the laundry mat and then I came home and hung them on our clothes line...I haven't had one of them since I was a wee girl. Brought back a lot of memories. Then Emma and I cleaned her room and then I sweeped and mopped the floors, did dishes. THen mom,stephanie,susan and haley came over and we worked on getting pictures together of Nan and we put a collage together of her so we can take it to the Funeral Home tomorrow.

    THen after they left I folded the laundry and now I am on your site, which I enjoy very much.

  5. Faye you never cease to amaze have so much talent, or is it patience....the jelly looks good, it would probably taste good on a hot biscuit...

    take care of your hands, they are your lively hood...\\

    George got home yesterday so I might not be around for a few days, but I will check in once in awhile...

    love ya and take care Tam

  6. Jelly looks good, so you say it tastes like honey? How do you make it? What are the nutritional goods on dandelions? So many questions. Hope your thumb if feeling better.


  7. Good Morning Crafty Crow and all..
    I have put the recipe for the jelly and the nutrional value of the dandilion which is amazing on the side bar for you... just click on whichever you like... someday I will learn how to link the post to the info... but for now this is all I know to
    Bless you for commenting.....

  8. The dandelion jelly is so good, I cant wait to make a batch :)