The Blessed Hearth

The Blessed Hearth


Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Sunday afternoon drive....

Good Sunday afternoon everyone... the weekend is almost over.. already!  I find the weekends go along very quickly.  It is not the same as when Terry had to go to work every Monday morning but nontheless time surely flies lately..  We went to church this morning and it was a wonderful service!  As a young lad said it is a time of renewal after a busy week and how right he is... God is good! 
I don't usually post on Sundays but as we will be at the cottage most of the week I thought perhaps I would for a change...
I just put my husband's favorite rice pudding in the oven and made myself a nice hot cup of tea... we had stir fry for lunch so I usually make a little extra rice for our treat for supper as we don't eat much after our lunch on Sundays and then go out with friends after service this evening.... Anyway...
I thought I would take you on a little field trip with me today... you know your little Sunday afternoon drive...LOL..
We went to the cottage one day last week and I took some pics so we will use our imaginations and pretend you are with me..ok?
On the way down I saw these beautiful farm fields full of looks as if they had planted two fields on purpose with a different crop in between.. eh?  Imagine how many jars of dandilion jelly there are up there..LOL..
Then as my husband pulled over to the side of the road to check the trailer I thought I would take another lovely pic of dandilions!!  I thought I saw something moving among the rhubarb up in an old  homestead place... Some family used to live there and probably had a wee farm to help support their family.. but time has gone and so has the old farm place... But the rhubarb still grows....

Now I see that a new family has moved in lock, stock and barrell as they used to say..A dear mother fox and her babies have a den right there under the rhubarb...
I had to zoom in a lot but you can see the baby fox playing king of the mountain... lol
Then in the field beside it was the mom... keeping watch... she knew we were interested in her and her  family..
I really had to zoom but if you look close she is right there in the middle of the pic.. I have only seen two fox dens in all my 50 odd years.. I feel very blessed to see such a beautiful sight .. I love families.. even the wild
Well, to continue with our little trip... we arrived at the cottage... and the weather was simply beautiful..
As you can see... here in N.B. the leaves are just coming out.. This is the old elm tree that has kept watch on the Bay of Fundy and our old cottage for many a long year... then there is the Bay..

In all of it's glory... I love the water... and the smell of the salt air.. I think it actually calls to me sometimes... lol... I guess it must be in my blood...
Well, anyway there is a lot of work to opening up a summer place.. turning on the water, cleaning, unpacking and doing yard work...not to mention trying to set up a shop... but yes, it is worth it after awhile.  especially on those really hot days that we have here at home... it is always cool down there. 
There is also a certain smell as you open up the door to this old place.. the smell of the ages I think.. \
Gotta get my fabreze going... lol...
You go right into the kitchen and one of my favorite spots...
This old cupboard is full of dishes.... I kind of collect these brown transfer ones...

This is half of the shelf full...
And this is the other half.... lol... Well, like I said there is a lot to do but someone found time to take a little break from all the unloading and what all.....
LOL... it's a good thing he doesn't very often look at my blog, eh?  But I am so thankful for this man... a  loyal and true husband all these years, a great provider for his family, a great dad and grandpa...
and most important of all ... he loves the LORD..
   I guess on this lovely Sunday afternoon as I count my blessings I would have to say that he is one of the best ones that God has given me.... and I  appreciate every day that we have together...
I know this has been a very long post but you will have a few days to read it
Have a wonderful week and lets appreciate all the blessings that we as keepers of our homes has been given.....
God bless.....


  1. Hi Faye,
    Thanks for taking me along with you on a Sunday afternoon drive- it is a nice break for me to read your post. I'm home with a sick boy today and I've been studying alot lately. I have enjoyed doing laundry and cooking this weekend- it feels like a breath of fresh air. I've pretended that I was in your car on the drive (your Bug LOL)... Ahhh, how relaxing!

  2. Thanks for the Sunday afternoon mini trip. It was delightful.


  3. What a lovely post, Faye! I loved the little drive thru the countryside with you and the sniff of the salt in the air!
    Don't work tooo hard but enjoy time with your DH!
    Blessings to you,

  4. Hello Faye,
    What a lovely little trip to take us the fox den. When I looked at your pictures it reminded me of last year when I came down and visited you that day. Like usual you were busy with your shop but you still found time to talk to me and make me feel welcome. Cut picture of Terry, I bet he does more of that then what you are letting on...just teasing..I know he works! Love Yas Both. Enjoy your week at the cottage and don't work to hard and take time for yourselfs.

  5. enjoyed your post today,you have such a way with words, it's like we were there with you...have a great week at the cottage, hopefully see you soon