Friday, March 18, 2011

Frugal Hair Rinse Recipe and a Windy Day's Happenings...

Good Day to you all..
It is really windy and as you probably know by now  I am a grey weather type of person.. smile... That means that I love the wind and rain.. It usually brings out my creative spirit... 
Today I am here by myself as Terry and our youngest son have gone to the farm for the second time this week.  Dustin is on vacation and is helping to get the old farm house ready for us to go up and stay for a bit...They needed to get the water and bathrooms hooked up and such. 

I have another frugal recipe for you ...
 A hair rinse that is effecient, enviro friendly and healthy....  

The recipe is so simple... I  made it  awhile ago but did not get around to trying it until lately.. It works perfectly.
My hair is down past my waist but very fine. 
When I used this I was wondering about tangles.  But it worked perfectly. 
It has a nice smell and even my pillow smelled
I of course used lavender as that is my fav but you can use your favorite essential oil..
Here is the recipe..

1 1/2 cups warm spring water
1heaping tablespoon baking soda
essential oil of your choice. 
Just whisk this all together and use oil to your tastes.  It just takes a few drops...
Store in a jar.
When I used this I just poured some over my already washed hair and kind of rubbed it to the ends and then rinsed it out some...
I found a batch does 3 hair washes and as I said I have long hair...
Simple, eh?
I hope you girls like this.
Why buy expensive stuff loaded with chemicals when this costs pennies and is so much better for you and yours...

Now for the rest of my day... 
A lovely day to make bread.. It is nice to make two loaves of the no knead bread for the weekend...(recipe on sidebar under recipes.) 
Someone may come or perhaps Dustin will want one.. (is there any question?)

Also.... Someone emailed me some pics of a hummingbird's nest..
Isn't it darling?
So clean and snug.... Imagine the wind rocking you to sleep in this?
And there they are ...
Spring is coming .... We still have lots of snow but the fields are beginning to get bare spots... So looking forward to it...

And speaking of that... I am working at making things for my wee shop that we open when we cottage in St. Martins during the Summer.. 
You can check my other blog to see how I am making out gathering and creating for this.
I hope to open the first of June...
Well, sweet girls I need to go and get some dolls stuffed..

And then later I need to make myself respectable. 
I believe dear hubby and I are having DATENIGHT tonight.
I teach the Keepers that married couples should have special time for each other.  Terry and I have practiced
 Friday night - Date night for years...
The sweet girls at Keepers gave us a wonderful gift card for dinner that we can't wait to use.... smile...
Thank you girls..

Also... Welcome to the new followers... If you have a blog just leave a comment and I will visit with you... Most of your profiles are not displaying your blog... ok?

Thanks so much for dropping by and have a lovely weekend.
May God bless and keep you...


  1. Hi Faye, Enjoy your date tonight! I can't wait to try the hair rinse out! Do you use it as a shampoo or just a conditioner? is it a leave in thing or do you wash it out?

  2. We have a datenight every Friday too. I made bread today as well! Great minds think alike...

  3. H girls.. thanks for commenting...
    Lins... I corrected the posting above to tell you that I use it as a rinse after I had already washed my hair.. I rubbed it to the ends of my hair and then rinsed it out some..

    Have a great datenight tonight, too Deb...


  4. Yummy looking bread, Faye!
    You two have a great date night!

  5. I love your pictures, and your recipes! The hair rinse sounds very nice. I love the pics of the hummingbird nest - I have never seen what they look like, but yes so cozy.. and your bread looks wonderful too!
    Have a blessed weekend,

  6. Wonderful photos and post. My hair is to the middle of my back and fine , I will give that hair rinse a try. 2 days till spring eh! it was so sunny and warm today I was able to have our windows open to air out the house, and we finally have no snow left yahoo! Have a great day !

  7. Thank you so much for sharing the hair rinse recipe. One of my daughters has trouble with her hair getting oily. I want to try this out as I think it might help, having the baking soda in it. Right now she only using shampoo as the conditioner tends to make it more oily. Thanks again for sharing. Now to your question about the steamer juicer. It is a wonderful invention in my opinion. We only found out about them last summer. If you go onto my blog and type in the search engine on the top right, steamer juicer, it will pull up several previous posts I have made. The first one that comes up is the one about the grapevines that I posted today. Just keep scrolling down and you will see several other post. I have several pictures of it. We really have been thankful we purchased it. We made several gallons of apple cider last year. It definitely earned its keep last summer. I hope this helps. If not, just leave me a comment and I will put a post on showing it. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  8. Thank you for the recipe. I will have to try that! I hope you had a wonderful night out with your husband.

  9. Mmmm... I'll bet the rinse makes your hair smell wonderful, Faye! I get so tired of every store-bought shampoo smelling like a fruit cocktail... remember when they used to make shampoo that smelled good, like perfume? *Sigh*
    The bread looks yummy... and the hummer's nest is so adorable. I watched a nature show about them last week and they siad those eggs are only about the size of a Tic-tac candy!
    Hope you and your hubby had a wonderful time on your date.. that is so sweet. My hubby and I usually sit our on our front porch and talk over the days events and enjoy each others' company.