Saturday, March 26, 2011

For ever, for always and no matter what......

Hello my dears...
Today is a beautiful day here.  Windy and cool but Spring like...
Did you know that 41 years ago today at 7 p.m. Terry and I said "I do!"

As I sit here today I am wondering where the years have flown.. People say that phrase all the time but until lately I did not realize that time really does fly:)

Terry and I started out together when I was only 17 and he was 20.  I was a girl who had turned away from God. I used to blame everything and everyone else but the fact of the matter is that I quit praying and putting God first in my life.  I started down the broad path... 
I had accepted Jesus into my heart as a 9 year old child and was baptized in His Name and filled with His Spirit...
Terry had an experience with God as a child but had also turned away.
Really, when we met we were totally different.
Two different personalities, two different faiths, two different lifestyles.
But in there somewhere was a mutual attraction that led to love. 
We both made choices that had consequences.. We were married very young and soon had two children and life got kind of complicated.  There were bills and children and parties..
Things went from bad to worse..

 God is the glue in a good marriage and in those first few years we did not have any glue.. Things almost fell apart in our fourth year.  It was then that we realized that we did not have just ourselves to consider .. We had two innocent children who did not ask to come into this world.  They deserved their parents together... Loving and living.. 

So we made a commitment to try and fix things on our own... Every Friday night we sat it aside for DATE NIGHT..Slowly, we were trying to mend two broken hearts and two broken dreams..Working and striving together to make it work..

Then in 1975 Terry and I were on a date night.  We always went to get our groceries and then we would usually go to a movie or bowling or such.  On that particular night I had forgotten to look up the movie that we had wanted to see.  I found a phone and called our babysitter who happened to be Terry's sister to ask her to check the paper.  When she answered she told me that my sister and her husband had come down to stay overnite.. We were glad and said we would be right home.
On the way home we topped the hill near Marr Road in the St. John area when just ahead of us a car turning onto the Marr Road hit an incoming one head on... 
We quickly parked along the side of the road and ran to see if we could help.. 
Five people lost their lives that night.  A baby was crying amid the groceries and a dear wee boy about the same age as our daughter was screaming sitting between his mother and older brother who were gone... 
Walking around and wringing my hands I soon realizd that Life was precious and that I was lost.  I KNEW that if it had have been us then we would have been in eternity without God...

Our life changed that night.. On the way home Terry and I talked and decided that we were on the wrong road.  That night I literally cried all night long.  We made up our minds to yield our lives back to the Lord... 

I was working at a very good job with other girls at the hospital in St. John.  On Monday, I told them what had happened and that I was giving my life back to God and that Terry and I were going back to church on Sunday... They laughed and said that I had better get my sinning all done that week.  But do you know what? I didn't feel like sinning anymore.  I had given my life back to the One who had created it.. The following Sunday Terry and I and our two sweet children went to church.  God had met us that night but we made a commitment that Sunday and put Christ back in our lives where He belonged. 

Down through the years not everything has been perfect... Times when we could have slammed the door .... Times of grief and discouragment.  Times when the stresses of life were heavy.. But you know that Jesus made the difference.  He became the glue...He remained faithful.. He has answered so many prayers..I cannot imagine my life without God or without Terry.  I pray we have many more years together...
Jesus has blessed us with a wonderful family. Several years later God blessed us with another child.  And then there were three.  We now have 5 grandsons who also love the Lord.. God is good...
Today, there are so many things out there for couples to embrace.  Some see Hollywood and think that their marriage doesn't quite cut it and they look for something more to satisfy the longings of their hearts.  But when the rubber meets the road, girls only Jesus can satisfy.  You may get another relationship but some day when all is said and done the marriage you started out in is the Will of God.. Strive to make it work.  Consider your children and then consider eternity..I know that some marriages today fail and sadly there seems to be no solution.. It takes two to work on a marriage.. But you will find that Jesus is the answer..When all else fails and you cannot fix it then  you can depend on Him to get you through your situation...Just lean on Him...

Well, sweet ladies.. for another time this week I find myself sharing my heart.
Next week I will give you some neat recipes and stuff..ok?

Thanks so much for stopping by and I look forward to hearing your thoughts...

Love to you all.... 


  1. Congratulations to you both on 41 years together!
    God is good and so faithful!

  2. Thanks Faye- Just the encouragement that I needed today!

  3. Congratulations on 41 years! What a treasure!

  4. Congratulations! 41 years in this day and age is amazing... people give up too soon and don't seem to want to work at relationships anymore. You are an inspiration to young couples... thank you for sharing your heart!

  5. I loved your love story.
    It is beautiful, so endearing and so honest.
    Congratulations on 41 years and the stick-to-it attitude that made your marriage flourish!
    God is good.

  6. Beautiful Testimony!! Happy Anniversary!

  7. Faye, such a beautiful post. Happy Anniversary, you and your family are very blessed.

  8. Faye, Congrats to you and "cousin" Terry.LOL. Fred and I will have 39 years this fall and I can truly say I,d marry him all over again and feel truly blessed to have him.You know I was thinking it,s been over 50 years since we played together as little girls;Our family is more precious to me than ever after losing our cousin Elaine and I love you all the more.Blessings to you and Terry. Val

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  10. Congrats on 41 years. I was married once for 20 years but he was abusive verbally and mentally I had to get out of the marrage, But my hubby now is the sweetest kindest gentlest person in the world, we complete eachother. We are eachothers soul mates. Lovely post. Have a great day !

  11. Happy Anniversary to you both....hope you have a wonderful day and many, many more years was a wonderful story you told...

    love yas Tam

    tell Terry I said congratulations....

  12. Happy Anniversary! Thank you so much for sharing your story. God is so good. How any one can live in this world without the Lord is amazing to me. I am so glad you and your Hubby turned back to Him. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  13. Faye,
    Happy Anniversary! And thank you for sharing such a heartfelt story! Sometimes things happen to all of us for a reason, and sometimes we don't understand or know why, only to find out later what it is all about! The sadness you and your husband had to endure that night made your commitment to each other, your family, and God that much stronger! Love to both of you!

  14. Faye your sweet story brought tears to my eyes, but with Christ in our lives we know it will be a good ending. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    I wish you both many blessing on your anniversary and many happy more years together.


    LOVE YA,

  16. Wow 41 years!!! I can't wait until I can say that Faye. Just wanted to drop a note saying thank you for letting God use you in your words you always seem to say the perfect thing!!! Love you and Terry bunches and Happy belated Anniversary

  17. How wonderful 41 years. I will celebrate my 27th next friday.How amazing. Your blog and so many other sweet ladies have been so encouraging to me that I have started my own. I hope to bring smiles and encouragement to others as your blog does.
    Love In Him

  18. Wow... what an amazing and powerful testimony you and your hubby have to share, Faye! Congrats on 41 years together!

  19. Hi Faye!
    Such a beautiful story... one of faith, courage and love. With each day we are married ( will be 20 this Sept.) I see more and more clearly who is orchestrating our lives and I finding comfort as I yield to it with much more ease than I did as a younger woman. It feels good not to have all the weight on our shoulders. We are blessed and so are you!
    Thank you for your words today and happy anniversary.

  20. Such a beautiful story, indeed!!! God brought my Hubby and I together 45 years ago (this year) and it is God who has kept us together all these years!!! Through the good times & the bad, he has held us together and will forever be a part of our lives!!!
    Happy Anniversary Faye, to you and your Husband..........wishing you both many more blessings!

  21. Faye, I didn't really know you when you were young, but so proud to know you now. Love reading about your life experiences. With God in our hearts, the challenges are easier! Many more anniversaries to you & your hubby! Bless you both! PS

  22. Oh, my! Faye, this transparent, personal testimony is a genuine testament to the power of love and commitment! I'm so very happy you and Terry made the best choice... and TOGETHER! To God be the glory! Great things He has done!