Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lavender Salt Scrub Recipe for your Hands....

Good Morning Girls..
We have a lovely morning here in Eastern Canada.. The sun is shining and the snow is melting.  The bank of snow in front of our family room window is quickly reducing. 

I was telling Terry last night that I thought perhaps I was suffering from cabin fever.... He thought that I meant I needed to get out of the house.   I explained that it was not that but I am tired of snow...
Although, this year I have been striving to be happy with the season and enjoy it all. 

Life is SWEET.... eh? 
 We need to be so thankful for each breath and for our daily blessings. 
Yesterday I watched a video of 6 minutes over in Japan as water came flooding from a trickle to a flood..
Those dear people need our prayers as our hearts go out to them in this time of disaster
This morning with the sun shining and the smell of coffee brewing over on the counter I NEED to be THANKFUL  for such sweet everyday blessings. 
 What is a bit of snow laying around when I am have the blessings of good health and peace and my house is not drifting down a street of water..

Thank you, Lord....
I just needed to say that...

I made something yesterday that I thought you girls might enjoy. 
It is a Lavender Salt Scrub to put beside your kitchen sink...

I thought you might like the recipe for it. 
Gardening season is coming and this would be so nice to use.  Although, it is so lovely on your hands that you will want to use it all the time..

Here is the recipe..
1/2 cup of seasalt
1/3 cup almond oil or olive oil (I prefer almond oil)
1 teaspoon of liquid Vit. E
1 teaspoon aloe vera gel (opt.)
1 tablespoon of dried lavender blossoms
15 drops of lavender oil ( more or less)
In a small GLASS bowl mix everything except the salt.  When well blended add the salt and stir.  Cover and sit overnite..
Next day place in a pretty covered GLASS dish by your kitchen sink.. Use a couple of times a day..
If you have a cut it might sting...

*You may also add a bit of clear liquid hand soap to the mixture.
* If you do not like lavender just leave out the blossoms and change the oil to perhaps Ginger or Rosemary and add a bit of dried chopped Rosemary to the blend....
*Also, you can place the mixture in a lovely little bottle and add a tag in your gift pantry as a gift. 

Thank you so much for dropping by on this Spring morning.
I enjoy so much hearing from you. 

Several girls have let me know that they were trying the Cinnamon Raisin Bread Recipe.  
Thank you...

Have a wonderful week...

Lord Bless....


  1. Hello Faye and am I glad to hear the snow is melting... But you are so right to look to the LORD in thanksgiving for all He does for us. Like you I am praying for the Japanese, such a disaster.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. I can hardly wait to make it. I have several ladies in mind to share it with. Thanks again. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  3. Oh, Faye- the recipe sounds wonderful. I had a friend once who made a sugar scrub for me and it made my hands feel so good... I will definitely try this!
    I agree- the people of Japan desperately need prayer... so so sad.

  4. Hi Faye ! Our snow here is melting fast and the temp is warming and the sun apeers much more now.
    I also am praying for all those poor people in Japan. Great sounding scrub I will have to give it a go eh! from one Canadian to another, Have a wonderful day !

  5. I'm loving the gift pantry ideas- keep 'em coming!
    We definately have so much to be thankful for... even when we don't sometimes remember it!

  6. Love it!! Laveder is one of my favorite oils to work with!

  7. Oops that would be Lavender!!

  8. Dear Faye,
    With the disaster that Japan is having it really does make us realize all the blessings that we do have.
    Love Ya,

  9. This sounds wonderful! Thank you for sharing the recipe!


  10. Faye, hello from Calgary. I too am sad for Japan and have been praying for them frequently.

    After being inspired by someone elses blog, at the beginning of the year; I have been trying to be more thankful and have been trying to conscientiously put something positive on my blog about God everyday on my "CBox".

    Your blog is wonderful! Enjoying the music as I check it out. Thank you for this recipe and the hair rinse one also. My hands will benefit from this scrub and my long fine hair (3" below my butt)will benefit from the rinse. Looking forward to your other recipes and such.


    C C({:)+<}=B

  11. Love lavender..thank you..I have some I started some seeds in the garden..I don't know though..awful rainy..Keeping this recipe in mind. looking into the cinnamon bread...boy I bet that smells wonderfull, a good day for it here..damp and cold..