Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Hello my dear friends.. 
 Looking out the window at another snowy day here had me wondering when Spring will be coming around. 
I had brought home some geraniums from the cottage last summer and I am ashamed to say that I did not get them repotted. 
They have been hanging around on a door knob with just a drop of water every once in awhile... 
Anyway.. today was their big day.  lol.. 
While in the sunroom I noticed this old saying that I had also brought home to reframe... 
This is one of the dearest little poems I have read. 
There is also so much truth in it whether we as wives want to admit it or not... smile...

I had it on the fireplace mantel at the cottage a year or so ago.
One of my sweet friends (a kindred spirit in soooo many ways)
had come with her husband for a visit. 
Her name is Deanna... 
 Anyway... she was sitting on the couch with her hubby when I passed this to her to read...
She proceeded to read it and she and I started laughing...
Well, the more she read it the more we laughed until our husbands wanted to hear what she was reading.
She read it to them  and they just looked at each other..
Needless to say we were by then almost hysterical..
Even now I still laugh to myself when I picture them looking blankly at each other...
Like.. What is so funny about that?
I guess it takes a woman to understand.... eh?
Forgive me... I think the snow is finally getting to my

Here are the geraniums all repotted...
Just imagine them blooming in a few weeks... They will be lovely on the deck or some such place. 
Here is a pic that I found on the web..
Lovely, eh?
Perhaps you can began looking for some enamel at the thrift shops with this little idea in mind....
I love the blue but it is hard to find...

I hope you are enjoying Spring like weather where ever you live. 
We have March break coming up this week here in N. B.
We are having a Keepers of the Home meeting this Saturday Lord willing... Looking forward to seeing you girls who usually attend..
Bring your friends...

God bless....


  1. Yeah, I can see the look on their faces lol guys just dont get stuff like thatm pssst thats why we women rule and get our own way hahaha ! I have said to my hubby when joking around, women rule and men drool haha ! No seriousley now it is a very nice poem true lol but nice ! I have had enough of snow as well all though ours is slowly going thank goodness and there has been alot of sunny days now and more to come. Have a great day !

  2. Well, now that little secret is out (at least to the men who may have seen that poem)Please don't tell mine about it _lol!!
    PS- I can't wait for keepers!!

  3. I couldn't help but giggle when I read this Faye. I would love to read this to my dear hubby but he just wouldn't see the humor in it that us girls see. Bless their little men hearts!

  4. *LOL* I'm still laughing as I type this, Faye! I would have LOVED to see the blank look on their faces.
    I love anything enamelware... it is getting so hard to find where I live.
    Well, you can find it a flea markets and antique stores but people want way too much for it!