Friday, May 17, 2013

A few work details and a question or two...

Here we are at another weekend ... 
Spring is passing and the changes are very obvious here in New Brunswick, Canada.. 
We are, of course, much slower then our southern neighbors but that is fine.. 
It is so appreciated when it gets here in all it's glory..

As you know we will soon be heading to our old Summer cottage for a few months..  
Yesterday, we took a little trip down to start getting things in order.. 
Not to complain, mind you, but there is a lot of work to moving down there... 
As I am (now complaining) now in my dotage my bones act up to the dampness so we turned the heat all on .. 
That way it will be all dried out in a few weeks time when we actually get there.. 
The water pump needs hooked up again and the whole house needs cleaned.. 

Then we are planning on a few improvements to the cottage and shop so Terry had to measure and such... 

The pantry in the cottage needs finishing and I want to turn my craft room into a breakfast room since all that will be going to the shop... 

I am so excited as I mentioned before I was hoping there would be a space for me to work out front and there is!!! 
We hope to build a high counter out of old doors and then my work space will be behind and lower so no one can see my big mess.. 
The reason I found it so hard to be there for days on end was because there was not any place to work except in a back room and that was not convenient at all.. 
Now, I will be able to work away while people shop and still have a place to wrap parcels and chat ... 

The second great news is that some good friends are going to be owning the restaurant across the street again..  
They are fantastic and their food is incredible.. 
I have so missed them the last couple of years but they are back!!!

One of my dear cousins is going to be working in the Inn which is right next to our cottage and shop so we will be able to visit a lot.. 

I am once again getting excited to be going to the Bay of Fundy.. 
The thing is I will miss our wee church but it is only for a bit

Today, my cousin who lives in Florida all year except for the summer months called and said they will be arriving in a couple of weeks..
 She wants to see her lilacs blossom.. smile.. 

Here are a few pics I took while Terry was working.. smile.. 
The one at the top is the back side of our old place.. 
Needs a bit of tidying up but all in due time.. 
It was very wet there yesterday.. 
Our view of the Bay from our deck... 
On the other side of the cottage... 
It was very quiet as the tide was pretty well out.. 

The rhubarb bed is coming along..
It is slower there then here at home but will be just right by the time we move in.. 
Rhubarb Jam.... 
The old barn.. 
In need of some plants when we get there...
As you can see I need to do a bit of gardening and cleaning up... 

After, we went over to the shop and carried in the things I have collected thus far.. 
Terry measured and I tidied the herb bed.. 
A lot of the herbs did not come back this year for some reason so they will have to be replanted.. 
Oh well.. 

I needed violets for my salves and we had not come across any up here so we went to one of our favorite patches... 
There were lots there.. 
Dear hubby kind of got his feet wet but he picked a big bag of them.. 
They were at our daughter's house.. 
I sent her a text and she said she had lots of violets.. 

We had a little visit with her and the grandsons.. 
Dave was working.... the dear thing.. 
The boys are growing so tall.. 
All excited for their annual Youth Convention.. 
Their 3 cousins are going with them and staying overnite..  
So blessed... 

Shonda actually has lady slippers growing on her property so I was wondering if they were out yet.. 
She said she would go and see... 
Isn't that precious? 

They were not ready but look at this patch.. 
A mixture of violets and innocents.. 
The white ones my Mom calls innocents and they do not grow up here... 
Today I picked over the violets and have them drying overnite.. 
Tomorrow, Lord willing, I will be making this...
Violet Salve... 
You can find the link HERE for the recipe..
It is one of my best sellers.. 
Good for burns especially and  any skin irritations... 
I can't write a post without showing you some food... 

Someone told me the other day about being at some special restaurant and this is what they ordered.. 
Pasta and Meatballs... 
Only there was just one large meatball each and I think they said there was cheese in the middle.. 


I just used my regular recipe but only made 4 big meatballs and stuck a piece of cheese in each ...
We only ate one each and I froze the other two until next time.. 
Terry gave his approval on this one.. smile.. 

All week I have been trying out bowl meals.. 
Took several pics but did not realize that I forgot to put the card back in my camera and they are on the internal part.. 
As my Picasso is all messed up I cannot get them off.. 
Oh well...Another time.. 

Thanks once again for your visits as I am so happy to have you.. 
Thanks also for the lovely emails that have encouraged me so much.. 
I do have a couple of questions for you that are kind of bugging me.. 

1... Is there anything I can do to make this blog more interesting? 
More pics... less chat... more info... ????

2.   I do not seem to be getting many followers of late and was wondering if you know why... ????

3.. Maybe, I should post more often.. ????
When there are not many comments I really do find it hard to post again soon if you know what I mean.. 
4.  Maybe I should answer each comment..???

I know there are faithful readers out there and I appreciate it so much but I would like for the site to grow and am curious as to what you all think..

Perhaps, I get on my soap box too much.. grin.. 

Take care, dear hearts and have a wonderful weekend..  


  1. Hi Faye, Although I am not a member of your blog I do read it faithfully and enjoy it very much. I love your crafts, recipe and everything else. I did try to sign up but for some reason it did not work.
    I am hoping at some point this summer when we are in SJ at our son's that we will get down to your shop. I would love to meet you and Doug and Terry can meet each other again after all those years.

    1. Hi Mary.. Thanks so much.. Some people do find it hard to join the site. I guess the secret is that you have to sign up for a Google account.. I so hope to meet you both and Terry would like to see Doug again after all these years.. smile.
      God bless...

  2. It is not just you, Faye, followers are on the decline. Rumors that Google Friend Connect is going away, people linking blogs to FB and Google +. People want to see big high end renovations and big high end crafts. And shopping every day, etc. Just keep being you, Faye, stop worrying about followers, I have learned to let it go. You need more exposure to linky parties, probably. xo

    1. Thanks Barbara.. I just don't like thinking the blog is stale if you know what I mean.. Linky parties are fine but time consuming..
      Take care, friend..

  3. A cottage, how fun!!! Enjoy!

    Thanks for the recipe for the violet salve. I have never heard of it before will have to put that on my things to try list.

    1. I think you would like the salve as it really works, Sandra..
      Thanks for popping by..

  4. Hi Faye, Always love the pictures, even the food pictures. I love my violet salve, I use it almost every day. Hope to get to St. Martin's this summer to your shop. I do like your replies as well. Keep up the good work, but don't work too hard! PS

    1. Hi dear cousin.. I am so glad you enjoy the blog and thanks for your sweet comments.. We may be out your way and get a bit more violets.. smile.. Another bottle of salve will turn up somewhere.. Hope you make it down this summer, too..
      God bless..

  5. Wow !
    Faye it takes longer and longer to read your post, but they are always worth reading. Thank you for such a beautiful insight to life on the other side of the pond :-) x x x

    1. I know, Midge.. When I only write once a week I feel I need some substance to it.. grin.. Thanks for reading it all.. You are the best..
      Take care over there..

  6. I know what you mean by less followers. Not sure I have alot and I just keep blogging and still have a lot of reads through the day. I've not quite figured it out either. I enjoy your blog. Keep on going and do when you feel comfortable. Hugs!

    1. Thank you dear Becky.. It helps so much to know that there are people out there as stats only give numbers not insight..

  7. Faye...I enjoy each one of your posts. They feel as if you have invited me over for tea, and are sharing a bit of your I sit and bask the homeyness of your lovely place.

    I don't think you need to change anything. Sometimes, visitors just like to read without commenting. They don't realize that we write to get feedback! :)

    I try to always leave at least a line, saying that yes, I read your words and enjoyed them. I know that as a writer myself, I feel disconnected when no one leaves a comment :(

    Take your time and enjoy this Spring and Summer at the cottage. How exciting to have a place to go to that offers a change of scenery. Have a blessed weekend! :) m.

    1. Thank you, Maria.. So glad you joined the site and always love to hear from you, too..
      Keep up with your lovely sewing projects..

  8. I love your blog just the way it is! I don't have many followers and at first I was disappointed about that but then when I really thought about it I decided that, while it is nice to have someone reading my posts, I really do it for me. And also, I often read blogs on the fly and don't always post a comment. My blog gives me a place to post my photos and to do some writing. If someone reads it and enjoys it, that's just icing on the cake. I do strive to post more as I think that will draw more followers... hoping that will happen when I retire in July and have more time. As for your blog... it's wonderful. I love that you post about so many different things... food, crafts, family, your travels... I really enjoy it all.

    1. Hi Debi.. I think you were one of my first followers to the site and am thankful to have you.. I guess that sometimes when you take the time to make a post and you only get a few comments it seems like perhaps you could do something better with the time.. I do love the blog but am just trying to get a view as to what the rest of the world thinks.. grin..

  9. I agree with the above posters. I think your blog is perfect. You write and share from your heart... That truly comes through in every post. Your cottage is amazing. I live in Missouri, which is smack dab in the middle of the USA. Have only seen the ocean twice in my whole life. Your place looks like Heaven.Will pray for you during the summer that you can find a church to visit. You'r are always at home with God's people.

    1. Hello dear.. So glad to read your sweet comment.. I love the Bay and cannot imagine not being able to see it once in a while but I grew up with it in my life..
      We do have a wonderful church to go to while we are there.. We go our daughter's church which is in the city and enjoy being with her family but we just miss home is all...
      Thanks for the encouragement.. If you have time perhaps you could email me and I could get to know your name..

  10. Hello from Oregon! Like one of your other commenters, I read blogs "on the fly" and so I do not feel that I have the time to stop and make an intelligent comment every time! But I do enjoy reading all your posts. I like the way you write them, I don't think you need to change anything! My own blog has been sadly neglected because I am extra busy this spring, but I look at my stats once in a while (I don't have followers enabled) and if people land on my blog through searches, and find content that answers their needs, I feel pretty good.

    1. Hi Lillibeth... Thank you so much for taking the time to comment.. I know I have heard from Oregon before but am not sure if you are the same one.. She made the hot pickles.. grin..
      Your encouragement was so much appreciated... Thank you dear heart..

    2. Nooo, it wasn't me! I don't know how to make pickles (yet) and the pickled relish I made years ago was still in the pantry gathering dust last week:) Not sure I excell in that department:)

  11. I love your blog, I think it is wonderful as is, no matter what you decide to post.
    It is like going home to visit, you never know who will show up, but everyone is always welcome.

    Since blogger has been messing around so much with everything I can't follow anyone half the time my reading list is empty. I honestly think they have cost themselves readers with all the changes google has done over the last couple of years. I think people are just so busy, they have more or less hurt themselves by their lack of response to reading the blogs. Pinterest took a big punch too, and as good as it is, it is not personal like the blogs are.

    I would not change anything at all, except to see what it would cost to compile your best posts into a dvd format, and sell them in your shop. Books & magazines are too quickly going away. But dvd's could be sold called "The Best of the House of Henry" in your store. Not ones to hurt your store sales, but just general ideas in an easy to pass along form. Decorating ones, food ones, keeper inspiration ones. You could talk to people the same way you do to the ones who come in your shop, telling them about the Lord, and passing on your gentle sweet wisdom & humor. Once in awhile you could give away a certain title as a blog giveaway. Once the initial cost of making each dvd was invested, other copies could be burnt quiet inexpensively. It would be time consuming but it would be a good legacy to pass on.

    It would not be a forever thing, but a good thing for a season or two. Maybe a new direction to your ministry for wives & moms.?? hugs! I want the first copy of each, grin

    1. Annie Annie.. You have a mind that is just so creative... I would not know how to go about this but if some sweet soul would show me how I think it would be fun.. I would need you to pick out the posts you think are the right ones, though.. Then I would send you one of each.. grin..
      Thank you for your faithfulness, dear friend..

  12. What a wonderful summer you will have.
    Oh please save me a meatball.
    Woolie Spring JOY!

    1. Thanks Trace.. There are two left.. grin..

  13. Well...

    I think it is wonderful to come here and have some of the same "theme" running through your posts. It's comforting. YOU ALWAYS get tons of comments - that says something - as compared to me. If I get just three comments, I'm overjoyed!!! But all in all - it isn't about necessarily (for me) about getting comments as much as being faithful to what the Lord lays on my heart...for that day.

    I said before... it's comforting, coming here. You are a kindred, welcoming spirit and I think when you do leave comments on those comments left it is "encouraging" - it is something I'm trying to work on over at my "place". Engaging my readers (better!) via comments.

    You're very inspirational. Creative! Honest. :) Warm, friendly and cute... cute with your smiles and grins. :) that you leave sprinkled throughout your posts. I love that.

    One thing that is helpful (and I think you do this) is to get out there and comment on other peoples blogs - it makes your presence known and they return to see who you are. Usually.

    I don't know.. these are just thoughts.

    1. Hi Bevy.. Thank you so much for stopping by and your lovely comment.. I do try to do those things but sometimes there is just not enough time.. I am just trying to improve.. smile..
      Take care, my friend and thanks again..

  14. Faye, your posts are always filled with good ideas, food, pictures, inspiration - all that a good blog post should have. I love reading them. I have been at 78 followers for many, many months. I would like more too. I'm thinking a lot of people are on pinterest. So, keep up the good work!

    1. Jackie ... You are such a sweet person and I thank you..

  15. Dearest Faye,
    I love your blog, it's like visiting with a dear friend, one who enjoys so many of the same things that I enjoy.
    If your blog is not growing,I can tell you the things that I have done.
    1) I would suggest that you join parties, but once you do that you must go and visit most all of the other participants in that party. It can be very time consuming, but often you will find that several of those same people will come and visit your blog and if they find something here that they connect with, then you've got someone who will come back.
    2) I also visit all of the people who comment on my blog every time that I post, at least I try to, occasionally I am just too busy. But I feel like that is only fair.
    Perhaps you're already doing these things, and if you are then you grow, it just takes time.
    Your photos are wonderful and you post regularly already and your content is great, in my opinion, I wouldn't change any of that.
    I would love to have you do a guest post on my blog, I don't think many of my "friends" come to visit your blog. That might help and I would love to do it. Let me know what you think. People tend to be very curious about Canada and enjoy reading about it.
    I don't answer many of the comments unless they ask a specific question, I just find it to be too time consuming and I doubt that I've lost any readers due to that.
    Have a lovely weekend, Cindy

  16. Thanks dear Cindy. I do try to do some of these things but do find Linky parties very time consuming.. I would love to guest on your blog and would love to have you guest on mine..
    Bless you, dear friend.. xo

    1. Shall I send you a list of questions and then give you an idea of the photos that I'd like you to share, if you can? And I'd love to be a guest on your blog.

  17. Hello Dear Heart...I was just way too tired to comment last night so here I am this morning.

    You know what?.....I would not change a thing about your blog!!!!!! I come here to read and find so much comfort...whether it is your creative ideas, you family, your driving adventures. your wonderful cooking or your religious thought and small sermons. I really do not want you to change at all. Your blog feels close to my heart and I look so forward to reading your blog as often as you post. Many, many times I call Jim to the computer and he reads it, too..especially if Terry is doing something interesting.... like cutting down the big pine tree or snowmobiling. I guess I can say no more than the others have said above. I would be brokenheartd if I did have your blog to read.


    1. Dear Sue.. Thank you so much for your sweet words that you are always so faithful with and your lovely emails..
      I want to keep the blog but just to do it better for you all..
      Take care, my dear..

  18. Hi Faye;

    I like your blog just as it is. I can sit down with a cup of coffee and feel that you are across from me chatting.


    1. Thanks Laurie.. We need to actually sit down with a cup of coffee and have a chat in real before long. OK?
      Been thinking of you..

  19. Hi Faye. I can agree with what Cindy and Susannah said above in the comments too. I always enjoy visiting you here and find your blog very homey and welcoming. I guess getting out and visiting and commenting on other blogs that you enjoy is good business. Also, join some parties and leave comments and/or invites for them to return the favour. This time of year I notice a slow down in blogging as everyone is busy with gardening etc. You could also post more often if you have the time and make each post shorter. You are a busy lady with 3 houses to care for and your craft store! I know it takes a lot of time to keep these old blogs going so don't give up. We love you and love to visit. Enjoy the weekend. Hugs, Pam

    1. Thanks Pam for such kind words.. I think I need to whine more often.. grin..
      So thankful to have met you again this way..
      Blessings my friend..

  20. Faye, you are such a brilliant and creative woman. Your ideas and photographs and life are all beautiful. All the best in your prep for the season.

    1. Oh Gwen.. You are so sweet and I so appreciate your words.. We will soon be seeing you walking by on your way to the beach pretty lady..
      Have a great weekend..

  21. Guess what?! I have violets now and I came here to look up your recipe... and you posted about it- too cool, I guess great minds think alike- LOL :)

    1. Hi Lindsay.. You have a great mind anyway.. grin..
      Hope to see you tomorrow.. xo

  22. So busy...I got tired just reading your post :) Have a wonderful time at your cottage...sounds wonderful....blessings

    1. Thank you Shelley.. I hope to post some down there this Summer..

  23. Hi Faye. Your cottage and shop seem so interesting to me!

    To comment on the blog followers etc I just don't understand either...I have followed some blogs for a long time and have not been followed back and my comments are zilch! I think your blog is great the way it is! Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment, Sarah.. So glad you dropped by..
      I guess I will just keep keeping on. smile. xo

  24. Faye,
    Like so many others have commented, I too, love your blog. For me it is the happy ending to a long day. Sometimes I find myself going through my day just wondering what you will be blogging about next. Reading your blog is such a great treat for me that I find I use it almost like a me-reward. I rush to get all my usual household chores done, so I can sit quietly with a cup of tea and be swept away in to your life.

    I also find that I use your blog as my go to place for recipes, suggestions, craft ideas, and gardening inspiration...not to mention just plain ol' inspiration proverbs 31 style.

    Oh, Faye. I know that is gets old when you blog your little heart out and then don't receive any comments or new followers, but just think of all the people you are reaching. God had given you a wonderful talent and a platform for which to use it so you can reach out to others, whether it be sharing or witnessing. YOU ARE GREAT AT WHAT YOU DO!

    I don't have any answers for you...none that solve what you are asking anyway, but I do know that if you keep on sharing, inspiring and witnessing...God will take care of the rest.

    Love and prayers,

    1. Hi Julie.. Thanks for your lovely advice ... I just need to take the time to reply more is the feedback that I am going to try to do..
      I really enjoy doing this and just want to make sure I am doing it the best I can, I guess..
      Your comment really encouraged me.. Thanks..

  25. Your violet salve sounds delightful Faye.

    It really doesn't matter to me how many followers I have I just enjoy people commenting and visiting so I try to be faithful to the ones that comment on my blog. I've commented on blogs and some never respond so I sort of give up on them.

    I enjoy your blog just the way it is. I try to imagine life in Canada as you describe it.

    Don't change anything


    1. Thanks for the visit and your lovely comment Felicia.. I guess whenever I do something and it seems to be a bit stale I try to see what I can do to improve it or move on.. I find that everyone likes to hear back so I will endeavor to do that as much as I can..
      Take care my friend..

  26. Good morning Faye,

    I too love your blog. It always brings a smile to my face. I always enjoy everything about your blog.
    -L- now has lots of violets (we occupied the children yesterday by sending them out to collect them :) ) so now she can make the salve!
    Hugs to you!
    ...Susan :)

    1. Oh thank you dear Susan.. I hope you are well and truly on the mend.. Miss you.. Glad you are all making the salve.. xo

  27. Faye, I love everything about your blog. I have sent a couple of emails and never get a response so I'm wondering if I'm sending it to the correct email address. I used the one you have listed on your page, so I don't know what's happening. I had a question about the size of the quilt block on your orange peel quilt hanging on your clothesline. I loved it so and wanted to make one of my own but the block looks a little larger than most I've seen and just wondered what the size of each block was. oh well, hope you have a great weekend and I look forward to the move to the bay. It's so lovely and peaceful there, I'm sure.

    1. Hi Sandy.. So sorry about the emails.. I didn't get them unless they went in my junk .. I will check..
      As for the quilt I am sorry about that too.. It is just one I picked up at the Walmart in the U. S. I don't quilt although I truly love them and buy second hand and sell at my shop.. They are wonderful no matter how tattered and torn..
      Please email me again and we will see what happens.. OK..
      Thanks for your sweet comments, too. xo

  28. Your blog is great just as it is and it is a comfort to read. Our lives are all so busy but reading your blog is soothing and I love your recipes (except the ones that have beans {smile}. I made the bread recipe that you recently posted and it was delicious and in fact I ate most of it. So easy too.
    The Lord is working through you to reach many people as the comments above show. May He always bless you and your family.

    1. Thank you so much dear Judy.. I am glad I whined a bit and found out that there are people still reading it.. smile..
      Take care and God bless...

  29. Your blog is just fine the way it is. I love seeing all the pictures and reading all your recipes that I keep telling myself I'm going to try. Perhaps tomorrow I'll try the Smelly Jellies and no knead bread:) Hope to visit you in your shop again soon. I was only there the one time, but I'll be back! Afterall I'm only in Saint John:)

    Blessings to you!


    1. Thanks, Kim.. I will be so happy to see you.. As soon as we get established I will blog about it and put up my phone number..

  30. hi faye,
    i agree with everyone that your blog is great just as it is!! and i'm one of those who visits but may not comment. you always have such a variety of topics going that makes each post so interesting! i quit blogging because it took so much time...i knit for my prayer shawl ministry so much more than i compute. i have always followed you but need to be more responsive to your efforts as i know how much time & effort you are putting into this 'ministry' of yours! God Bless You!!
    ^)^ linda

    1. Thank you, too, Linda.. So glad your prayer shawl ministry is doing so well.. I hope I can continue the blogging and sweet girls like you make it more worth the while..

  31. Jodi W. from Northeast OhioMay 20, 2013 at 6:28 AM

    I just LOVE your blog....don't change a thing!!! I'm a busy SAHM, and am always inspired by you....Keep it up dear....:)))

    1. Thank you Jodi from Ohio... I so appreciate everyone's lovely comments..
      Take care... xo

  32. Hi Faye, I really enjoy your blog as it is! My favorite thing has to be all the yummy food you show us :) If you want to get more followers, I would suggest participating in blog hops. That's how I started to grow my blog and gained more readers. If you link up a post to a blog hop then visit some other blogs and comment on their posts, usually you can get more readers and make some new friends in the process. Good luck!

    1. Thank you Tammy.. I will have to make a bigger effort to join the blog hops.. I just am not a consistent person in so many way..
      I just want this blog to grow, eh?

  33. I love your blog..anyway you put it is ok. Love to have your meetball ricepe.
    You are adelight...and thanks for leting it shine for us all.

    1. Ahhh thanks Cathyjo.. I appreciate it..
      The meatball recipe was just a bit of this and that..
      a pound of hamburger, salt and pepper, 1 egg, 1/2 cup of dried breadcrumbs, fresh minced parsley, 1/2 of a minced onion and a clove of garlic, minced..
      I bake them in the oven for 15 minutes then add them to the sauce for a while..
      Hope this helps..

    2. Thank You....Blessings...