Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thinking of changes and a recipe for you..

Hello there ladies.. 

Just sharing a few pics of our old cottage that is patiently waiting for our soon return.. 
About another month and we will be getting ready for our Summer migration.. smile.. 

These pics were taken before in the month of May. 

The shop is the little cottage and we need to get there and start getting it ready for the season.. 

We hope next week to head down that way..

I love the Bay of Fundy and will be happy to listen to the nightly waves and hear the wind blowing through the windows..

But for now I am enjoying still being home. 
The wind is blowing here tonight, too.. 
There has been a bad forest fire over near our farm and we are praying they get it under control.. 
Three homes have been lost so far.. 
We really need rain.. 

I included a picture of an old house that is on the Bay and one of my favorites.. 
The dear girl who owns it lives in Ontario and is one of the sweetest people you could meet.. 
We see each other and just pick up where we left off.. grin.. 

There are many nice things about moving back for the Summer and she is one of them.. 
There are also a lot of dear friends and cousins, of course, that makes the cottage such a lovely place to be.. 

Another is our nightly drives.. 
We go most evenings.. 
Just wee drives sometimes with a sugar free cone and then end up parking along the waves you see there.. 
We roll down our windows and Terry puts his seat back.. 
Not me.. 
I sit up and watch the waves until I get sleepy and then we head home to our warm bed... smile.. 

I promised the little how to for the cinnamon buns..

The first pic is of the no knead bread recipe which is found

No Knead Cinnamon Buns.. 
All I made was half of the recipe for the pan you see.. 
If you need more then use the regular recipe.. OK? 

I didn't measure but I will give you the idea.. 
Raise the bread the first time in the bowl and punch down.. 
Have some butter and I mixed about a half cup of brown sugar and a big spoon of cinnamon.. 
Then I made little rolls in my hand and buttered them with soft butter and rolled them in the cinnamon sugar and placed in a buttered tin.. 
Let rise until doubled.. 
Bake in a 350 degrees F. oven for only 25 minutes... 
Check them at 20 minutes but it also depends on the size of the rolls. You may need longer ..

When they are cool drizzle some vanilla icing on the top.. 
A little butter creamed well, icing sugar, vanilla and a pinch of salt.. 
Add a tablespoon of milk at a time until you get a good consistency.. 
Hope you like them.. 
I don't believe there are many calories in them.. (rolled eyes)

Someone left a comment and wanted to know if I 
made sticky buns.. 
I used to years ago but I haven't for ages.. 
I dearly love them and would eat way too many.. 
So I wait until we take a trip to a little town on the other side of the Fundy Trail in Alma and get a pan of theirs.. 
The best sticky buns in Canada.. 

Have a wonderful evening dear hearts.. 
Thanks for dropping by and leaving your little notes so I know you were here.. 
God bless.. 


  1. I love seeing all the pictures you post. I look at the old houses and think I would love to go exploring through them, and look out the windows. Views out of windows always draw me, it is pure pleasure just to gaze out a window and see beyond. I have had many journeys doing just that, most from just standing there and letting my eyes go forth. Grin, Will try the rolls for sure, a small batch otherwise I might be tempted to eat them all by my lonesome. Hope all goes well with getting ready to return to the bay. Hugs, have a great week.

  2. Dear Faye,
    What a lovely post. I Am thinking of you especially today beacause of the fires. Hope all is well? I will have to try the no knead cinnamon buns. The bread I have tried many times and is good. Cant wait to visit you at your shop in St. Martins.
    Love Ya,

  3. Look at that grand old cottage (house) just waiting for you to come to the Bay of Fundy for the summer. Your area there is such a beautiful place. Faye, are those shrimp boats? OR lobster? OR fish? I love shrimp and lobster but deathly allergic to fish. Anyways, I have fallen in love with your friend's old house and the sea behind it. What a setting!

    I will be praying that they get the fires under control....and that the farm will be safe. Three homes lost.....what a shame. I am so sorry for the dear people and all they have lost. They are in my prayers also. Fire is so scary!

    Well, I might try the buns...You know I want I really need them.....????????? But Jim would love them.

    Bless you, Sweetie.

  4. Praying for the families who lost their homes and for the fires to be put out.
    SO scary.
    Love the sweet buns ..oh yumm!
    SO enjoyed visiting you friend.
    Woolie JOY

  5. Hi Faye;

    What beautiful pictures of St Martins - we were there for a drive a few weekends ago.

    Thanks for including your cinnamon bun recipe, I just might try it. We like the sticky buns in Alma too, especially the ones still hot from the oven.

    I didn't realize that the fires were so close to you - I am praying for you and for those who have lost their homes.


  6. Hello Faye, these pictures are lovely, and the houses are beautiful, they have grace and charm. Ice Cream by the bay sounds lovely..and relaxing..I would sit and watch the waves as well..never would tire of it. Thank you for the recipe, my family been clamoring for some home baking, this may do the trick. Hoping your property is safe, and no more homes will be lost.

    Blessings to you this day...

  7. Those nightly drives sound so wonderful! The no knead cinnamon buns sound so good. I've actually never made my own cinnamon rolls before but I really want to try it out. Hope you have a great night, Faye! :)

  8. I love reading your blog. It makes me happy just picturing your lovely Bay of Fundy.

  9. Kelly's Bakeshop in Alma. Yep, their sticky buns are delicious and an annual tradition with my brother and his family when they visit Alma and Fundy. We got some last summer when my sister was home. Pouring rain and wind and we three had a blast. :) Love your pictures of St. Martin's. The beach there is wonderful. I hope the fires get under control and that we get some much needed rain to douse them. Take care. Pam

  10. Faye ~ I can quite see why you love being by your beautiful bay! A lovely change of scenery!
    Your bread and buns look ssssoooo professional! well done!

    I hope by now that no more has been lost to the fire. That was horrible for the people concerned...

    I cannot believe the time has come round for your yearly change of abode so quickly!
    Enjoy yourselves there,
    xxx God bless you both

  11. sounds like something wonderful to look forward to!!

  12. Thank you for your answer, I was hoping you had a recipe, I suppose I could use this recipe and make a sugar and butter mixture to go in the bottom of it, making it a "sticky" one.
    Your photos are truly gorgeous, the houses are reminiscent of PEI, photos I've seen of it anyway. I would so love to see the bay of Fundy, I learned about it in High School.
    Hugs, Cindy

  13. How fun it would be to see the places where you took the pictures in person! The food you post always makes me hungry (I am not much of a cook). What a fun post, I love how you describe the pictures too.

  14. Enjoy your Summer Faye and hey, thanks for the recipe.. I want pics of that shop still yer know.. :-) Keep well dear friend x x x