Monday, May 6, 2013

Loving the Weekend..

Hello girls.. 
How art thou? 
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend.. 

Our weather is simply glorious for over a week and still going.. 

My sweet husband has been very busy putting down new kitchen, family room, pantry, laundry room and hall floors...

What a time finding the one we liked that would suit our open concept here.  
Then we finally picked something after several trips to the city to buy it and then had to go again to get more in case we didn't have enough.. 
Then the poor man spent quite a while planning on how to lay it and such just to start laying it and discovering a flaw... groan.. 

He then had to again carry out and load the truck with about 20 boxes of heavy flooring and return it to the hardware store.. 

Then we had to find another one we liked and repeat the whole 

Oh well.. 
It is about 1/3 done I would say.. 
This includes putting in new heat rads and cutting around all the stone on our fireplace which runs for a corner and one wall.. 
I love it, though, so I hope he thinks it is worth all the work.. 

I will be sure and share pics with you when we get there... 

Now for the pics above.. 
They were taken Saturday as we again spent a day at the old farm..  
Made some soup on the wood stove for lunch and enjoyed eating it along side of my current book..

 Also baking some bread and having fun with it.. 
It is our no knead recipe found HERE..

We were expecting our son and family and so I thought I had best make something sweet.. 

As I mentioned before there are only limited pantry supplies so the cinnamon buns came to my mind.. 

I was sure there was a way to turn the bread into something sweet.. 
They turned out lovely.. 
Terry was even telling people at church yesterday how good they were.. 
If you are interested I will try and post the recipes next time..

The other rolls were great, too. 

I saw the idea in an UK Country Home magazine but just used the same recipe.. Let it rise and then shaped it to fit a 9x13 pan. After it rises you just score it  and cover with poppy, cumin, fennel and sesame seeds and ground cumin..
The magazine mentioned that one shoud  brush milk on to hold the seeds there.. 
So good with soup.. 

There are also a few pics of thrift store finds that I found .. 
A cast iron pan to match my tea kettle along with a rooster cushion and blueberry hot pad.. 

A new cook book from a favorite cook book line.. 
Moosewood Restaurant is in the state of New York and someday I hope to go there.. 
We go through New York every year or two so it is one of the points of interest that I think would be so much fun to do.. 

I love their cookbooks as they are mostly vegan but delicious and easy to make.. 
Not completely up Terry's alley mind you but certainly up mine.. 

He is still working on that far room in the kitchen picture.. 
It is our back porch and it seems like it has been taking years to finish.  We can't get the time to be there long enough to accomplish much.. 
All in good time, I guess.. 

The ceiling is all torn out and a new higher one is now in and the floor has been replaced with a new underlay.. We bought the flooring and that needs finished next and then the walls.. 
We are actually looking for a good second hand window to put at the back so we can see up into the hills at the back and another to replace the kitchen one... 
Oh well.. All in good time, I guess.. 
Would you waste your time doing something like this? 
A trip far away is probably something most people would prefer.. 
Takes all kinds, eh? 
I do want to go to Newfoundland this year.. or next...

This week we are getting ready for our Keepers of the Home Mother's Day Breakfast.. 
The men of the church are cooking it for us.. 
Bless their hearts.. 
We are getting together Thursday night at the church in Salisbury to make favors, door prizes and centrepieces.. 
Should be fun.. 

Then Saturday at 9 am is the breakfast.. 
If you live near the Salisbury area here in New Brunswick then please feel free to join us.. 
Just email me at and I can give you the details.. 
We are having a penny auction, too along with a lovely speaker... 
We would all love to have you.. 

Thank you so much for your visit.. 
I hope you enjoy coming by as I love having you.. 

If I didn't hear from you then I would  not continue blogging but  you guys are great and leave your sweet comments so onward we go..
Thank you.. 

Welcome welcome to the new followers, too.. 
I find it hard to get the time to join many linky parties and such to get new followers so I really appreciate you girls who have found me and joined.. 
Very happy to have you.. 

I must go for tonight..
 I think I got carried away and wrote too much.. sorry.. 

I hear my cousin's name being mentioned a lot on the hockey game again tonight.. 
He is Brad Marchand and plays for Boston Bruins.. 
A great Canadian lad.. 
I know I am bragging again.. grin.. 

God bless you all.. 




  1. Faye those rolls look so delicious! Yes, Al and I would rather fix up something or buy out an estate than go on a trip...we can't leave anyway, we have too many critters. :) Blessings from Wisconsin.

  2. I so enjoy your posts, it's funny I recognized the farm house kitchen before You said where it was! I must be hanging around your blog quite often. I would love to see pictures of the finished floors. I have always wanted to do our house, and it has never been started. Still hoping! I hope you have a wonderful keepers meeting, and a wonderful Mother's Day.
    hugs from down in the very stormy south tonight.

  3. I love the bright yellow teapot and baking pan. Such a pretty colour. That would be so frustrating with the flooring Faye. When we renovated our bathroom, Murray layed in floor heating then the guy came to lay the tile he got it half way done and discovered the rest of the tile was the wrong size! He left in a stew I tell you. Finally he came back and chipped up the tile and went to town to get the right stuff. I was fit to be tied but it wasn't out fault. :) It all worked out though and still looks good and the heat underneath is wonderful on the feet. Isn't this weather great? I'm afraid it's going to end later in the week though and be back to normal cooler temperatures. We do need rain though don't we? It's very dry. Enjoy the week and weekend coming up. Blessings, Pam

  4. Hi Faye, love your farm house so, your decorating is so warm and oozy with your treasures........How wonderful to cook on a wood stove, love that and your cooking always looks so yummy.......Blessings Francine.

  5. Awe, we are hungry now! The girls and I are getting ready to get to a lil-project and Anna said oh Mrs Henry we are! Smile,
    love the bread looks wonderful and like from a specialty bake shop!
    I am loving some things from the farm house, the tile floor, yellow t-pot & pan, anything rooster! Most of all the feeling of love in the home :) Really it shows!
    I so wish we could live close and come to the Keeper's...
    um, yes we would and we do the house projects however there is a trip we would love to make and we know after the Lord showed us how it 'can' be done we are setting on sight's on that! Smile...can a person do both if planned and prayed about?
    Hugs thanks for the newsy post!
    I am looking for a pic on the new floor now.
    Hugs-blessings~Lori for us xxx

  6. Oh Faye...a kitchen remodel is so taxing! :( but your enthusiasm seems to be the right attitude to have :) The yellow tea kettle is so precious...but the most delicious picture is of course the buns ;D Have a terrific and blessed day tomorrow Fayer :) m.

  7. Your seeded rolls and cinnamon rolls look so delicious. Terry is a hard working man, laying down new flooring all by himself! Can't wait to see the photos. I wish I could be in your neck of the woods one time to come to a meeting. It would be such fun for me. New York is a big state, I haven't been upstate in years. I love it in the fall especially. xo

  8. Hello Dear Heart. So much to talk about. I had better just hit the highlights tonight! I adore the farmhouse kitchen and I can not wait to see the new floor.......again, I love the sideboard in the kitchen. Terry keeps right on trucking along with all of these projects. My Jim, too. He always has to have something to do! But I know you are right there along side Terry with the ideas! Good for you. I am very tired tonight. Had better hit our nice warm suggly bed and get some extra winks.


  9. Wow Faye;

    I get tired just reading all you have accomplished! :0)

    I would love to try the cinnamon bun recipe - it looks good.


  10. I LOVE the yellow teapot. Yellow is one of my favorite colors. I would love my kitchen painted the exact color of that teapot. My bathroom is yellow and I love it. I love it when you all go to the farm but then I am partial to old farmhouses. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  11. Oh my busy, busy people this weekend ! I love your finds and all the food looks so YUMMY ! The floors will look nice when all done . Papa spent all weekend putting in a patio door in our kitchen , oh it is wonderful so much more light and I can see all of the back yard and birdies even better now and the sunsets beam through ! The weather here has been summer like temps hitting 23*C and sunny ! Thanks for sharing all with us ! Have a wonderful day !

  12. Kim from Saint JohnMay 7, 2013 at 4:53 AM

    Hi Faye:

    Love your farmhouse. Thank you for sharing your pictures with us. The soup looks lovely:) My better half and I went to St. Martins for a drive on Saturday afternoon. Your shop misses you:) When do you open for the season? The weather has been gorgeous, until today. Everywhere in the province it's in the mid to upper 20's, and here in Saint John it's foggy and 11*C. Oh well, I don't really like it too hot anyway!

    Take care!


  13. The soup & cinnamon rolls look delicious!!
    Well be waiting for you to post a recipe for the rolls!! :) Lisa

  14. I'm looking to getting together on thursday to get ready for our b'fast... I must get hunting of donations for our penny auction :)

  15. I am so intrigued by those rolls! How unique and delicious. I always get hungry when I visit your blog! All your food looks so yummy. How neat that you guys are getting new floors! Too bad you hit a few snags along the way - that sounds frustrating. We are putting new floors down this summer in our open concept living room and kitchen so I'm excited for that :)

  16. HI Faye, Whenever you cook and bake,I just wish I could drop in...It alls look so good and yummy.Glad your doing things that make you happy.Terry sure is a sweetheart, so glad you have him.xxoo

  17. Another wonderful blog Faye! I love reading your words. The chair in the corner of the kitchen looks like a lovely place to sit and read a book while supper cooks on the stove.
    As always, the bread looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

  18. It's okay to brag on your cousin! I wasn't surprised that they beat the Maple Leafs, they are a good team.
    I loved seeing your photos, the bread looks delicious, I would like to know if you have a sticky bun recipe? My hubby loves them over cinnamon buns, if I make them he hardly eats them, but can't pass up a good sticky bun.
    I look forward to seeing photos of your new floor, I'm sure it's beautiful. Your farmhouse is lovely, so homey looking.
    Hugs, cindy

  19. oh my gosh! I just love your blog and look forward to receiving it! You are such an amazing cook! I love your cooking style because it's real wholesome good for you food! I am going to stop being scared and just make your bread recipe! I am not a great baker!

    Wish you well!

  20. What a great idea for the rolls. I will have to remember that, I like that everyone can have their own favorite topping!

    Sounds like you had a great weekend!

    Thanks for stopping by the In and Out of the Kitchen link party and I look forward to seeing you again!

    Cynthia at