Wednesday, May 1, 2013

A daughter's day of Spring work..

Hello there everyone.. 
A little surprise for you tonight.. 

I think I had mentioned to you that I was hoping to get my daughter to do a little guest posting on here sometime.. 
She is rather busy like the rest of the world and we did not seem to get to it ... 
When I was down last week and we were chatting she was mentioning all of the outside work she wanted to get done.. 
I suggested that perhaps she could just take some pics and email them to me and I would do my thing... smile.. 
Today there were these pics in my email.. 
I tried to enlarge them and some are not great quality but you get the gest.. right? 
She loves gardening which she inherited from both of her grandmothers.. 
I only like herb gardening.. 
I can't say I am fond of doing anything else in the garden although I love the preserving of whatever is grown.. 

As Spring is late here we still do not have much in the line of flowers but Shonda has a green thumb and later on in the Summer I will try to get you a few pics of her flowers and such.. 

Anyway the pictures you see here are just of her cleaning and redoing.. 

She made a mixture and wiped down everything first and then she started redoing and arranging for another summer.. 

Like some homemade vintage cushions and a quilt decorating her swing and I see she has painted some of her chairs again..

There is a collection of primitive birdhouses which are scattered from the front porch to the pool area and on each fence post.. 
The little building you see is the pool house and I wish she had taken some pics from inside as it is lovely.. 
Later on this summer I will try and take some.. 

Anyway, I thought this would be something different for you from my regular boring  stuff.. smile.. 

Shonda said she loved her day spent in the Spring sunshine.. 
So thankful for the blessings from the Lord.. 

As most of you know who have been reading this for ages is that in the Summers I drive a yellow Volkswagen Bug... 

We always keep our cars until they are done.. 
So this is what I hope to do with mine in a few years..

Now this takes a green thumb..
But I think I would be up for the challenge.. 

I found this on the Internet ages ago.. I am sure it is on Pinterest somewhere, too..

Don't you love it.. 

I have been sewing for today so I will share that with you next time.. 

So glad you dropped by and thanks for your faithful comments.. 
Keeps me going.. 

You guys rock....


  1. What a lovely home Shonda has and she has been very busy by the looks of it ! Oh I love yellow bugs or beetle we called them ( Volkswagen ) They are so vintage now . I like the idea of the garden in old car that's cool ! Thanks for sharing with us and um your posts are far from boring ! Have a good evening !

  2. Her home is fabulous, Faye! Oh my! That view! She is such a talented decorator. I can't wait to see more pictures!!! I had a silver New Beetle before my current car. It served its purpose when the gas prices were high, and I had a 2 hour drive to work every day. God is good in His provision! I can so picture you in your VW. I did not know about you driving one, but it fits your sunny personality. I like your idea for your bug's final resting place! It is a beautiful way to still enjoy a beloved car... Funny how they can become that. My favorite cars are Jeeps. I had a Jeep Wrangler that I loved. I don't have him in my front yard, but I miss him!

    Oh such a lovely post! And YOU ROCK!!!!!

    Love and hugs, dear!

  3. Shonda has a gorgeous home! I love that wrap around veranda, the swing, the birdhouses, the adirondack chairs and the view. Wow. I would spend all summer out there on that porch I think. I don't think I knew about your yellow VW Bug but that one with the flowers planted in it is really cute. Enjoy this beautiful weather my friend. Hugs, Pam

  4. Oh my, love her decorating, looks so country cozy......I could enjoy sitting on the porch all the time.....wonderful....Blessings Francine.

  5. Shonda has the gift, as you do, Faye. I could sit and relax on her porch for hours! Thanks for sharing, looking forward to the flowers. xo

  6. What a beautiful home and view...spring is late here too but it is coming..

  7. She has such a pretty home. It looks so inviting. I would love to sit on that porch and have that wonderful view. Oh my! I had no idea you drove a yellow bug. How neat!

  8. Dear Faye,

    I didn't know about your yellow Volkswagen! And I understand what you mean about keeping vehicles until their done. Ours are about ready for the scrap heap once we're finished.:)

    And I see that your daughter has the same gift for decorating and making home a most welcoming place. Thanks for sharing the lovely pictures, and I hope you have a very blessed spring!



  9. Hi Faye, I am late again tonight. You see, today was our 48th wedding anniversary and we spent it together, going for a nice long ride, buying some perennial flowers and then out to dinner. It was fabulous....really fabulous. It does not have to be a big deal to make Jim and I happy. It was just good to be together. The good Lord has blessed us with 48 years and it has been wonderful.

    I love Shonda's home. But I did not know she had that lovely view of the water. Do the boys swim there...oh, that's right they have a beautiful pool. I love all of her Adirondack chairs and the all of the pretty colors. The porch floor is beautiful. She is just like you....very creative and imaginative.

    My niece sent me the pic of the "bug" about a week ago. I have always wanted a "bug". Chances are that is not going to happen. I can see you bopping all over the countryside in that cute little thing. Last I saw it...seems like it will be a very long time before you can plant flowers in it. It looked in pretty good shape. But what a picture it is. So bright and cheerful.Fantastic flowers and tulips.

    I will talk to you soon, Dearie...

  10. Morning
    What a beautiful home.
    I love the porch.
    And what a awesome yellow bug filled with such beautiful flowers.
    Woolie JOY

  11. Hi Faye, First, your blog and news is never boring but so inspiring and fills my heart with joy and my face with a smile at the worst and best of time. :)
    Shondra certainly does have a talent, pretty sure she could hire herself out (I would be first on the list :)) Beautiful home, decor, etc. I can't wait to see what you have bee sewing up. Hugs to you Faye.
    PS Not sure what Terry would think of mowing around the "bug". lol

  12. I love the pictures! Shonda has a beautiful home. I love all her outdoor sitting areas. I love to have chairs and swings everywhere so I can sit and enjoy the view from anywhere anytime. Thanks for sharing these with us. God bless.

  13. HI Faye;

    I love what Shonda has done around her home. She has some ideas that I would like to borrow - thanks for sharing.


  14. Shonda's home is beautiful.

    Love your "bug" idea. Don't know if you follow Carmen at the Primcats but she has an old truck right now that she is trying to get permission to do the same thing with.

    Have a great day Faye.


  15. Shonda has such a gorgeous home! I really enjoyed seeing her photos of the house and garden. Lovely work, Shonda!

    I love that photo of the VW bug with the flowers planted inside! I think you should definitely do that with yours when it goes kaput. It makes me smile to think of you driving around in a yellow bug! :)

  16. lovely porch & decks, makes you just want to sit down and enjoy it all, love the yellow bug!

  17. I LOVE the porch!!
    Great pictures :)

  18. Shonda's house is beautiful! I want a porch like that. She has her mother's talent for decorating, I see, and how wonderful that she loves to garden, too.
    Your vw images is very fun! I love it.

  19. That little VW bug looks so peaceful :)