Friday, June 14, 2013

Back to the Cottage...

Hello everyone.. 
Hope you all missed me.. smile.. 

We have been at the cottage getting everything back to normal for a couple of months stay.. 

The weather was fine when we left with the truck loaded on Tuesday but by the time we arrived it was getting ready to rain.. 
And rain it did!!

It is almost always the welcome we receive each Summer and as you know I love it.. 
The wind is awesome and the waves are huge.. 

I made up the beds and opened the window wide and when we went to bed it was lovely.. 
Nice flannel sheets and a duvet.. 

We are sleeping in a different room this year as we can't have the wind blowing on our heads anymore.. 
Old age and the old arthritis is being such a pain this year.. 

But this room has more advantages, though as it does not have the sun until the afternoon .. 
The other room is so bright in the mornings.. 

A little funny story for you.. 
The second night I was very tired when we went to bed.. 
About five in the morning I thought I heard the radio on.. 
I woke Terry (although, I don't think I opened my eyes) and asked him what the noise was.. 
He just sort of mumbled something.. 
I asked why the radio was on and he didn't say anything.. 
I laid there half asleep for bit until I realized it was a chorus of birds singing out back in the lilac bushes.. 
You would think I had never heard birds sing before.. 
That\s when I decided I needed a few more hours of sleep.. grin..

The next day was still rainy and very windy.. 
Terry worked at the shop and I worked at the cottage.. 
We went and got some lovely spring water.. 
Terry got ours hooked up but it takes a day or so to clear..

Then yesterday was lovely..
I even got a bit of garden work done.. 
Terry picked me some white lilacs .. 
Don't you love the smell through the house?

And we had a bit of company.. smile..

Now we are home for the weekend and as soon as we arrived I phoned to get our Internet and phone hooked up.. 
Oh Brother.. 
What a time..
 The Internet in St. Martins is almost all taken but thank the Lord we managed to get a spot and will have it in a week.. 
 I guess my blog will suffer a bit but I really do have lots to do so that is for the best I am thinking..  

At least the cottage is basically ready but the shop will take at least another week.. or two.... 

Well, dear hearts.. 
I am going to crawl into our water bed and have a good nights sleep.. 
I will get back to you once more, I hope, before we go back ... 

Thanks so much for stopping by and look so forward to hearing from you all.. 

God bless..


  1. I love to hear the rain when it pounds on the roof at night. Hope you get your shop ready soon too. Have fun


  2. Sounds like everything is coming along nicely, Faye...AND IF YOU WERE WITHOUT INTERNET ALL SUMMER ....I DON'T KNOW WHAT THIS OLD GIRL WOULD DO......I would have to drive up there myself and stay next door for a while.!!!!!!! I love your cozy and welcoming....makes me want to crawl right in and listen to the rain! I hope you and Terry have a wonderful summer and the shop does very well. Take care and know that you both are in my prayers.


  3. I love the photos, the beds look so inviting!
    The flowers are so pretty, and that meal, yuummm!
    Hope all goes well with settling in.
    I esp. love that simply country table topper, just so sweet.
    Hope you have a wonderful summer.
    Share with us when you are able.
    God Bless You Both!

  4. Hi Faye!

    Loved all the photos! The beds look very comfy cozy:) The meal looked lovely as well. I also have lilacs in my kitchen and dining of my favourite flowers. I think tomorrow I'll put some in the washroom, I can never have too many lol.

    Take care, and update us as you are able:)


  5. Hi Faye. Glad to see you back! I enjoyed all your photos of your sweet cottage by the sea. So sweet. It must have been so cold there during that stormy weather. It wasn't nice here either but you got way more rain than we did. I hope you will have good internet service this summer so you can blog now and then. We'd miss you!! Take care my friend and enjoy this lovely sunny weather. Hugs, Pam

  6. I have missed you, Faye! I was just thinking about you last night wondering when I'd see another post. I figured you had been busy. The cottage looks great! So funny about you thinking the birds were the radio haha. Lilac is my favorite flower and I just love how heavenly it smells. It never lasts long enough! Hope you have a good weekend :)

  7. i love your new header!! what a wonderful angle thru the forget-me-nots!!?? since i am doing a little less gardening, my memory store of flowers is dwindling. we have had so much rain in IOWA we have flooding again...not quite as bad as 2008 or 1993 thank goodness! the cities have prepared much better for this summer's waters. as mentioned by the others, i love all your pics too! i can't wait to see what you've made up for your shop for this season!! i had my first anniversary in May of my Prayer Shawl Ministry! it's going well... i love those ladies who knit & crochet for it!!! God Bless!
    ^)^ linda

  8. It looks very quiet and serene there. Great place to come home to after the shop closes.

  9. Faye, your photographs look stunning!

  10. I love your photos and your stories, it's like visiting a sweet friend, when I'm here. So homey...something I miss since I lost my mom many years ago.
    Love and hugs, Cindy