Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Getting ready for the season...

Hello everyone.. 
It has been a while but I think I am back.. 

We had our Internet hooked up yesterday.
God was good and we were provided with a high speed port. 
They said that this little village is one busy place right now and so many have moved in for the Summer that the ports were already taken.  Yikes.. 
 I called back a bit later and that girl found me one..
Thank you, Lord..  
Here I am... 

Took a few pics the last week so you would know what we were up to.. (just in case you are interested)
I think I will explain the pics this time.. 

A lot of blogs just put on a bunch of photos and a bit of explanation below.. 
What do you all prefer.. 
I guess a change is good now and then, eh.. 

We have been home and packed our vehicles and returned to the cottage loaded for the shop and here, too, of course.. 

We have had one lovely week with beautiful temps... 
The lobster season was on and a lot of boats coming and going.. 

At the shop the little hedge is blooming away.. 

I took this pic last year but it still looks the same.. 
Someone told me the name of them but I forget again.. Sorry..

One night last week a dear lad dropped these by for us .... 
Aren't they lovely? 
We had them the next day and they were perfect.. 
Trout.. my fave... 

The evenings here are simply gorgeous.. 

The breezes off of the Bay of Fundy smell nice and fresh.. 
Love it.. 

Here is the spot in my shop that is now my work area.. 

Terry put a big corner desk in there for me and a high counter to hide my mess.. 
Tomorrow, Lord willing I will start placing everything.. 
He is done doing the rooms that he was working on for now and will putter away at finishing them.. 

We want to open by Saturday so I have to do my thing.. 
I have been pricing and piling in piles ready to hang and such.. 
Pray for me tomorrow that I get this task finished.. OK? 

We went home again this past weekend for more stuff.. 
It takes a lot of work to move down for a few months.. 

If it wasn't for the shop it would be a piece of cake but trying 
to bring craft supplies and all is horrendous.. 

I don't like to forget anything because that means Terry has to look for it when he goes home and that is not always a pretty sight. grin..

His roses were blooming..

As you can see he has them all along the driveway on both sides and they are getting bigger each year.. 

We packed up again and had Dustin and Veronique for a visit.. 
Also, so blessed to get to our little church.. 
Awesome service.. 
Will so miss being there but will enjoy being in church with our daughter once they get back from Florida.. 

We also visited Trevor and his family as they had just returned home from Ontario.. 
They had a great time.. 
So glad God blessed them with a safe journey.. 


I have been busy making and creating, too.. 
Homemade Potpourris are a standard feature here..

A little closeup of the roses.. 

Aren't they beautiful.. 
We call them Old Moss Roses.. 
What do you call them? 
I usually dry a dehydrator full to add to potpourri... 

A few little cushions that are still at the shop.. 

I love anything with violets on them... 
So dear, eh? 

Most evenings as I told you before we go for a wee drive.. 
This was last night..
See the fog bank there in the distance? 

Don't you just love fog? 
This kind, I mean.. 
Not the dense stuff you can't drive in.. smile.. 
Most days it will drift in about supper time and then it disappears..
Well.. not always.. 
Sometimes it hangs around for  

I was up early this morning and made a few batches of rhubarb jam.. 

I am so slow this year but better late then never.. smile.. 
At the shop we have old stuff... 

Old dishes, silver, linens, quilts and such.. 
None of it is really good stuff but lovely if you like that kind of thing.. 
We are only open for the summer so we don't stock costly antiques..
Just some prims and a nice bit here and there.. 
My salves and such are getting done.. 
Violet Salves and an All purpose one.. 
I did these this evening.. 

Lots more to do yet, though.. 

This is a calm day last week.. 
Today the waves were nice and high.. 
Terry and I went to town to pick up last minute things like bags, sea salt, receipt books, herbs and plants and such.. 

When we arrived back we noticed the waves were high and went and parked beside them and just laid our heads back and had a wee shut eye... 
Oh, it was wonderful.. grin.. 
People must think we are crazy.. 
Two old people with their heads laid back snoozing away.. 
I usually just watch the waves but today I was sleepy for some reason.. 
Guess it was the wind.. smile..

Well, dear hearts that is what I have been doing.. 
I will try to get to your blogs and answer your emails a bit each day.. 
Next week things should start becoming normal.. I hope.. 

Our phone number is 506 833 4801

We won't be open until this Saturday about noon.. 
Then it will be by chance or appointment although I do try to be here as much as possible.. 

I hope to open a Facebook page and that might help.. 
Please feel free to phone for hours or if you are coming this way.. 

So glad you all dropped by and look forward to hearing from you.. 
I have missed you.. 

God bless.. 


  1. Beautiful picture. I wish we were closer to your shop. I would love shopping there.

  2. Oh so glad all is well.
    Thinking about you & praying for you both
    and all the family. Oh if only closer....
    Blessings & hugs~

  3. so thankful to read this post, love all the photos, of course!!!
    hugs and prayers that all will go well.
    be blessed dear Faye, to bloom by the sea side for the summer!

  4. Love the photos! So glad you're opening your shop soon, I look forward to going back:) Although I won't be there on Saturday, I'll be seeing you soon, hopefully the next weekend:) I get exhausted just hearing about all you do!

    Take care, and try not to work too hard!

  5. Everything is so lovely! Makes me wanna go for a visit! You will get it all together I'm sure! Enjoyed the update!

  6. Hello Dear lovely to read your post tonight. I just popped in and you were here!!!! I was happy! I have missed you so much! Lots going on with you. I know you will be ready by Saturday. The roses are delightful. I love the bush and the color. Lots going on here, too. Jim had cataract surgery in both each on the last two Mondays. Really nothing. My hand is all healed. Our veggie and flower gardens are beautiful....eating radishes and lettuce (radishes are perfect, not too hot). Pool is open...granddaughter Tori has been here a lot. So glad you will be seeing some of your cousins and old friends in the next two months. I wish we were coming that way....maybe someday.

    Think of you often and I tell my daughter all about the things I learn from you.......

  7. I had a feeling I would see a post tonight, and here you are! Good luck with your wonderful shop, I would love to visit one day. With all you and Terry have been doing no wonder you needed a nap. xo

  8. glad to see you back again. As always I enjoy your photos. So fun and always wanting to go there, only in my dreams. Shops like yours are ones I visit when possible. take care and don't work too hard. Have you ever made strawberry/rhubarb jam? I thought about doing that once. God bless!

  9. You are busy :) But it is work you truly enjoy. Let this year be profitable for your store. m.

  10. Hi, Dear!
    I love the explanations that go with pictures! They tell the story! So, you have to make lots of trips back and forth to bring items, but then you stay for the summer, right? Your daughter lives in Maine, I believe. How long does it take you to get to your church that you attend together? That is so wonderful! I love your vacation town. So out of a book, just delightful!

    We were at the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I slept every night with the deck door wide open so I could hear the loud waves. I totally get your husband and you napping by the water. We had trouble sleeping when we got back, so I have been playing ocean waves on my ipod each night. We were so spoiled.

    I am so glad that you got your internet so we could have wonderful updates! I will be praying that you get everything done in time! I wish I could visit your shop. We may go to Maine this year, but I think we will still be too far away. :(

    Love and hugs to you, friend!

  11. The nap sounds wonderful! Good luck with your opening - I hope you sell a bunch! Blessings from Wisconsin.

  12. Wonderful post Faye...I like to read what the photo is about otherwise I have to scroll up to view what I was reading about but it's a preference and I like the other way you do it keep doing what YOU like.

    Glad you got some good internet service - always a blessing for that.
    your flowering bush is a Purple Weigela...we have them too - same color.

    Wish someday i could visit your shop - always love the pictures I see of it.

  13. You have been a busy girl that is for sure Faye! Oh I do hope I am able to make it down to see your shop this summer, it looks beautiful. :) I wish I had your ambition, you are living my dream job!:) Hugs to you Faye.

  14. So excited to be at the cottage with you Faye. You know I so enjoy going on road trips with you. I love summers at the cottage. Your post are just as good as reading a good book and in my mind going to that place. I can almost smell the scents of summer as I get to explore the area through your writings. Oh to be there in person and feel the breeze and sit next to the water with a good book. Thanks for taking me away for a while when I visit you. Have a blessed day. Hope you get all done that is on your list.

  15. The water pictures looks so serene. I wish I was there on a beach lounging in a chair :)

  16. Hi Faye ! Lovely to have you back ! Wonderful photos everything looks great ! Glad to hear the move has been successful ! We just finished getting a big thunderstorm with torrential rains but we needed it as it has been hot , humid and dry for a week . Gardens and plants are singing now lol ! Thanks for sharing . Have a wonderful day !

  17. Your shop looks wonderful, oh how I wish I could come by for a bit and see your wee shop. How sweet that you stop by the bay and enjoy a snooze, you make it sound so-o-o-o relaxing.
    I am working on a post about you, I will post it when I'm hopefully or tomorrow if not.
    Hugs, Cindy

  18. Hello Fay,

    My name is Marina and I live in the south of Spain. I've met your blog through Cindy's post. And I've loved it at the first sight. So, here you are a new follower from far, far away

  19. Hi Faye, I'm glad you are getting settled into the cottage and shop this week and almost ready for your opening. Also glad you got hooked up to High Speed Internet! Awesome!! I read about your blog on Cindy's. She did a great job on it. I like the way you wrote today's post with an explanation with the photos. That's the way I've been doing it too. I think sometimes it's easier to follow. Your pictures are great. Love the gorgeous roses! I hope you have a successful season there and lots of tourists including me! :) Blessings to you. Pamela

  20. I'm glad you have your internet hooked up! So good to hear from you. It really does look like a beautiful place there and I hope the summer goes well! I do like how you usually post all your photos first then do your write-up, but however you want to post is fine with me :) Just do whatever makes you happy!

  21. I'm here from Cindy's Oakview Cottage blog. I do love your views and the laid back lifestyle on the east coast. It does sound like you are super busy and I pray you get to open your shop on Saturday as you'd like.

  22. We are traveling as far north as Massachusetts to see our son and DIL next week. I so wish I could come on up and see all your lovelies in the shop!

  23. I wanted to introduce myself as I am a friend of Cindy's and wanted to drop by to say, "Hello". She did a nice feature on you on her blog. So nice to meet you!



  24. I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog via Cindy. It's a pleasure to meet you. Hope you have a nice evening. Mildred

  25. I came over from Cindy's blog and so enjoyed my visit! Love the roses and although it must be a lot of work setting up a shop for a season, it must also be a nice change.

  26. I am SO glad you are back! I missed you! I hope all goes well with the shop opening. You have such wonderful things. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  27. The very best to you and your shop for the summer. you put so much of yourself into it. and it shows!

  28. I loved all the pictures and stories to go along! I hope you and Terry enjoy your summer and time at the bay, it is beautiful...I'd love to nap with the sound of waves rolling in:)

    If, only Tennessee was closer we would come for a visit and a look around your store. Praying your summer is blessed.