Sunday, June 16, 2013

Missing you all..

Good Morning, dearies.. 

Just a wee note before I am without Internet for a week or so.. 

 I thought I would leave you with a few pics of what we will no doubt be doing.. 

Getting the shop ready to open.. 
The House of Henry..
It will probably take another 2 weeks.. yikes.. 
Pray for me that I can get it done.. 

Then we will enjoy the lovely Bay of Fundy... 
Walk down to it at the end of each day..
 Go for a drives along side it.. 
Sit and listen to the waves...
 And dream.. smile.. 

Hoping to visit our lovely daughter and family, too, one evening..

Working on my herb beds and making a few concoctions, too, I hope.. 

Then back to the cottage and still working on getting it habitable.. smile.. 

And of course, we will still eat.. 
(my favorite lunch)

Anyway, we are now headed to church .. 

Having a bit of time with the family after to celebrate their precious Dad.. 
And a great one he is, too.. 
So thankful to God for the dear man I married and the wonderful example that he is of a true Christian father.. 
Our children have been blessed...

Thankful, too, for my sweet father who has gone on to meet the Lord 23 years ago..
I still miss him.. 
And Terry's Dad.. 
One of the sweetest men I have ever had the pleasure to meet and know.. smile..

Happy Father's Day to all of you dear men who read my blog.. 
I know there are a few.. smile..

Take care of yourselves and your sweet families and may the Lord be with you all.. 

I will check in as soon as I can..
I will miss you all.. 



  1. I just want to say I love all of your photos! The cottage is the pics of the inside. I have to ask you if you made the white placemats, and are they knit or crocheted? I found a pattern for some once and thought they were too much work, but now that I have seen yours, I think they are worth the time, and will look for a pattern again!

  2. Lovely post and photos ! Take care my friend and have a safe time ! Happy daddy's day to all the dad's in your family ! Later gater hehe !

  3. Hi Faye. I love that picture of the trike in the forget me would make a great card. Blessings..L~

  4. How beautiful! You are so lucky!!

  5. Love your photos, and I will be missing you and your charming posts. Wishing you lots of energy to get things done. Here we are celebrating Father's Day today, so wish Terry a very happy one for me, and to your sons and son-in-law. xo

  6. Hi Faye, Please say Happy Father's Day to all the fathers in your family....especially Terry.
    Take care of yourself and take a break sometimes. I will miss you.

  7. Take care dear Faye. Have fun and be careful.


  8. Have fun on your 'sabbatical'. I do enjoy your blogging and look forward to your return. Blessings, Anita

  9. Have a great time away! Love your pictures as always!

  10. Beautiful photos, my friend, I will use some of these for sure! I love seeing photos of the Bay of Fundy. I will be thinking about you as you prepare to open "The House of Henry" for another season.
    Hugs, cindy

  11. Thankful you are safe and now just working away at your summer home. God bless you and hope all goes well. As always I enjoy your photos. Phil and I went out to eat, missed where the restaurant was and thought it wasn't there any more so we went to another seafood restaurant and had a delicious meal there, with a wonderful buffet besides the meal we ordered. Maybe this was the batter deal after all? We had a good time together and came home in traffic on the though. Take care and hugs!

  12. What a wonderful and blessed life to have such beautiful scenery around you. Love all the pics. Until you are back....blessings and enjoy!

  13. I love the photo of the surf crashing on the shore Faye. I wish you well with setting up the shop for the season and will see you here soon when the internet is hooked up. Blessings my friend. Pam

  14. We will be missing you too! :)

  15. Enjoy your "daze" away. I truly hope it all will come together for your - peacefully.

    Blessings to you, my friend.

  16. Such pretty photos! I especially love that first one. Best of luck getting everything ready for House of Henry and see you soon!

  17. We will miss you too. I am so excited to see House of Henry on your blog. Love your photos!

  18. Thanks so much for sharing your pictures! Hopefully, you won't be without internet for too long. I will miss reading your posts. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  19. Sounds like you and Terry had a wonderful Father's Day, Faye... hope you're not working too hard!

  20. Missed you! Hope you're not working too hard... beautiful pics- perhaps I'll get in a trip to see you in St. Martins before you close up shop in the Fall

  21. What a beautiful setting...just lovely. Enjoy every minute...blessings

  22. Hello Faye,
    Enjoyed catching up on what you've been up to. It sounds like you've been busy. Love your pictures today.

    That soup looks delicious!


  23. Oh, wow, Faye!
    It is beautiful! Just what a cottage should be! Awww! I get back to blogging right when you don't have internet. Aww gee... What did you mean by limited internet spots? I guess, in this day and age, I can't imagine "running out of internet". LOL! Love your pictures! Your soup looks deeeelish! Makes my going out to the kitchen for cereal quite a low! :) Well, I will be praying you get everything up and running! You sure have had some bad, rainy storms up there this season already!

    Miss ya!
    Love and hugs!