Sunday, June 30, 2013

Here in St. Martins..

Good Evening.. 
Hope you are all having a blessed weekend.. 
Tomorrow is Canada Day and also a special one for our family.. 
Our youngest was born 30 years ago on July 1st.. 
The dear lad keeps saying he is only 26 but not so.. grin.. 
Happy Birthday, dear son.. 
You are a blessing in our lives.. 
This was a pic they sent me from their phone when they were in Quebec City having a blast.. smile.. 

The shop is now open.. 
Thank you, dear Lord and you for your prayers.. 
I have included a few pics of my new work space which I love and know I will enjoy.. 
My hubby rocks.. grin.. 
Along with everything we have been wave chasing the last few days.. 
The rain is quite something but it brings wonderful waves which we love.. 
I tried to include a small video so you could see and hear just a smidgen but it did not work out.. 
Anyway, dear hearts this is just a wee post.. 
We will soon be normal.. 
Once I get the cottage sorted then I can enjoy the rest of the Summer.. 
Rain or Shine.. 
Take care of yourselves and may God bless you all.. 
Thanks so much for your visits and notes.. 
Love and Prayers


  1. The shop looks great Faye. Saw lots of goodies I would love to check out. The cloth covered stack boxes look great. Would so love to visit and chat with you. Love the waves. Suppose to be a rainy week for us here in the states too. Enjoy your holiday and Happy Birthday to your son. What a great Mom God chose for him to have. Have a wonderful week.

  2. Hello Faye, The cottage looks just WONDERFUL! It is jammed packed full! I hope you have a very profitable summer. I wish, so badly, that I could come and shop.

    Happy Birthday to your youngest son. That is a gorgeous picture of him and his girlfriend.

    Happy Canada Day to all of our Canadian neighbors......especially you and Terry.


  3. It is beautiful. I would love to visit. I am so happy I found your blog.

    Blessings to you.

    Happy Happy Canada Day to you. :-)

  4. Good to hear from you ... glad all is well. Enjoying the view of your Shop! wish I could get up there to visit in person.

    Twould be fun!

  5. I love the shop photos, thanks so much for sharing!
    And also all the other photos too, the water & flowers & wow, just wow!
    happy Birthday to your Son, that's a cute photo of them together!

  6. Happy Canada Day, tomorrow :)

    The shop looks just lovely, so inviting and warm. I would love to rummage through all the quilts/blankets/linens in the cabinet...I'm sure I would find the perfect one to bring home. Hope you have a wonderful Monday.

  7. So good to see your short post Faye. Glad you are doing well. Love the pictures.


  8. Hi Faye. Your shop looks filled with lots of great goodies. You and Terry have been very busy. It looks wonderful! I love the photo of the waves and the wild iris or blue flags. Well, I guess you are ready for the summer tourist season. I hope it is successful for you and the village. Happy Canada Day to you both! Blessings, Pam

  9. Happy Canada Day, Faye! Your shop looks great, would so love to visit one day. Enjoy the summer. xo

  10. Your shop looks so inviting and shoppable. Hope it goes well for you. Happy Canada Day. We had a busy day with church, picnic afterwards. Wedding in the evening. Home, cooler. Now it's time to clean up kitchen, fold some laundry and head for bed. Tomorrow and 2 more days I work then off the 4th of July. Have a great week!

  11. Faye
    Wave chasing sounds fun!
    Happy Canada Day and Happy B'Day
    to your son!

  12. Everything looks so lovely. Happy Canada Day :)

  13. Happy Canada Day!

    Oh, my! I think I may need to fire up Garmin, grab the dogs, leave my husband a note (because he has to work, mind you), and drive up to your shop! Oh, how I love it! Your hubby does rock! I love the work area! I was looking at your pictures, and I wanted to go around the corner to the left of all of your quilts! I love the bears! I especially love the Union Jack pillow! Awwwww. So far away... Most of all, I would love to see you, dear Faye!

    Love and hugs!

  14. Hi Faye, the shop looks great; looking forward to dropping in sometime over the summer. You take care and enjoy the summer - we've had so much rain, surely the sunny days are coming.

    Cheryl (F'ton)

  15. Happy Canada Day! Your shop looks great and oh how I'd love to visit it (it's not that far from Ontario, is it?. Your work area looks great and having a window to look out of must be so wonderful.

    Enjoy your day!

  16. Happy Canada Day ! Wonderful photos Faye ! Happy B-day to your son ! One day Papa and I will take a trip over there . Thanks for sharing . Have a great day !

  17. I love the pictures of your shop and the wave. So beautiful! Happy birthday to your son. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  18. I like your shop , it's very nice. I am also looking around your blog thanks to Oak view Cottage who directed me here, and so happy she did. I am looking around and I found your raisin bread recipe you have posted a while back, will definitely try this one.
    Happy Monday

  19. The shop is so cute and quaint! I just love it. Best of luck with the shop this summer. Happy 30th to your boy!