Thursday, September 5, 2013

Looking forwards...

Good Evening my dears.. 

Just a very quick posting tonight.. 

We had our first day of our closing for the season sale and had a good turnout even though it was a rainy day..

Just two more days of the sale and perhaps a day at the Fundy Trail if it does not rain on Sunday and I will be done working for this year.. grin.. 
Shop kind of working anyway.. 

We had some lovely folks in to say good bye to us as they know that on Monday we will be heading homewards.. 
Leaving this old summer cottage and being back home... 

Terry is getting anxious to get home and get to putting wood in for the Winter and doing a bit more gardening.. 
I am looking forward to getting our house back in some kind of order and attending our church..
Then of course, there is our old farm to visit.. 
I am hoping most anxiously that we can plant a few rows of 
garlic up there.. 
I would love to have a barn sale day... 
Terry says that is too much work for me but we shall see.. 
We all need goals, eh?  grin.. 

Keepers of the Home hopefully will be heading to Kings Landing for a day in a couple of weeks so that will be great, too..

I am making bread each evening as we are serving that to our customers with samples of pickles and jellies.. 

The timer is on and then I need to go to bed.. 
As I told Terry... 
Talking all day is hard work.. grin..

Did I mention that before? 
I find I am repeating myself a lot and sometimes think I am losing my marbles but a customer told me today that if you think you are losing it then you are aren't .. 
The ones that are losing them don't believe it... grin.. 

Are you all looking forward to Fall? .. 
We have not had a hot summer really so perhaps we will have a warm Fall although they are calling for frost tonight.. 
Yikes.. We have tomatoes and such at home in our garden.. 
It does not seem possible to have frost already, eh?  

Well.. must go... 

Thanks so much for dropping in for this little chat .. 
I will leave you with some profound thought another time.. 
Oh and I love your notes and emails.. 
I appreciate them so much.. 
Hopefully, when we get back home I can blog again properly and leave comments on your blogs, too.. 

Praying for you... 

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  1. I think your Keepers of the Home meeting in Kings Landing will be so great, Faye! Get some rest now, you have a busy weekend coming up. (((hugs))) xo

  2. Have a wonderful weekend.
    xx oo

  3. I so love reading your posts, blessings on the journey home...,,,
    Your photos are wonderful, I wish I were on that beach, or peeking in your shop window,
    Or riding back home with you while you convince Terry how much that barn sale is needed!

  4. Love your post! Always so uplifting :) Enjoy your last days there and look forward to being home for the harvest and holidays!

  5. Hello Dear Heart....It is 44 outside right now and I do not like it!!!!! No...just kidding...I will take what we get but I really don't like winter. Seems impossible that you are leaving the cottage and heading home . It seems earlier than last year. There is nothing like "going home". There are so many things in your shop that I would love to buy. Maybe it is A good thing that I can not be there too much!!!!I really enjoyed the third pic today. Is that right near your cottage. I think it is. I know I would love it there. I adore all of your dishes at the cottage. So pretty. You will probably go home and can all the tomatoes in the garden now. Ours are just coming on. But I must say they are very tasty this year!

    Take care, my dear and say hello to Terry. Don't work too hard. Take a little break when you get home.

    Sleep tight and happy dreams...

  6. The seasons are turning over here too Faye; Ben is anxiously ordering oil for the heating, and getting the logs chopped. How lucky we are to have these husbands to keep us warm eh? I hope that you make the transition back home easily, and are soon settled.
    With love,
    Carly x

  7. We are heading into my favorite season! I always love popping in here, Faye. It leaves me with a very peaceful feeling!

  8. It's hard to see the summer season wind down and since you are living in a tourist town, you must really notice it. I'm glad you had a good sale day yesterday. Today and Saturday will be sunny so you should have lots of visitors. Fall means routine to me and even without kids at home, school, activities etc., I still feel the need for a routine in September don't you? Have a wonderful weekend as you "end" summer and then head into fall at home. Hugs. Pam

  9. God bless, Faye! You are so sweet and thoughtful! Love your posts!

  10. doesn't seem possible that summer is almost over for another year; but by the feel outside early this a.m. (Fri), one can believe it! I had hoped to get down to your shop this summer but didn't make it...something to look forward to next year. Love reading your posts and seeing all your nice pictures.... and all the things that you make; we are just starting to can tomatoes...I like to freeze as much as possible from the small garden we have...I know what I'm eating isn't filled with additives, preservatives etc.

    There is something about those first cool evenings and mornings and that first wood fire.... we have the downstairs wood room filled for starters and the rest will be brought in from the yard as needed.

    Best of luck on your last days sales! I'm sure you are looking forward to getting back to your house again....There really is "no place like home".

    Cheryl (Fton)

  11. Faye, you add so much culture to the vilage. it won't be the same without you. But the beauty and care on your blog will be here and I will keep looking in on you!!
    Take care and enjoy your fall and family!

  12. Lovely photos ! I bet you will be glad to get back home ! Oh home made bread and jams at the door of your shop and a lovely lady serving them no wonder the customers keep coming back . The weather here has been lovely all though chilly at times but the sun shines the breeze blows cool and the air is fresh ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a lovely weekend !

  13. Wow, frost already!! Amazing. We have been nicely cool here in the nighttime. Lows about 50. I love that but definitely am not ready for frost yet. I hope your vegetables are not harmed. We have been so busy this week but I hope to make a post this weekend about cooking the dried beans. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  14. Your little shop looks so sweet, how I would love to spend a day with you there! One day perhaps, or if not, then we'll do it in Heaven, okay? Sounds like you're enjoying your last few days there. So sorry to hear that you've not had a good hot summer, ours has been pure bliss, truly it has. We've only had a couple of rainy days all summer, and probably onot one day when it just socked in and rained non-stop. God is good!
    Love and hugs, Cindy

  15. those dishes are so pretty and some so familiar.. they remind me of my grandmother and my mom.