Friday, September 13, 2013

The road leads home..

Good Evening dear hearts.. 
Here I am back once again.. 

I have been absent for a bit but thought that tonight I would try and catch up with you all.. 

The last time I posted we were doing the Closing for the Season sale at the shop.. 
It turned out well and so enjoyed seeing everyone and selling several large pieces of furniture and such.. 

Then last Sunday we did have the ART IN THE PARK SALE even though it rained all day... 
We ended up being situated at the Interpretive Centre which was a plus as far as I was concerned.. 
This was my view from the back veranda and it was simply gorgeous.. 
Terry helped me get my preserves and such up and ready for sale.. 

One dear gentleman called out that he was glad the pickle lady had arrived.. grin.. 
I used to be known for my crafts but I guess that has changed.. smile..
The flowers hanging on the porches were spectacular, eh?
I was sitting there covered up with a quilt and enjoying the wind and rain.. 
Listening to the waves as the tide came in.. 
And drinking delicious hot coffee.. 
If you remember I am a stormy weather girl.. smile.. 
It was a lovely day...
There were many booths and Terry actually won one of these pictures that they were giving away.. 
They served a lovely lunch and we packed up and decided to take a wee drive along the trail.. 

I believe that this is one of the most beautiful places on earth and I don't think I am prejudiced...

We had several people into the shop this Summer who said that the Bay of Fundy was on their bucket lists.. grin.. 

One dear lady from Alberta, Canada was 90 years old and she arrived there with her daughters saying that it was one place she wanted to visit before she was too old.. 
Isn't that wonderful.. 
She said it was well worth the trip.. 
On the Fundy Trail there are falls and bridges and so much more.. 

This is a lookout that shows the Centre where we had our sale.. 

A very long ways down... 

The fog lifted late in the afternoon and then we headed back to the cottage.. 
Here is Terry getting some spring water for the last time this Summer.. 
We enjoy this little drive and love drinking such pure water.. 

But now we say good-bye for another Summer.. 

On Monday we closed our old cottage for another year.. 
We packed up most of our stuff and loaded the car and the truck.. 

And we closed up the shop for another season.. 

It was a good Summer.. 
I loved the weather as I do not like a lot of heat
but now the leaves are changing already here in Eastern Canada.. 

Kind of hard to believe that the season is all but over.. 

But you know me... 
When that first fall breeze blows in our bedroom window there at the cottage this girl is ready to head home..

The view is certainly different.. 
No smell of the sea or sound of crashing waves.. 
More the smell of some farm and sheep on the hillsides.. 
The wind blows lovely here though and our waterbed is just so wonderful.. 
Everything is on one level and there are lots of things to look forward to.
Like heading to the farm whenever we get a chance.. 
Going to our own little church
and enjoying our sons and their families.

 But I must say that I already miss our daughter and her family. They make the Summer special but we will get together just the same but not quite as often.. 

I have a new list book that Terry bought me and am busy filling it up with projects..

I bought some hot peppers today to make my special vinegar and am very excited as my sweet hubby bought me some new appliances which we needed.. 
Black ones.. smile.. 

Anyway, dear hearts, I must go for tonight.. 

We were busy all week and did not get the internet working until this morning but I do hope to do much better with my blogging.. 
Thank you for being so patient with me this past Summer.. 
I could not seem to do it all .. 
Just not as young as I used to be, I guess.. 

So glad you stopped by and so love your notes as you know.. 
Tell me what you have planned for Fall.. 
Any projects on your list of to do things??.. 

Isn't God good.. 
I appreciate Him so much tonight.. 
So privileged to know Him and have Him leading and guiding our lives.. 

Take care, sweet friends.. 


  1. Beautiful pictures-I could just hear the waves and the rain! We are parched here in North Texas, but they are promising some rain this weekend. Glad you are safely home!

  2. Hi Faye! Welcome 'home' to you. I'm glad your last weekend in St. Martins was a good one despite the rain. It looks so beautiful there and you got some great pictures of the Trail. I stood on the same platform and took photos of the Interpretive Centre. :) I have noticed a lot of trees turned already and the rest are fading and starting to show a bit too. Enjoy your weekend at home. Hugs, Pam

  3. Hi Faye, so nice to here from you, you have been busy. Glad your summer was so nice and sorry I did not make it down. I am pickling tomorrow and then rearranging my spare room to make room for a crib. I am hoping to pickle again next weekend also and then I will be done for this year. Have a great weekend and enjoy being home, hugs

  4. Wonderful pictures. Welcome back home. Have a great weekend :)

  5. These photos are so lovely...

    Makes me want to come visit so bad.

    "the pickle lady".

    I love the bush of Bridal Wreath by your cottage, too.

  6. Bay of Fundy is on my "bucket list", Faye. I bet your pickles are so good. Welcome home! xo

  7. Lovely photos. Greetings from Montreal.

  8. Morning Faye, always sad to close the cottage for another year I think......Beautiful pictures, lovely shop .......I enjoyed the Bay of Fundy, nothing like it......Blessings Francine.

  9. What a lovely place! All these photos are just beautiful. I'm glad you had a good summer. Enjoy your time back at home now! :)

  10. Welcome home ! I do love your photos and new header . We will one day get out that way as it is also on our bucket list . I am so glad you had a great summer at the cottage and had a good season in your shop . Looking forward to what you have been up to from home as well always a treat you blog posts are . Thanks for sharing ! Have a good weekend !

  11. love the photos, I would love to see the bay.
    no place like home!

  12. Your location at the Fundy Trail Interpretation Centre was perfect. A beautiful place to spend time looking out over that dramatic landscape.
    I am sure your community will be as happy to see you back in town as we are for you to be a part of this quaint little village.

  13. Maybe, someday, I will get to visit!

    Boulder City, NV

  14. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful! I would love to see your area someday. I know you will miss the cottage and shop but also know that you are glad to be home. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  15. Hello sweet lady,
    I have really enjoyed this visit with you, you are a good writer, I always feel as if I was in your kitchen hearing you tell all your very interesting stories. Your photos are lovely, as always. How nice to be someone who enjoys the cool and the rain, I wish I could say the same, but alas! I'm afraid not.
    Have a wonderful week!
    Hugs, Cindy

  16. Hello Faye. I like your post's. Seems like I can almost hear you talking. I so enjoy your pictures of Canada. We visited that area one year but were limited on time so we didn't see much of the Bay of Fundy. We were headed for Nova Scotia.

    Sure do enjoy seeing your pictures.


    Ps love the photo of the centre where you had the sale, looks so cozy and homey.

  17. Your post was a feast for the eyes, Faye. You are right to think it is so gorgeous because it is. I like sitting bundled listening to storms and rain too! I'd been sitting next to you with my quilt and coffee. I must imagine leaving is so bittersweet. Fall for me is getting into my school routine. Trying to be more organized. My new classroom has windows galore on both sides (it's a modular). My desk is next to a window that faces a field. I hear sweet birds and watch the trees fade. I look forward to seeing snow too. But for now, God's glories of Fall. Love and hugs friend. I have some catching up to do on your other beautiful posts!!!!